Mexicans deceived into asking for asylum in the USA

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Displaced Mexican migrants arrive at this border under the deception that they will get humanitarian asylum in the United States, however there is little possibility of getting that, said Patrick Murphy, director of Casa del Migrante.

Since Wednesday of last week, there have been dozens of Mexicans at the El Chaparral border crossing with the intention of crossing to start the process of humanitarian asylum in the United States.

“They are poorly informed in their home states, because almost no Mexican receives humanitarian asylum. We are aware that in prior occasions they are deported the same day they enter the US,” he said.

He said these people have not asked for help from any shelter, and they remain 24 hours per day at the border crossing so they do not lose their place in line.

Murphy bemoaned that these families invest in getting to the border and risk being deported by the US.

For him, Rodulfo Figueroa, representative of the INM, thinks that bad advice from lawyers or false activists could be the reason why there have been so many displaced mexican migrants.

Estela, a 59 year old woman originally from Michoacán, travelled to Tijuana along with her two adult children and one of her grandchildren to cross into the United States and ask for humanitarian asylum.

“The situation as been very bad for years, we decided to leave before something bad happened to one of our relatives,” she shared while she was in line outside the El Chaparral border crossing.

She said that they would be the first in her family to cross and try to get humanitarian asylum. If they get it, the rest of her family, her husband and her daughters and more grandchildren will try the same trip and try for asylum.