30% of Rosarito’s population lives in illegal settlements

Translated by Fulano from an article in Uniradioinforma.com

PLAYAS DE ROSARITO – Around 30% of the more than 100,000 inhabitants in Rosarito are in illegal homes which have no possibility of getting public services because of their lack of legal documentation on their properties.

The preceding was a part of the diagnosis carried out by the Municipal Development Planning Committee, said the agency director, Manuel Ochoa Magallón, who says urgent action is needed at the three levels of government to regularize the ownership of the land.

The problem is more pronounced in the southern part of Rosarito, one of the areas with greatest growth in the past years. There sub-dividers have illegally sold properties, without concluding the legal processes for a real estate deed.

In many of the new Rosarito colonias, there are properties which are still ejido land, and where no public investment, neither state nor municipal, can be carried out.

Ochoa Magallón was sworn in as director of Copladem this Wednesday morning during a meeting, where he announced the start of public meetings to develop the Municipal Development Plan, which will start this Friday in Primo Tapia, and Thursdays, December 22 in downtown.