Judge Declares Jorge Hank Rhon’s Arrest “Legal”

In Tijuana today, the judge in charge of the case against former Tijuana Mayor Jorge Hank Rhon has ruled that his arrest and detention were legal, and did not violate his civil rights. This ruling was based upon the fact that two of Hank’s body guards confessed that they had illegal high caliber weapons hidden at the Hank residence, and Hank was therefore arrested “en flagrancia” (in the act of breaking the law).

This is not a finding of guilt in the criminal case against him, only a finding that his arrest and detention was legal.

Link to article in Spanish.

During Saturday, the judge made a tour of the Hank residence, along with the prosecution and defense lawyers. Fernando Benitez, Hank’s defense attorney, said the case is not affected by the fact that two of the guns recovered have been found to be related to murders, since the guns do not belong to Hank. He also said the fact that two of the weapons had Jorge Hank Rhon’s name engraved on them does not mean he owns them. The defense attorney also noted that the weapons listed are very old, to which the judge annoyingly said “this is your defense? These arms are not from the Revolution nor from the Conquistadors. I thought you would have a stronger defense. Something with some meat on it.”