John Moreno: Righteous Cheater

Translated by Fulano from an article in Colectivo Pericú.

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Just as Juan Ángel Trasviña Aguilar turned out to be a “righteous environmentalist” who was a real “pig”…John Moreno turned out to be a “righteous cheater,” after the style of “Chucho el Roto,” an astute thief and great swindler during the era of President Porfirio Díaz. His narrative, which he uses to justify his criminality, was a supposed struggle for the dispossessed. Undoubtedly an ingenious argument for his sensibilities and the social base he managed to momentarily gather.

John Moreno, the righteous cheater, left prison on bail, an economic guarantee, a legal situation which does not mean he has been found innocent. It means he will continue the criminal process for the crimes of dispossession for which he is accused.

Intentionally, the interests behind John Moreno, have wanted to minimize their legal problems, the supposed abuse of the tourist development “Tres Santos,” a private enterprise which naturally is within all its rights to defend its legitimate interests. The “righteous cheater’s” problem is that other people also have filed complaints against him. The case of Canadian Cara Singleton is the most notorious, but here are others who have been affected and surely there will be more. There is the  matter of the “El Guayabito” property, whose owners have also demanded justice against the righteous cheater with the ritualistic mane.

As for John Moreno, the universe speaks to him to act in its name, the atoms connect with him cosmically, so he launched into his manifest destiny, to seek justice among the millions of dollars of investments and underprivileged groups, among foreigners with beach homes and exploited construction workers, among real estate traitors and original landowners, and well, if a few dollars end up in his hands for the “cause” that is not too bad. After all, shampoo and hair conditioner are not cheap and he needs to care for his hair to maintain his energy, just like the character “El Flanigan,” portrayed by the unequaled actor Héctor Suarez.

The case of John Moreno is not suspended, much less concluded. He will continue with the penal process until its conclusion. He is  not the victim, on the contrary, he is very cynical, nor is he a social leader whose political struggles over time are connected with the lower classes. He is not an environmentalist cleaning the seas of plastic, protecting any species in danger of extinction or even a promoter of environmental education. He is really just like “El Flanigan,” who lives to take advantage.

John Moreno “El Flanigan Fifi,” should be an example of what Baja Califoria Sur should not be in matters of legal security of private property. This is to say, it should be clear that the conflicts over property rights should be addressed by competent courts to be resolved, and not be made a political and social struggle as a form of resolution.

Above all — and I say this to some politicians who support him — how come so far I do not know of any leftists with university degrees, or academics, who do not have good homes and their good vehicles nor assets which at time have been made into collective ownership.


Clandestine drug grave with more than 150 remains found in Tijuana

Translated by Fulano from an article in

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MEXICO CITY – Activists looking for missing relatives reported the discovery of a drug grave with around 150 human remains near a property contiguous with a place called “La Gallera,” in colonia Maclovio Rojas, in Tijuana, Baja California.

Fernando Oceguera Flores, president of the United Association of the Missing in Baja California, said they have still not established how many bodies have been found, among the femurs, skulls, arms and teeth and others which need to be DNA tested.

He detailed that it was thanks to information provided by a person who was arrested two months ago that they found the grave site, together with the science division of the federal Attorney General, the Deputy Prosecutor for Organized Crime and the Gendarmes and a team from the Federal Police.

Oceguera Flores said that the property is being guarded by the federal police, and they will continue with their search efforts until the site is completely cleaned of human remains.

The activist said that federal police were fully committed to lead the operation and the corresponding investigations to identify the bodies.


Mexico’s consumer protection agency suspends Blue Net Hospital in Cabo San Lucas

Translated by Fulano from an article in BCS Noticias.

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Los Cabos, Baja California Sur – The Federal Consumer Protection Agency’s Baja California Sur (Profeco) office placed suspension seals on the Blue Net de Cabo San Lucas Hospital for violations of consumer protection laws, according to Profeco representative  Isaías González Nava.

The federal official said they received a complaint from tourists, who said they were financially affected, and their priorities is to defend the laws so transactions can be efficient and made with confidence.

“We acted immediately and went ahead and suspended the private hospital from providing services. We found they were not using the services contract registered with Profeco, which impacts the pocketbooks of hospital patients,” he said.

As in the rest of the state, as in this tourist destination, Mexican and foreign tourists are provided attention so they can have a pleasant stay and not be financially impacted, make intelligent purchases of articles and services. He stressed that the United States has issued an alert to tourists who travel to Mexico to go to Profeco if they are dissatisfied with the services they receive. As such, Profeco has received complaints and is providing confidence to those who visit Mexico.

The Blue Net Hospital is located at kilometer 6.3 on the Transpeninsular Highway, in colonia Cabo Bello.


Demand permanent presence of Navy in Popotla

Translated by Fulano from an article in Ecos de Rosarito

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Worried due to the increase in violence in Popotla, the result of a territorial dispute over the transfer of drugs, merchants in the area demanded the permanent presence of the Mexican Navy.

The petition was motivated by the mega operations a few weeks ago, where the Navy was deployed in Popotla and inhibited some of the violent events.

“It was a very good operation. The violence calmed down a little as did the fights between the groups, but we need there to be a permanent presence because the violence will return again,” said one of the few restaurateurs who is in favor having the Navy presence in the area.

Those complaining said that recently the violence in Popotla has increased to levels never before seen. Although many of the violent events are not reported, they cause fear among the residents and merchants who are aware of the situation.

“What is published in the news media cannot be compared with what is really happening here in Popotla. We have seen very ugly acts of violence, body parts laying around, dead bodies in boats, fights between gangs fighting over the territory…

Popotla continues being the location were everything is moved by sea, and many people use the boats,” complained a resident.

In spite of the presence of the military checkpoint on the free road, the violent events have not diminished in Popotla, until a few weeks ago the Navy carried out the mega operation.