The arrest of John Moreno Rutowsky

Translated by Fulano from an article in Colectivo Pericú.

The arrest of John Moreno Rutowsky to answer to allegations of dispossession, death threats, fraud and breach of trust would not be transcendent were it not for the pseudo-activist’s past as the character who, far from being a social fighter, specializes In deceiving people to make a profit such as was the case with the Punta Lobos cooperative and the artificial conflict created by him for the sole purpose of getting money (1 million pesos) from Tres Santos developers.

The criminal career of this fake advocate for social causes led him to perpetrate alleged crimes that are being officially investigated, such as blocking the federal highways, aggression and threats using, for this, the humble fishermen who believed his insane proposals to get money from whom they considered as invaders of the beaches they used to launch their boats.

Polarizing the mood in the state by promoters who want to do whatever pleases them, all while claiming freedom of expression in an nonexistent situation of abuse, Moreno Rutowsky did what he wanted together with his accomplice Alex Matijas, when they planned the dispossession of a property from American citizen Cara Singleton after the now arrested Moreno offered to build a home for her while she lived in the United States. She negotiated the purchase and sale of the land and the building of the house for which she was sending large amounts of money to remodel the home. The story comes down to when Cara Singleton wanted to see the progress of the construction, she could see that the house was still under construction and the furniture she had ordered furnish “her” house, had been sold off to locals by John Moreno and his accomplice, Alex Matijas. It was Matijas who was in charge of threatening Singleton with death, who he warned “don’t move because you will be carted away in little pieces.”

The foregoing, generated a report of facts to the authorities and last weekend, an arrest warrant was issued against the pseudo-activist who now will have to respond to the acts for which he is accused and, to his bad luck, there are videos that show the threats that John Moreno and Alex Matijas proffered, which makes them suspected criminals. Friends say that the arrest was due to the conflict between the fishing cooperatives of Puna Lobos and the real estate company Tres Santos. This has already been settled after Rutowsky made a nonexistent scandal with the cowardly intention of getting money from Tres Santos in return to stand aside so as not to hinder the construction activities of the tourist complex.

The foregoing story, is just one of the alleged illegal situations that this swindler would have to answer to. There is more “dirty laundry” where he has taken entire families to ruin just for his money making mania of inventing things.

The arrogant history of the pseudo environmentalist John Moreno prompted his accuser  to make a documentary that reveals the story that Rutowsky and Matijas perpetrated against Cara Singleton. Different media have spread the materials on their websites and several of them have received threats.


Violence and anarchy worsens in Popotla

Translated by Fulano from an article in Ecos de Rosarito.

[Image: Popotla1574.jpg]

Violence and anarchy has worsened in Popotla, affecting tourism and placing at risk the harmony between residents and merchants at the location.

News articles have reported some violent events in the area.

Semanario Zeta recently published an article which told how a family fell victim to a violent attack after complaining of illegal charges to enter the beach area with a vehicle.

Weeks earlier, a diner was beaten by a restaurant manager and waiters at a bar for the simple act of complaining he was getting a low exchange rate for the dollar.

In recent times, groups of people have appeared who say they own the plaza, and prohibit many people from taking photos of the restaurants.

There have also been fires reported which look like accidents, although later it was learned from the residents they were set as a result of the fights between groups of people fighting for control of the plaza.

These internal differences appear to be increasing, along with violent acts against visitors, placing the tourist image at risk.

All of this is happens within sight of the police authorities, who simply walk around like spectators.

Trying to justify his job, police chief Magdaleno Vázquez Luis, announced they are now looking at several restaurants in Popotla which are operating at the margin of the law, however to date he has not reported doing anything.


John Moreno arrested in Todos Santos

Translated by Fulano from an article in Diario El Independiente.

[Image: 1495223431a3427.png]

La Paz, Baja California Sur

Around 11:30AM this Friday, lawyer Joseph John Moreno Rutowski was arrested by Ministerial Police in Todos Santos to be presented “forcefully” to make declarations in La Paz about matter which his family says they are unaware of, according to confirmation from sources near to him.

At this time, the lawyer is en route to the State Attorney General’s offices, and who in prior interviews with El Independiente said that the attorney general had “reactivated” several investigations after Moreno was reported for dispossession by the legal representatives of the Mira Companies, who are responsible for the Tres Santos real estate development in Punta Lobos a Todos Santos beach.

The attorney works as the legal representative of the Punta Lobos fish cooperative, whose fishermen have carried out blockades and demonstrations to demand respect for the their work, saying they were displaced by the development. The development has invested 1.2 billion pesos and has been questioned by the locals about several irregularities in their environmental procedures.


Attempted kidnapping of American in Rosarito

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Mexicano.

Playas de Rosarito – Tourist police officers stopped an attempted kidnapping Monday night of an American citizen, and arrested three people.

Rosarito Police Chief, Magdaleno Váquez Luis, reported the incident started around 7:30PM at a park located next to the Municipal Art and Cultural Center, where three youths subdued a 30-year old American man, and put him in a black SUV.

Witnesses reported the event to the emergency number and the vehicle was immediately located on bulevar Benito Juárez, headed northbound, where a pursuit was initiated by three police units from the Tourist Police.

