Old animosities between Gringos ends in murder

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Mexicano.

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SAN FELIPE – And old argument between two American residents ended in murder, when this morning there was a verbal fight at first, and then in another encounter one of the participants shot at Rodney William Rhoden, 38 years old.

The police were alerted via the emergency phone number, that two residents in the Villa de Las Palmas subdivision were fighting, and one of the participants, Darrell “N,” 70 years old, shot the man who is now dead.

Witnesses to the events told the police that Darrell argued with the dead man, he then left the location of the incident in his vehicle, a Dodge pick-up, headed towards downtown San Felipe. A few minutes later he returned, parked and returned to argue in the middle of the street. Next, Darrell pulled out a .22 caliber revolver and shot until the gun was empty.

Rodney William Rhoden had a bullet wound in his left side, in the abdomen, and was transported by the Red Cross from the Villas de Las Palmas project, south of the city, before the pier, to the health center, where he died.

After the attack, Darrell “N,” got back in his vehicle and headed back towards downtown San Felipe, and was intercepted at the entrance to the pier by the police as his vehicle matched the description. They found the firearm in the pocket of the shorts he was wearing.

The murderer and his victim had problems derived from the purchase of an automobile and both has accused the other of harassment and had filed complaints with the public minister. Instead of waiting for the authorities to resolve the matter, they both took an aggressive posture, according to what the neighbors said, as they were both residents of Villas de las Palmas, and lived across from each other.