Mexico failed in the Rule of Law

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MEXICO CITY – Mexico as a criminal justice system which is worse than Iran and a lower level of access to justice than El Salvador, according to a report, “Rule of law index 2017-2018,” which measures eight points on the Rule of Law developing in 113 countries in the world.

The document was presented in Washington by the World Justice Project organization, which surveyed 1,000 citizens and experts in each country to evaluate several areas, and to thus determine the level of the Rule of Law. Among the elements are the restrictions on governmental power, the lack of corruption, an open government, fundamental rights, order and security, compliance with regulations and civil and criminal justice.

In this list of 113 countries, Mexico is places as one of the worst, at 92, while Iran is in 80th place and El Salvador at 79. The score for Mexico was 0.45, on a scale where the maximum is one, and represents a large compliance with the Rule of Law.

The list is lead by Denmark, Norway and Finland, in first, second and third place, respectively.


79.8% of the population of Tijuana feels unsafe

Translated by Fulano from an article in El,

TIJUANA – 80.2% of the population of Mexicali and 79.8% of the people of Tijuana believe their cities are unsafe, according to the National Survey on Urban Public Safety by INEGI.

The document says that in both cities the percentage of citizens who think living in their locale is unsafe surpasses the national average of 75.9%.

Only 11% of the people of Tijuana and 14.3% of the people of Mexicali think their city government is “very or somewhat effective” in resolving the principle problems. In that sense, both cities are below the national average of 24.7%.

Places were citizens feel the least safe are ATMs on the streets (82.3%), public transportation (72.9%), on the streets the usually use (68.25), parks or recreation centers (54.4%), markets (61.6%), among others


Surgeon exonerated after death of young foreigner

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MEXICALI.- After being released from responsibility for the death of his patient, Eva Nicole Sarmonikas, surgeon Víctor Ramírez said he had been the object of a smear campaign and said that in Mexicali there are people who perform plastic and aesthetic surgeries illegally.

In a press conference he showed documentation about the case by which the justice authorities exonerated him.

He explained that Eva Nicole died of thromboembolism, a complication that arose during the surgery to which she was subjected and occurs when pulmonary blood vessels absorb body fat. He said that such a situation can occur in other types of surgeries, not just reconstructive ones.

He claimed to have years of training and credentials as a surgeon and claimed to have received death threats after reporting false surgeons operating in Mexicali.

He warned the public about a group of doctors who are accredited to perform surgeries through a master’s degree in Veracruz, in which they can be certified in just three or six months of online classes.

The surgeon accused Andrea Cisterna, sister of the deceased, of having defamed him for the purpose of making money.

He asserted that he will regain the trust of society


Military operation in Rosarito

Translated by Fulano from an article in Rosarito en la Noticia.

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Monday morning, January 8, 2018, there was a surprise operation carried out by the Mexican military, in coordination with the ministerial police of Playas de Rosarito.

After two robberies on the Scenic Highway, where the thieves placed rocks and damaged vehicles to get the driver to stop and get out to what happened. The criminals were hidden and jumped out of their hiding place in the emergency lane and with a machete in hand, they beat and robbed their victims.

In the second case, it was an Italian tourist who had just arrived in Mexico from the United States and had crossed over the Cross Border Xpress bridge, rented a car at the airport to come to Rosarito.

He was ambushed in the same way early last Sunday morning. Some people who had seen the publication in Rosarito en la Noticia were driving right behind the tourist’s car.

Knowing what was happening on the Scenic Highway, they saw the activity of the suspicious people. They stopped and the assailants started to flee, one hand a machete in hand, and they called 911.

By coincidence a municipal police patrol was nearby and arrived quickly and managed to arrest one suspect who was fleeing with a machete.

The municipal police showed the suspect to the victim and he was clearly identified as the person who had threatened the victim was the machete and demanded his belongings. The suspect said his name was Miguel “N,” and was turned over to the Public Minister. The suspect was wearing black pants, a black sweater and a black hat.

In the first hour of the military operation, they arrested two suspects. One had an order for re-arrest and the other had an outstanding arrest warrant. They also recovered a stolen vehicle. The soldiers placed roadblocks at different parts of the city and in areas which are considered hangouts for criminals, such as Plazas San Fernando and at the entrance to Rosarito, in front of the Pabellón.

They announced that the operations will be continuous in the city and Primo Tapia. For her part, Mayor Mirna Rincón welcomed these actions as there are insufficient municipal police in Rosarito.

That day there were at least 100 soldiers deployed in different colonia and troubled areas. It was announced that over the next few days there will be new operations in high crime areas of the city.


The police in the capitol of Guerrero have been disarmed by the Army

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MEXICO CITY, January 4, 2018 – State and federal police, supported by Mexican army soldiers disarmed the local police in the state capitol of Guerrero, after finding the bodies of two men who had been last seen in the custody of the police.

State and federal police have relieved the Chilpancingo police and started to review the personnel, weapons, vehicles and radios, according to a spokesman for state security in Guerrero, Roberto Álvarez.

The operation took place in the afternoon in Guerrero, a state punished with drug trafficking violence. The state police have assumed security duties in Chilpancingo.

The bodies were found in black plastic bags on Thursday afternoon, according to a press conference by state Attorney General Xavier Olea Peláez. The victims were identified as two me and they were last seen on December 31 under police custody. Municipal police are suspected in the murders.