79.8% of the population of Tijuana feels unsafe

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Mexicano.com.mx,

TIJUANA – 80.2% of the population of Mexicali and 79.8% of the people of Tijuana believe their cities are unsafe, according to the National Survey on Urban Public Safety by INEGI.

The document says that in both cities the percentage of citizens who think living in their locale is unsafe surpasses the national average of 75.9%.

Only 11% of the people of Tijuana and 14.3% of the people of Mexicali think their city government is “very or somewhat effective” in resolving the principle problems. In that sense, both cities are below the national average of 24.7%.

Places were citizens feel the least safe are ATMs on the streets (82.3%), public transportation (72.9%), on the streets the usually use (68.25), parks or recreation centers (54.4%), markets (61.6%), among others