Clues to murder of Rosarito’s Victor Loza found on Facebook

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A Facebook conversation which was left open on the victim’s computer was one of the many clues left behind by the presumed murderers of Rosarito businessman Víctor Loza Bazán, when his lover prepared an ambush along with her new boyfriend in an Ensenada Hotel.

This Monday, October 9, 2017, witnesses, videos, photographs and even data produced by the autopsy, showed that even one month before the murder, the two suspected murders were linked to the process.

During a hearing, it was revealed that even though the body of Victor Loza was found September 6, he had been killed the day before, September 5, a little after 3:30PM, when while in his automobile he registered at the Hotel Dubai in Ensenada, on avenida Esmeralda, between Pedro Loyola and Bulevar Costero, accompanied by his lover Erika and her boyfriend, José Roberto.

His arrival in a Mazda SUV, owned by his wife, was recorded on the hotel’s video from different angles, as well as his entrance into Room 22, where after parking his car, the metal garage door was closed at at exactly 3:30PM.

Two hours after arriving, at 5:06PM, the car left the location with two people in it, leaving the victim in the room, who bled out from the 16 knife wounds to his thorax, abdomen and face from his attackers.

The body of Victor Loza was found between sheet covered in blood one day later, by a person who entered to clean the room.

The body was taken to the coroner, where on September 7 there was an autopsy in which an expert he had died between 40 and 45 hours earlier, the time which coincides with the moment he arrived at 3:30PM and the fleeing of his murderers at 5:06PM the afternoon of September 5, 2017.

While this was going on, at the now dead victim’s home, his family had noticed his absence, even though his wife was traveling. One of his children recalled that the last day he was seen was September 4, but could not see where he had returned home, but did not view that as important at the time. On September 5, there was no signs of Victor all day long and the next day. Worried about his absence and that he had not called, his son decided to go looking for him in Rosarito where they lived, but was unsuccessful.

On Tuesday, September 5, he found a Facebook conversation on Victor’s computer when Victor had left open and which had messages from Erika, the women he knew was his father’s lover, and with whom he knew he had a relationship for around 15 years.

On the computer, he read how the businessman had agreed with the woman to meet her in Ensenada and there were messages on September 5 where they agreed to meet at the Oxxo that is not far from the Hotel Dubai on avenida Pedro Loyola. These messages ended when Victor posted that he was at the traffic light.

After reading the messages, Victor’s son contacted Erika on Facebook to ask if his father was with her, and then he told her he already knew he was with her and to please tell his father to call him. There was no response.

One day later, on Wednesday, September 6, Erika responded and told him that 3 or 4 days earlier Victor had told her he was meeting somebody at the bus station and then he would be going to San Felipe and she had not seen him since.

On Thursday, Victor’s wife returned from her trip and saw her husband and her Mazda which he drove, but was registered to her, were not there.

On Friday she filed a missing persons report on her husband with the deputy prosecutor in Rosarito, and on Saturday she received a call from an Ensenada police officer telling her she should come to Ensenada to see body they thought was her husband.

On that same day, after recognizing the body, she filed a complaint for murder and car theft.

Meanwhile, police had interviewed witnesses, collected evidence and videos from the hotel, which were added to the Facebook conversation and allowed them to locate the two presumed murderers, Erika the businessman’s lover and her boyfriend José Roberto.

The vehicle was also recovered

With the evidence collected and other evidence, the Public Minister obtained an arrest warrant and both were captured. They were formally charged the next day and this Monday, October 9, were formally joined to the judicial process.

This was despite the fact their defense lawyer tried to have the witnesses identifying the murderers from photographs of the couple thrown out as evidence because there was no defense attorney present at the time. However, the judge said the argument to disqualify their identification was was absurd, as it was a part of the investigation used to charge them.

This Monday, both of the accused murderers remain imprisoned for the crime of murder and car theft. The prosecutor has asked for three months to continue with the investigation, including any criminal records of the couple. The trial is set for January 9, 2018.