Crime and corruption in San Felipe

Meet Sunshine Rodríguez Peña, leader of the fishermen in San Felipe, Baja California.

In San Felipe, Sunshine shines. He is feared or revered. The street says he is not a fisherman, he is a real estate businessman, and that his leadership arose naturally. When he is asked about the totoaba, he points elsewhere.

“The Chinese come, they hire people. They come with people, and you know what? Some little guy says to buy him totoaba bladders, here is 100,000 dollars, buy all you can,” says Sunshine.

For the environmentalists, Sunshine is the leader, the leader of the mafia, the totoaba bladder mafia.

Sunshine knows that the authorities have him in their sights, but not as a leader, but as the visible face of totoaba bladder trafficking organization, which is presumable headed by this man, Oscar Parra. He is no fishermen, nor are his friends.

According to government intelligence sources consulted by Despierta, Oscar Parra Aispuro, alias “El Patrón,” “Tekle” or “Tekolin,” is the leader of the criminal organization which trafficks in the totoaba bladder in San Felipe, Baja California.

His brother, Gastón Eduardo Parra Aispuro, was arrested last October 12 in an operation with federal Gendarmes and the Navy. They seized money, bullets, drugs and 17 totoaba bladders.…ta-marina/

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