Rosarito public official accused of robbery from the elderly

Translated by Fulano from a post in Primo Tapia al Día.

[Image: 22728833_2148938518465416_27073367439745...e=5A68CC0B]

Members of the Casa del Abuelo (Home for the Elderly) which belong to the the group Hilos de Plata (Silver Threads) meet every Tuesday. They complained that a worker for Rosarito’s Department of Family Services, named “Rosy,” took 700 pesos (US$40) that they had collected weekly.

They said that this “Rosy” took over charge of the property, and from that moment on problems started. Right now the elderly owe 500 pesos to a nearby store where they purchase food, but the social worker has taken the money.

Formal charges will be made if the Department of Family Services does not take action in this matter a force the official to put back the money which belongs to the elderly.

In another event, they said they witnessed how the Casa del Abuelo had collected donations for months for the earthquake victims in Mexico City, but personnel from Family Services have been taking the money for themselves a little bit at a time.