Growing crime in Quintana Roo

Translated by Fulano from an article in Diario Respuesta.

The double murder Sunday at the Mandala night club, and the gunfight at The Congo Bar, coming from three motorcycles driving in the Hotel Zone of Cancún, make public that now, in Quintana Roo, drug trafficking and organized crime are more powerful than the government because they have infiltrated and colluded with governmental agencies, said Hernán Cordero Galindo, general coordinator of the Citizen Angel civil organization.

The former president of the Business Owners Confederation of Mexico (COPARMEX) told Diario Respuesta that, “we have a huge advantage: there have not been high impact crimes, battles between drug cartels and SUVs full of hit men, like up North, so this state is perceived as safe, when in fact on a per person basis we are the most unsafe state in Mexico due to crimes.”

“We are the number one state in crimes such as home robberies, family violence against women, suicides and extortion,” and he called for caution when speaking and saying “these are isolated incidents,” because they are not.

The activist said that “what we need is for the authorities to admit and speak of matters as they really are. It is a dramatic fact, crime has them overwhelmed, we have to do something. I want to hear for the first time from some attorney, prosecutor, governor or mayor that things are bad and things have to be made better, we have to act.”

Cordero Galindo condemned “he who wants to cover the sun with a finger,” who says “nothing has happened,” because that is absurd, out of context and primitive in a country and state which is globalized with communication such as the Internet and social networks.

He further warned that the incident at the Mandala night club is fatal, because the drug cartels are now operating in public locations, and aside from the tourism, it affects us now more because the image is international and “and there is now no reason to think this is going to stop. On the contrary, we are starting to see things we have not seen, we are going to see it get worse if we do not act.”

With the deaths from the attack at Mandala and the Congo Bar, there have now been 59 murders in Cancún so far in 2016.


Two Puerto Nuevo restaurants failed to comply with environmental regulations

Translated by Fulano from an article in Ecos de Rosarito.

[Image: puertonuevoarches.jpg]

The Environmental Management Department opened administrative procedures against two Puerto Nuevo restaurants which failed to comply with some environmental regulations.

One of them is the problematic Ángel del Mar, which was accused of having its workers throw rubbish and waste into the ocean, according to a video distributed days ago, which was the key to the arrest of the person responsible.

The Coordinator of the Environmental Management Department, Giovanna Guadarrama, pointed out that in spite of the limitations as a municipality, it intervened to investigate and fine such a violation for contaminating the ocean, which is in the purview of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency and Federal Water Agency.

For all the problems presented by this case, she clarified that the testimony provided by the man arrested was insufficient to act against the restaurant, as there was no way to prove the garbage tossed into the ocean was from that business, since the man arrested denied it.

“Waht we did was implement inspection operations in two restaurants to see if they complied with environmental regulations,” said the head of the department.

The inspections showed that both businesses failed to comply with certain regulations for managing waste and contaminants, and there are suspicions that the Ángel del Mar restaurant is not connected to the sewage lift station.

In spite of the fact that the owner said his restaurant was connected, in the 3-day period he was given to prove it, he could not.

According to Giovanna Guadarrama, after the 3-day period, there is a 30-day period in which the municipality will issued a fine and notify the owners.

If the fine is not paid, they will proceed to close the restaurant.

What was accomplished was the proper collection of solid waste, grease traps and covered trash cans.

“Right now we only inspected two restaurants, but we warned that these inspections will continue, we are going after all the rest with more severe fines,” said Giovanna Guadarrama.


Hit men in San Jose del Cabo use grenade launchers and .50 caliber weapons. 8 dead

Translated by Fulano from an aricle in Colectivo Pericú.

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An impressive fire power was used by gunmen who attacked two homes in colonia El Zacatel, that were presumed to have operated as drug sales ceners. Today it was reported they used M32A1 grenade launchers and .50 caliber weapons.

According to the preliminary report, six people died in the attack (later raised to eight) and two more were gravely wounded. Among the six dead is a child. There were two simultaneous attacks at approximately 3:30AM.

It appears they used a distraction against the police

Everything indicates it was a planned attack, as a little before 3:30AM there was a call to the emergency number warning of a pursuit of an automobile shooting an AK-47 on the highway to Miraflores. The police went to the location where they found a car afire with a plastic mannequin inside.

