Demand permanent presence of Navy in Popotla

Translated by Fulano from an article in Ecos de Rosarito

[Image: Popotla1586.jpg]

Worried due to the increase in violence in Popotla, the result of a territorial dispute over the transfer of drugs, merchants in the area demanded the permanent presence of the Mexican Navy.

The petition was motivated by the mega operations a few weeks ago, where the Navy was deployed in Popotla and inhibited some of the violent events.

“It was a very good operation. The violence calmed down a little as did the fights between the groups, but we need there to be a permanent presence because the violence will return again,” said one of the few restaurateurs who is in favor having the Navy presence in the area.

Those complaining said that recently the violence in Popotla has increased to levels never before seen. Although many of the violent events are not reported, they cause fear among the residents and merchants who are aware of the situation.

“What is published in the news media cannot be compared with what is really happening here in Popotla. We have seen very ugly acts of violence, body parts laying around, dead bodies in boats, fights between gangs fighting over the territory…

Popotla continues being the location were everything is moved by sea, and many people use the boats,” complained a resident.

In spite of the presence of the military checkpoint on the free road, the violent events have not diminished in Popotla, until a few weeks ago the Navy carried out the mega operation.