Mexico failed in the Rule of Law

Translated by Fulano from an article in El

MEXICO CITY – Mexico as a criminal justice system which is worse than Iran and a lower level of access to justice than El Salvador, according to a report, “Rule of law index 2017-2018,” which measures eight points on the Rule of Law developing in 113 countries in the world.

The document was presented in Washington by the World Justice Project organization, which surveyed 1,000 citizens and experts in each country to evaluate several areas, and to thus determine the level of the Rule of Law. Among the elements are the restrictions on governmental power, the lack of corruption, an open government, fundamental rights, order and security, compliance with regulations and civil and criminal justice.

In this list of 113 countries, Mexico is places as one of the worst, at 92, while Iran is in 80th place and El Salvador at 79. The score for Mexico was 0.45, on a scale where the maximum is one, and represents a large compliance with the Rule of Law.

The list is lead by Denmark, Norway and Finland, in first, second and third place, respectively.