After to police were out of range, some 35 kilometers from the attack site, the gunmen in two vehicles strafed at close range a home on calle Solidaridad and Francisco Fisher, where three people were wounded and two died at the location, one of them a child. At 10AM it was reported the third person died while in intensive care.

While this was going on, another armed squad was outside a home on calle Fortún Jiménez, where the front was shot up with rifles and grenade launchers. Outside of the house was a Cadillac with person who tried to flee. However he was captured by the hit men and his body was found at kilometer 17.5 on the tourist corridor, near Tule with several bullets wounds. Inside the home another person died.

Then there was a pursuit of a white 2015 Nissan Pathfinder, in colonia Monte Real Residencial, and the gun men caught up to it and strafed it with automatic rifle fire, killing the driver.

This was the bloodiest attack in the history of the municipality, and is linked to disputes between organized crime groups for drug sales sites.


Mexico’s Immigration Institute asks Mexicans to curb expressions of hate

Translated by Fulano from an article in

Mexico’s Immigration Institute asks Mexicans to curb expressions of rejection and hate against African descendant immigrants in Mexico

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TIJUANA – After asking the Baja California population to stop expressions of rejection for the presence of thousands of African descendants on the border as immigrants in transit, the representative of the National Immigration Institute, Rodulfo Figueroa Pacheco, reported that the Secretary of the Interior could activate mechanisms to legalize them with permanent residency, in the case where the United States could suspend its legal procedures to grant them political asylum.

Figueroa Pacheco recognized possible changes to the immigration policy of the United States government, in light of the recent announcement of the new Secretary of Homeland Security, which was to suspend refugee policies and also to initiate massive deportation of Haitians.

“But there is no reason to become alarmed, for a country of 120 million inhabitants, it should not be a problem to receive 4,000 Haitians,” said the official.

He recalled that this is the same as what happened in the Spanish Civil War, at the end of the 1930’s and during the armed conflicts in Chile in the 1970’s, where Mexico has had a tradition of humanitarian support of populations whose institutions were collapsing, such as the case with Haiti and The Congo.

“In addition, the business sector is very interested in what this could bring, due to the labor shortage in Baja California,” he suggested.

“We are receiving in Baja California 5,000 deportees from the US, so there is no reason to be startled about 4,000 Afro-descendants,” he suggested.


Migrant care in Tijuana complicated by the presence of Haitians and Africans

Translated by Fulano from an article in JornadaBC

[Image: al_alza_flujo_de_migrantes_haitianos_en_...k=UeTX0IHk]

Mexico City, November 16, 2016 – Civil and religious organization which assist in many ways the migrants in Tijuana warn that there is a grave problem in the region which take on the aspects of a “humanitarian crisis” due to the increased number of deportations of Mexicans, and also from the growing presence of Central Americans, Africans and Haitians.

The also said that by year’s end, the number of deportations from the US will exceed 65,000 just in Tijuana, and in all of 2015 there were 50,000,

According to information from the National Immigration Institute, Mexicans deported from the USA exceeded the 207,000 in 2015, a figure which will certainly be repeated in 2016, based on what has already been recorded.

Baja California is the state which gets the most deported Mexicans

According to the data for Baja California, specifically in border crossings in Mexicali and Tijuana, the state gets 41% of the deportations from the USA. Sonora gets almost 35%, Chihuahua 7% and Tamaulipas 17%.

The Casa del Migrante in Tijuana, Scalabrini Center, reports that in the past five  years, almost 85% of the people attended to have been migrants deported from the United States.

Father Pat Murphy, director of that shelter, stressed that the situation of the workers who arrive in the border cities has become extremely delicate.

Murphy said, via telephone, that in spite of the border wall and the more aggressive political promises of Donald Trump, it will be “very difficult” to dissuade the thousands of migrants who keep coming, intent upon getting into the United States, because they are fleeing poverty and violence in their countries of origin.


Ensenada municipal police beat an employee of the Department of Family Services

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Mexicano.

[Image: 2016_11_08-133d2173-f16f-4e-Horizontal_N1H.jpg]

ENSENADA – November 8, 2016 – It what was a routine search ended up a true nightmare for one of the best known therapists at the National Department of Family Services. Early in the morning on Friday she was stopped by municipal police and after being handcuffed, she was pushed to the ground where her head was smashed against the pavement and she lost two teeth.