Seeing they were being pursued, the kidnappers diverted to the street where the City Hall was located, and tossed the victim out of the vehicle and then parked in a pharmacy parking lot on the opposite corner and entered the pharmacy as if they were going to but something.

There, two of the suspects were arrested and one more ran out of the pharmacy, and was arrested.

Váquez Luis said that the suspects were very young and no weapons were found, and they have been placed with the public minister and the kidnap victim was reported safe and sound.


Untreated wastewater is dumped at 3,400 points in Mexico

Translated by Fulano from an article in JornadaBC.

[Image: aguas.jpg?itok=fnczd9Gm]

Mexico City, May 15, 2017 – While civil organizations warn there are at least 3,400 places in Mexico where the have identified discharges of untreated municipal wastewater, which ends up in rivers, arroyos, ravines, lakes and the ocean, the National Water Commission said that 57.5% of them receive treatment.

Regarding industrial wastewater, there is a lack of transparency, as the only thing reported is the treated volume, but not the amount which is not treated, and even less so when it is dumped, according to the Report on Human Rights Violations on Water and Health, prepared by 100 organizations to be presented to the United Nations Inspector General on Human Rights, water, sanitation and sewage.

Exposure to shit

The document says that for the majority of the Mexican population, excrement returns to have contact with the population from the rivers, ravines and sea, and contamination of community drinking water sources.


Club Marena does not comply with Condominium Laws

Translated by Fulano from an article in Ecos de Rosarito.

[Image: Marena%201573.jpg]

By asking for information on the sue of their homeowners maintenance fees, resident of Club Marena have been harassed in their own property by the homeowners administration.

The unhappy residents said that for the past two years they have been asking the administrator of Villas Marena, A.C. to provide information and documentation on how HOA fees have been used, however they have received absolutely nothing. For that reason about 50 foreign residents went to the City Hall to ask for help from the municipal authorities on May 9.

Those affected, mostly foreigners and previously gone to the office of the arbitrator to ask for advice, where they were told it was the obligation of the developer to call a meeting when 60% of the units had been sold. That goal was achieved several years ago, however, no general assembly has been called, say the homeowners.

The homeowners say that the last assembly was on April 16, 2016, where the residents of Punta Marena and Torres Marena voted to change the administrator from Villa Marena A.C.. In return Villa Marena A.C. took reprisals against the residents, who pointed out harassment, such as cutting off gas, water and access to the gym. “We are being held captive in our own homes, the placed armed guards. We are talking about a community who came here, some to retire and rest and we are living the opposite,” said one of those affected.

According to the Condominium Property Law, the homeowners have gathered 25% of the signatures of the 186 condominiums, who called for a general assembly and as of the moment they have been denied the the HOA administrator, Vicente Nava.


Four Baja California state police under investigation for torture and rape of Americans

Translated by Fulano from an article in Lindero

Tijuana – Four State Preventative Police, among them a woman, are being investigated for torture, rape and sexual abuse of two American women in April, 2016 on the Las Brisas subdivision of Tijuana.

An arrest warrant for rape and sexual attack on two American women against the state police is in process at the State Attorney General.

Those accused were identified by the victims after an administrative process and the police were relieved of duty and then terminated, but have yet to be sanctioned.

Raise your hands! Where is the money? After the police had jumped the fence, hooded with rifles, to subdue a woman, her two daughters and a visitor.

The state police officers had assaulted the house to steal more than $8,000 dollars from the women, who they has stripped naked, raped and recorded the sexual attack on a video. In addition they abused one of her daughters and who they made take off her clothing. A friend of the family and the other minor child were tied up in another room of the home.

In addition to drugging the woman and another victim, they repeated placed plastic bags on their heads to asphyxiate them.

According to the recommendations of the State Human Rights Commission, this was a case of torture which included “sexual torture, sexual aggression’s and other forms of human rights violations of the woman and a life free from violence,” and other forms of rights violations.

The police had demanded money and drugs, but after the sexual attacks they fled with the cash, jewels and recordings of the rapes of the women.

A source consulted by Lindero Norte said that three of the police officers fled to the United States via the San Ysidro border crossing in December, 2016. Meanwhile the woman police officer remained in Mexico.


What is your probability of being murdered if you lived in Rosarito?

In order to figure out the odds of being murdered in Rosarito, you cannot take the current murder rate of 90 per 100,000, multiply that by life expectancy (79 years for an American) and then say your chances of getting murdered are 7.1% (90/100,000*79).

What you have to do is work out the odds on NOT being murdered over 79 years. The probability of not being murdered in the first year is (100,000-90)/100,000 = 99.91. Then, in order to determine the probability on not being murdered over a 79-year lifespan you multiply the probabilities. The probability of not being murdered in the first year and not being murdered in the second year is 0.99921*0.99921= 0.99996.

So, then you keep multiplying for 79 years, and you end up with a probability of not being murdered of 0.939474441, which makes the probability of being murdered if you lived your entire life in Rosarito of 0.060525559.

That makes it 25 times more likely you will be murdered in Rosarito than in San Diego.