Speeding things up with a bribe

Translated by Fulano from an article in AFN Tijuana.

In 2016, public sector agencies collected 1.6 billion pesos (US$90 million) in bribes from the business sector.

MEXICO CITY, July 4, 2017 – According the National Survey of Regulatory Quality and Governmental Impact on Business, carried out by INEGI, on average every business in Mexico spends 12,243 pesos (US$680) in bribes.

82.2% of the companies, out of the 34,681 surveyed, said acts of corruption by public servants are frequent, above all for the speeding up of processes, avoiding fines and to obtain licenses and permits.

This is the first time that INEGI carried out a survey of this type. The exercise was done from October 31 to December 15, 2016.

Businesses surveyed belonged to the mining, manufacturing, construction, electricity, services, transports, commerce and communications.

Up to 10% of the GNP

Previously, other measures on the cost of corruption have been released, for example, the Center of Studies of Private Sector Economics, has said corruption constitutes up to 10% of the Gross National Product.

The INEGI survey determined that 561 or every 10,000 businesses which applied for government processes last year experienced at least one act of corruption.

Based upon business size, the large ones face the greatest measure of these kinds of practices, as the rate goes up to 1,317 for each 10,000 large businesses.