Violence strikes Rosarito doctors, demand security

Translated by Fulano from an article in Ecos de Rosarito.

Just like all the other productive sectors of Rosarito society, doctors have not been safe from the havoc of crime.

For the president of the Rosarito Medical College, Héctor Veláquez Suárez, the crime is perhaps the main problem affecting the medical field.

“Clearly we are affected, because we spend time closed up in our medical offices, not knowing who will enter or what will happen to us. Some have restricted home visits. We no longer go out at night for medical consultations. We send everybody to the hospitals, because now we have to live with the rsik of being kidnapped, an extortion or a robbery.”

Two of our companions were crime victims in their own medical offices, where they were locked up in the bathroom, tied up and robbed. Fortunately, they were not hurt, but they were robbed of computers and personal objects. A doctor was kidnapped from a hospital, he was extorted into leaving and he was held captive for eight hours in a hotel until he was freed.

“Personally I have received extortion phone calls. The truth is we are very vulnerable, because our work is to serve the community, we are healthcare providers, but we need help from the authorities,” said the medical college leader in an interview during a dinner dance for Doctors’ Day, last Saturday October 21, 2017.

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