Rosarito police rob citizen in Primo Tapia

Translated by Fulano from an article in Ecos de Rosarito.

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A resident of Primo Tapia says he was robbed by two Rosarito municipal police officers, who stopped him to steal his money and a belongings as he was driving his vehicle in colonia Vista Marina on the morning of Friday, December 22 as Christmas approached.

According to the victim, Isaac Pérz Domínguez, the two police officers stopped him without an apparent motive as he was coming out of the Mar de Calafia subdivision, after dropping off a friend who he gave a ride home and who was a witness to the events.

When he came close, one of the police officers, nicknamed “El Nalgón” (fat ass) recognized him and asked the victim:

“You’re that little whore from Vista Marina? You know you have an order to stay away from your wife? We don’t want to see you in this neighborhood. Not even my balls.”

The driver asked why he was stopped and in response, according to him, he received insults and threats.

“For my balls. Because I want to stop you. And if I want to right now I’ll plant some shit on you to send you to prison, or if not that, I’ll send you to some friends to beat you up…That is how it is going to be, bastard,” were some of the loud expressions he received from the police officer called “El Nalgón.”

Seeing how abusive the police officer was, the victim tried to stop him from taking away has car and asked the police to let him make a call on his cell phone.

It was then that the other police officer put handcuffs on him, and meanwhile El Nalgón held him in a chokehold. Both of these maneuvers caused wounds which were still visible a week later.

“When El Nalgón took him by the neck, he made the handcuffs even tighter, damaging the tendons in his wrists. The wounds can still be seen and they still hurt. Then they kicked my legs and threw me to the ground. On the ground, I fainted. After several hours I awoke in the police station when I was with the judge.”

When he fainted, the police officer called “El Nalgón” took his wallet and took out the money. Then he threw the empty wallet on the hood of the car, without realizing the victim’s friend saw him.

The victim said he had 3,580 pesos and US$95 dollars in the wallet.

An ambulance came to give him medical attention, and he was then taken to the police station and put before a magistrate, who set him free, saying he could not put someone is such a poor condition in jail. His vehicle was towed to the impound by Salceda Towing in Primo Tapia.

He found the car practically stripped, without speakers, missing his work tool box, missing an iPod along with other items, and they also broke the rear light.

For all this, he announced he would file a criminal complaint against the police officers with the Public Minister and also report this to the chief of police, Adrián Hernández Pérz, so the police officers can be punished who instead of providing security are dedicated to stealing from citizens.

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