2,000 residents of Todos Santos are foreigners, “they no longer get involved” in politics, says delegate

Translated by Fulano from an article in BCS Noticias.

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS)- Approximately 2,300 of the 8,000 inhabitants of Todos Santos, in the southern part of the municipality of La Paz, are foreigners who have settled in the community for years and generate a benefit, according to the locals. They create job opportunities and have other economic effects on the economy, “as they buy land and other assets, leaving a large money flow, ” said delegate Jesús Beltrán.

The delegate from the Magic Town stressed that most of the North Americans who live here want the peace and tranquility, and support the community in tasks such as cleaning and urban improvements. Although, he admitted that recently a group of foreigners participated in marches and meetings, including public discussions on political matters, such as what happened last January with guitarist Peter Buck, which caused him to leave the country when he was sought by the National Immigration Institute, as published by El Sudcaliforniano.

Jesús Beltrán said that after that incident, foreigners living in Todos Santos have removed themselves from political issues, and even met with municipal authorities to show their willingness to collaborate, but not interfere in other issues. “They no longer get involved, they are thankful to the people, now everybody is happy and content,” he said.

In the matter of providing potable water services to foreigner who live in Todos Santos, he said most of them are not suffering for a lack of the vital liquid, as all or almost all have large water storage tanks, and anyway the authorities respond at every opportunity in case some problem arises.


In Acapulco safety and businesses collapsed, crime reigns

Translated by Fulano from an article in Zeta Tijuana.

Eight people have been murdered in the last two days, in spite of Guerrero Governor Héctor Astudillo Flores’ security operation with 4,500 police(from the Army, Navy, federal police, Gendarmes, state and municipal police) just in Acapulco for Easter Week vacations.

At playa Papagayo, one of the most visited in Acapulco, a man was murdered yesterday who was carrying identification indicating he was a tourist service provider. Then a Canadian was wounded. And the rest is now just common news among the inhabitants who have still not lost their sense of wonder.

As the state governor has not shown his face in light of these violent events, the mayor of Acapulco, Evodio Veláquez Aguirre, admitted that “this was a failure,” and repeated that the role of the municipality is limited when it comes to crime prevention.

“It will be resolved but not just by Evodio, as this is not a responsibility of just the municipality. We have the job of preventing crime, and battling criminals is the job of the federal and state governments,” said the mayor of Acapulco which is expecting a 100% hotel occupancy.

In another matter, today the national newspaper Reforma, in an eight column news item, published that around 170 artisan shops have closed as they have been extorted for protection money by organized crime.

Acapulco merchants revealed that the extortion’s started five years ago, and have become worse in the last two years.

One seller in the main market said that there they pay a daily fee or they are not allowed to open up.

Laura Caballero Rodríguez, president of the Association of Established Merchants on La Costera, the main street for Acapulco tourism, reported that in the past months, 60% of the established businesses on the street have closed.

According to Caballero, the criminals demand between 10,000 and 15,000 pesos per month of extortion. The businessmen agree that the harassment from these criminal bands are in stark contrast with the announcements of security operations on La Costera.

“Among us, we would rather close the businesses and wait for better times,” said the leader of the Acapulco merchants.


American woman dies in Cabo San Lucas when she falls from scooter

Translated by Fulano from an article in BCS Noticias.

La Paz, Baja California Sur – A woman identified as Patsy Medone, 72 years old, and originally from the United States, died when she fell from a motor scooter as she was presumably speeding in the tourist corridor in Los Cabos. The accident happened almost at midnight yesterday. In the first reports it was said that Harris Chery Ceisthine, 42 years old and from Texas, was with the woman and was injured in the same accident.

Zuloaga Noticias published that the carelessness while speeding caused the accident at kilometer 16.55, on the stretch between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, near the El Tule bridge. The accident was at 11:45PM this Wednesday.


Canadian bicyclist run over and killed in Mazatlán

Translated by Fulano from an article in Vivalanotica.com.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa – This Friday a Canadian cyclist died after being run over by a vehicle, in events which happened at the Mazatlán Marina.

At approximately 7:45AM, a group of cyclists were on avenida Camarón-Sábalo, and right before the first Marina bridge a cyclist was run over by a white Nissan Sentra.

According to the companions, the vehicle dragged the victim for several meters, killing him.

Witnesses immediately called authorities and municipal police came and cordoned off the area, reducing traffic to one lane on that street.

The dead man was identified as Erick Ruby, and it appears his wife was with him in the contingent of cyclists.


Mama Espinoza dies at 109

Queremos compartir con ustedes una triste noticia, El dia de hoy nuestra queridisima Anita Grosso “Mama Espinoza” decidio partir despues de una gran vida llena de logros y bendiciones. Nos deja a toda la familia y a todos los que tuvieron oportunidad de conocerla con una gran tristeza pero a la vez estamos agradecidos por haber tenido la oportunidad de compartir con ella tantos bellos momentos y enseñanzas.
Agradecemos sus oraciones por el eterno descanso de nuestra Queridisima Mama Espinoza, “Doña Anita”.

El restaurante y la familia siempre conservara esa escencia que nos deja esta gran mujer .

We want to share some sad news with you. Today, our beloved Anita Gross “Mama Espinoza” decided to leave after a great life full of achievements and blessings. She left the entire family and all who had the opportunity to know her with a great sadness, but at the same time we are thankful for having the opportunity to share with her so many beautiful moments and lessons.

