24 foreign woman who were being sexually exploited rescued in Toluca

MEXICO CITY – In Toluca, federal police broke up an international human trafficking network used for sexual exploitation. During the operation, 24 foreign women were rescued. Due to intelligence work over three months, the Gendarmes went to a motel in Toluca and two people were arrested.

As a part of the operation, in coordination withe the Special Prosecutor for Human Trafficking in Mexico state, an investigation was started for the presumed sexual exploitation of woman from South American, which had an operating center in the Gran Via Motel.

The women rescued were between 21 and 39 years old. 14 were from Colombia and 10 from Venezuela. The women were enticed to come from their countries with promises of a better job and entered Mexico with a tourist visa. Once in Mexico, their passport was taken away and they were forced into prostitution under the threat of hurting their family members.

The women were forced to live in the same establishment and forced to pay a fee and have at least five customers per day. If they did not meet the quota, they were beaten.