Growing crime in Quintana Roo

Translated by Fulano from an article in Diario Respuesta.

The double murder Sunday at the Mandala night club, and the gunfight at The Congo Bar, coming from three motorcycles driving in the Hotel Zone of Cancún, make public that now, in Quintana Roo, drug trafficking and organized crime are more powerful than the government because they have infiltrated and colluded with governmental agencies, said Hernán Cordero Galindo, general coordinator of the Citizen Angel civil organization.

The former president of the Business Owners Confederation of Mexico (COPARMEX) told Diario Respuesta that, “we have a huge advantage: there have not been high impact crimes, battles between drug cartels and SUVs full of hit men, like up North, so this state is perceived as safe, when in fact on a per person basis we are the most unsafe state in Mexico due to crimes.”

“We are the number one state in crimes such as home robberies, family violence against women, suicides and extortion,” and he called for caution when speaking and saying “these are isolated incidents,” because they are not.

The activist said that “what we need is for the authorities to admit and speak of matters as they really are. It is a dramatic fact, crime has them overwhelmed, we have to do something. I want to hear for the first time from some attorney, prosecutor, governor or mayor that things are bad and things have to be made better, we have to act.”

Cordero Galindo condemned “he who wants to cover the sun with a finger,” who says “nothing has happened,” because that is absurd, out of context and primitive in a country and state which is globalized with communication such as the Internet and social networks.

He further warned that the incident at the Mandala night club is fatal, because the drug cartels are now operating in public locations, and aside from the tourism, it affects us now more because the image is international and “and there is now no reason to think this is going to stop. On the contrary, we are starting to see things we have not seen, we are going to see it get worse if we do not act.”

With the deaths from the attack at Mandala and the Congo Bar, there have now been 59 murders in Cancún so far in 2016.