We appreciate your prayers for the eternal rest of our Beloved Mama Espinoza, “Doña Anita.”

The restaurant and the family will always retain the essence this great woman left us.


American sentenced to three months in Mexican jail has been held for 20 months so far

Translated by Fulano from an article in AFN Tijuana.

TIJUANA, BC March 4, 2016 – An American citizen, accused of breaking some windows in a Calimax shopping center in Rosarito two years ago, complained to the American Consulate of being held captive in the Tijuana prison. His original sentence was three months in “La Peni” [Penitentiary], but he has been held 20 more months and not freed.

In a letter directed to the United States Consulate, dated February 26, 2016, Milton Erwin Eduards admitted being involved in a fight with another person in Playas de Rosarito, the result of which they broke a window at the business, which costs more than 6,000 pesos (US$350). He was arrested February 12, 2014 and sentenced to three months prison a month later.

The months passed and he was not released, in spite of the fact he assured there were no other accusations nor charges against him in 2014 and 2015, and so far in 2016.

The case was presented before the State Human Rights Commission (CEDH), presided over by Melba Adriana Olivera, since last month. The CEDH started a file to investigate the details of the supposed abuse of authority by the First Criminal Court of Playas de Rosarito.

It was reported that the CEDH will present complaints to the state Superior Court of Justice, for the apparent errors in the case which affect Milton Eduards.

In the complaint, filed before the United States Consulate and the CEDH, Eduards asks for a full investigation into the case and other anomalies which exist in the prison, as well as the termination of state prison employees who have kept him imprisoned.


Mexican immigration officials harass American in San Felipe

Translated by Fulano from an article in Crisol Virtual.

Banging on Darrell Dobson’s door

Officers from the National Immigration Institute (INM) are harassing a foreigner who has been a legal resident for 30 years in San Felipe. At least three times, the INM has come to his home and could not find him, which attracted the attention of the neighbors, as they come in an official patrol vehicle and pound very hard on the metal garage door. They have left no citation or official document to advise the resident what is wanted by these authorities from the Interior Ministry.

Darrell Dobson, an American, went to the INM offices to find out the reason for the continuous visits by the INM heads, and he interviewed with Manuel Ulises José Saucedo, deputy delegate in San Felipe for the INM.

He told Dobson, verbally, that neighbors of the Villas de las Palmas subdivision had reported him for bad behavior and the reason for the visits were to warn him that if he did not stop bothering his neighbors, he would be deported on grounds of bad behavior.

Darrell Dobson told the immigration agents that at no time has he bothered any neighbor, he had only expressed the fact that the subdivision is being misused as a motel, and for many years now this has caused damages to those who live in Villa de las Palmas, as it only has a use permit as residential. But at least two businesses, Baja Bill and Condominiums Juliet, use their homes as a hotel. With the large number of users on dates when there are tourist events, like the San Felipe 250, the tourists use the common areas and impede all the activities of the residents by blocking vehicle traffic on the subdivision streets, storing gasoline in cans and setting off fireworks.

He explained that with the consent of 24 owners of the homes, they have repaired subterranean electrical installations, as the heavy vehicles which transport vehicles for the races and supplies damaged the electric vaults, a problem from using the residential subdivision for commercial purposes.

As such, the have installed signage warning heavy vehicles to stay out, but the immigration agents removed them and threw them onto his property, as shown in the photographs which document the bad actions by the immigration officers who exceeded their authority and have threatened him with deportation.


American tourist dies from gastroenteritis after eating at a Cancún hotel

Translated by Fulano from an article in Jornada.com.

Cancún, Quintana Roo – American William McKitrick became the first victim to die after eating food at the Oasis Palm Beach Hotel, in Cancún. He died Saturday at a Mexican Social Security Institute Clinic, located in the city. His body has not been released because of a debt of 200,000 pesos (US$11,000).

La Jornada reported that on February 12, around 280 people, between workers and tourists, became ill with salmonelosis and amebiasis at the Grand Oasis Palm Hotel in Cancún, owned by Spanish impresario Pedro Pueyo Toldrá, which is located at kilometer 4.5 on bulevar Kukulcán, in the Hotel Zone.

The victim, 70 year old, fell sick in bed from gastroenteritis after eating food at the hotel, one of the eight owned by the Spanish firm in Benito Juárez municipality.

McKitrick worked for a little more than a year in Las Vegas, until he was hired by the LyfeStyle Holiday Vacation Club, which operates the Grupo Oasis timeshare operations, to work in Cancún.

The last time the man ate was at the Oasis Palm, and he contracted gastroenteritis, caused by a bacteria which affects the intestinal walls, the stomach and colon, perforating the intestine, damaging the heart and causing acute renal insufficiency. All this is according to the report from the Playa Med Hospital, where he was originally admitted.

Last Tuesday, he was transferred to the IMSS Hospital No. 3, on avenida Cobá (downtown Cancun), as his account at the Playa Med Hospital had exceeded 200,000 pesos (US$11,000), which is why his body has not been released.

After the bacteria spread to the rest of his organs, McKitrick lost the battle, according to some of his work companions, who said that the United States Consulate will take charge of his body.

The disease at the hotel was kept hidden for three days, until an anonymous report revealed what had happened, and then on Sunday state and municipal health authorities ignored requests for interviews or information.

As far as is known, at least 10 more people are still hospitalized with serious clinic cases after becoming ill from salmonelosis and amebiasis since Saturday, February 6, the day after they arrived in Cancún.