Governor of Baja California Sur vetos new law to allow right of self defense

Translated by Fulano from an article in Colectivo Pericú.

[Image: 0-a-a-a-defensa-excesiva-carlos-rochin.jpg]

“The Government of Baja California Sur reaffirms it commitment to the absolute respect for the law and the rule of law, which are indispensable for a just, equitable and democratic society,” said the chief of the Office of the Executive, Carlos Amed Rochín Álvarez, after revealing the veto of the state government of the reforms to the penal code regarding the use of legitimate self defense.

The official said that faced with the consequences which could be generated, Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis presented his observations to the State Congress, supported by his constitutional right to veto laws or degrees made by Congress, which occur in the last stages of the legislative process.