Seven homes in San Antonio Del Mar in risk of collapse due to sewage discharges

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TIJUANA, Baja California – At least seven homes are at risk of collapse in the San Antonio Del Mar subdivision due to sewage discharges at the location, which have affected half of a street.

One of the residents of the zone, José Luis Rivas, said that in spite of the fact residents have been asking for help for years, they have yet to receive any response from authorities.

“It’s not a fear of something serious happening, it’s here now and we have not been slow in reporting this, it’s been years,” he said.

Beside his No. 398, on calle Isla, there was a channel built to direct the rainwater, but now there is sewage flowing in the channel.

At first, he said, the State Public Services Commission of Tijuana responded by installing a pipe so that the sewage flowed directly into the ocean, but four years ago the sewage volume increased.

Because the flows run 24 hours per day, the channel infrastructure has been damaged starting in May, 2017.