Los Cabos firemen say 911 is calling private ambulances when it involves tourists

Translated by Fulano from an article in Tribuna de Los Cabos.

Cabo San Lucas – The fire department commander in Cabo San Lucas, Juan Antonio Carbajal, complained that central command continues to send private ambulances, instead of the public emergency squads, saying that public emergency personnel: “don’t speak English,” when an emergency call involves foreign tourists.

The leader of the firemen in Cabo San Lucas said that medical emergencies have increased considerably, which shows the large number of calls they answer, as well as Red Cross paramedics. However, he admitted there are several private businesses with ambulances participating, and in one way or another they are being called to respond to emergencies.

In that sense, Carbajal made it clear the Fire Department is not against the existence and services provided by private ambulances. The only thing he wants is that they comply with the law.

In that case, municipal civil protection regulation say that first responders to emergencies should be the Red Cross or fire department. Private companies may help when the Red Cross and Fire Department are overwhelmed in responding to emergencies.

However, he said this does not appear to be happening. There continues to be a tendency that when there is an accident on a public highway, mainly the Transpeninsular Highway and downtown, with the probability a tourist was injured, several private ambulances immediately appear, and “curiously” the last ambulances to be dispatched are fire department and Red Cross. This happens even if the accident is very close to the stations.