Horse meat sold as beef in Mexico

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Mexico City – Unimpaired by the lack of strict health controls, unscrupulous butchers and merchants in five Mexican states are supplying Mexican’s dinner tables with horse meat and saying it is beef.

This is one of the conclusions issued in a study sponsored by the non-governmental organization the International Humane Society, which identified cases of sales of horse meat as if it was beeg in butcher shops, markets, flea markets and street venders.

The investigation was headed up by María Salud Rubio and Juan Francisco Hernández, experts from the Veterinarian School at the UNAM, and is based upon the analysis of 433 samples of raw and cooked meat sold in tacos, gorditas, burritos and as breaded filets of beef.

The samples examined were collected from 157 businesses in Aguascalientes, Zacatecas, Chihuahua, Mexico City, Pachuca and San Vicente Chicoloapan.

According to the laboratory results, 10% of the samples examined tested positive as horse meat.

Ground meat is the food most likely to be disguised, with some 42% of the samples testing positive for horse meat.

The testing also detected the presence of clenbuterol, which is prohibited in food. Some 65% of the samples which turned out to be horse meat were contaminated with this chemical substance.

Mexico is the second largest producer of horse meat in the world, after China. The industry in Mexico has grown since the closing of horse slaughterhouses in the United States in 2007.

The European Union, a large consumer of horse meat, mainly in sausages, vetoed the importation of horse meat from Mexico in 2015 when it failed to comply with health requirements, safety and food safety standards.