Owner of Tizoc curios in Rosarito accused of fraud by American couple

Translated by Fulano from an article in Ecos de Rosarito.

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Another complaint for fraud against the owner of curios “Tizoc”, Rafael Elliot, located on the Popotla Bulevard, was filed with the state attorney general by a couple of Americans who claimed to have been the victim of a scam in the purchase of an artisanal fountain.

On May 19, 2015, the couple made a deal with the owner of the business, Rafael Elliot, to buy a ceramic fountain for US$450 dollars.

Because the business does not manufacture such fountains, the buisness owner offered to order one in Puebla and deliver it to the “Santa B├írbara area near Santa Ynez”, California, where they lived.

The client left the merchant US$220 dollars in advance and promised to pay the remaining 230 dollars at the time of receiving the merchandise in California. Days, weeks and months passed and the fountain never arrived.

The merchant began to promise new dates and to make excuses for the delay, even though in the purchase receipt he promised that he would deliver it after June 19.

When the delivery date arrived, the client began to question the delay with the merchant by telephone, since his multiple occupations prevented him from returning to Rosarito. In addition he trusted in the words of the owner and the business’ image, since at that time he did not know about the fraudulent history.

Two years later, on December 19, 2017, the customer returned and went to the store to demand his fountain, but the owner, far from agreeing, told him that he had to pay the “storage” for all this time that the fountain was in his warehouse in Tijuana.

“I’m not going to pay anything because I do not want the fountain anymore. I just want my money back and that everyone knows about my case, so that this business no longer deceives other clients,” said Margot Smith, who asked for the support of the municipal authorities to guide her with filing her complaint with the Public Minister.