Adirana Alicia Orozco Ruíz, a sports therapist at the National Department of Family Services for more than 20 years, told about the situation she went through this last weekend after municipal police stopper her and her husband.

“We had just left a gathering at a restaurant on Bulevard Costero, we were on one of the streets near the state social security administration, and as it was dark, the municipal police stopped us. My husband was driving and they asked for the car registration. He said he did not have them with him, as the car was a company car. He told them he could call and ask them to bring the papers. That is when the ordeal started,” said the injured woman. At the current time, she does not want to leave her home, embarrassed by her injuries.

The police asked to get out of the car, and we told them there is no reason for that, and a police woman who we have identified as Sara Marcela Acosta pulled me out of the front passenger seat and handcuffed me with my hands behind me.

“They took my husband to a police patrol car and the policewoman, seeing I was wearing tennis shoes pushed me to start walking. I fell on my knees on the pavement and my face it the ground, breaking two teeth and bruising me all over my face. I could not use my hands to break the fall because they were handcuffed behind me,” said the sports therapist.

With her face still swollen and visible injuries over her face, Adriana Alicia Orozco said she was taken still bloody to the police holding cells.


Crime and impunity is unleashed

This is a Sunday editorial in Milenio, a wide circulation Mexican newspaper, translated by Fulano.

Mexico City, November 6, 2016 – Last October the levels of crime associated with murders were, according to some accounts, such as the Milenio newspaper, the highest of the current presidential term of Enrique Peña Nieto. According to data from that news media, last October there were 1,084 murders (not counting manslaughter) in the country linked to organized crime. From January to October this year, there have been 30 violent deaths every day.

Not withstanding the strategies and operations which have been announced, criminals continue to operate with impunity and arrests of leaders of these criminal groups have caused internal adjustments and new battles for territories.

When he assumed the presidency, Peña Nieto tried to hide the reality of violence and even boasted that crime had decreased. However, it is an undeniable fact that some crimes have increased and the tendency continues upward, spreading pain, indignation and desperation among millions of Mexicans.

Organized crime, linked mainly with drug trafficking, money laundering, arms trafficking, extortion, human trafficking and kidnapping, among other crimes, has emerged as a criminal power which also has in its service municipal and state police, government leaders and different political and social actors. We live in a feudal state where with impunity and cynicism where soldiers have been murdered, such as happened in Sinaloa and Acapulco, Guerrero.

In some regions, municipalities and communities zones have developed which are considered “bastions of impunity,” where the presence of the government is being replaced by the power and influence of these criminal groups.

Corruption and criminal infiltration of police forces is another cancer which has undermined the quality of life and peace of citizens. Society no longer trusts its police.

Violence and crime in general affects the whole of our society and severely lowers the quality of life of its citizens, who feel terrorized, attacked and vulnerable with the permanent threat of victimization.

The younger generations have become the favorite target of criminals who fill their ranks with their needs and the lack of opportunities they face, particularly young people from the most vulnerable strata of our society, many of which end up being recruited by the criminal organizations as lookouts and assassins, becoming “cannon fodder” in this never ending war, truncating their lives.


Missing American found dead in Mazatlán

Translated by Fulano from an article in

The body was found in the yard of a home; O’Neil Patrick McGean was missing since last Tuesday, October 25.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa – The finding of a dead person inside a home on calle Adolfo López Mateos, in colonia Azteca, mobilized police forces last night.

After investigating in the home, police asked for special investigators, as a person was found buried at the home.

Later, the home was full of ministerial police, Mexican army troops and the Apolo investigation group, who remained at the site a couple of hours, and then left without removing evidence, they only observed the body.

Unofficially, it was reported that the investigators had left and the person found dead was O’Neil McGean, the American had been missing for some days.

It turned out that the evidence would not be removed until the Federal Attorney General arrived and the public minister for the tourist agency.

The presence of the Federal Attorney General was necessary as two people were arrested inside the home where the body was found.

Meanwhile, the Federal Attorney General continued interrogating those arrested in hopes of obtaining more information, as it is speculated that at least three more people are implicated in the crime.