Foreigners in Todos Santos are starting to leave Mexico because of intimidation

Translated by Fulano from an article in BCS Noticias.

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS) The video by Jamie Ivee Sechrist-Madrazo was reported on the social networks. She is an American citizen who resides in Todos Santos, who reported an alleged threat by state authorities.

“I am returning home, and will carry on the struggle in Colorado,” she said in a 40-second recording published today on her Facebook account.

She mentioned that she felt, “I have been intimidated because they accused me of participating in a march, but I have proof that I was not there,” she said.

“I do not like to feel persecuted just for having helped the fishermen collect money,” she added.

This case, is in addition to that of American guitarist Peter Buck, who was wanted by immigration authorities, and according to what was said, he left Mexico recently after having called Mexican politicians “corrupt,” when speaking about Todos Santos.

Previously, the Secretary of Government, Alvaro de la Peña Angulo, had said there should be sanctions in the case of the guitarist, as the Immigration Law says that foreigners cannot participate in these types of demonstrations.



American dies of a heart attack while diving at Isla Espíritu Santo

Translated by Fulano from an article in Colectivo Pericú.

The state attorney general’s homicide unit had reported to it by the local public minister that at the floating pier at the Naval Base, in a boat, was a dead male foreigner. Personnel from the Investigation Unit went to the location and corroborated the preceding by viewing the dead body of a male, who had no signs indicating violence.

The body was transferred to the coroner for an autopsy. The medical finding was death was caused by a myocardial infarction.

The deceased was 56 years old and originally from California, and was identified by his wife.

It was stated that while diving near Isla Espíritu Santo, along with his wife, he said he felt ill and the Navy was called for help, taking him to the floating pier at the Naval Base, where he was declared dead.


Year 2015 homicides in Mexico

2015 homicides Mexico

Here is the actual report on homicides in Mexico for 2015 from the Secretary of Gobernacion (Secretary of the Interior). It shows total homicides in 2015 were 36,126. That is broken down between 18,650 homicidios dolosos (what we call murder) and 17,476 homicidios culposos (what we call manslaughter).

Given the population of Mexico is 119,713,203, that produces a homicide rate of 30.2 per 100,000 population. The homicide rate in the United States is currently 4.5 per 100,000


Mexicali tosses bodies of destroyed dogs in the trash dump

Translated by Fulano from an article in PeriodismoNegro. com .

MEXICALI – The municipal government of Mexicali tossed hundreds of dog carcasses into the Hipólito Rentería trash dump without burying them. This represents a public health threat and is a violation of the Baja California Law on Protection of Animals, which requires dead animals to be buried or cremated.

The Chief of Animal Control for Mexicali, Pedro Álvarez, admitted they are dumping about 800 dead dogs per month because since last September the incinerator has been out of service.

The municipal official accepted responsibility, and the Mayor’s office and Municipal Medical Services are aware of this, but they have not paid to repair the cremation oven, as it would be too expensive. Just the gas alone is 80,000 pesos (US$4,500) per month.

In a visit to the Hipólito Rentería municipal trash dump, which is on the highway to San Felipe, dozens of decomposing dog corpses could be seen.


Tourists have five vehicles stolen at the same time on the Mazatlán-Tepic highway

Translated by Fulano from an article in

Escuinapa, Sinaloa. – Around 9:50PM there was a report made to the police of the theft of five vehicles at the Fitosanitaria toll booth near the Mazatlán – Tepic toll road at kilometer 143.5.

At the junction of the Tepic-Mazatlán-Villa Unión highways were found people in the parking area who had been assaulted and their vehicles stolen. An operation was implemented at the municipal seat and southern part of Escuinapa, coordinated with the Mazatlán Station, and the Acaponeta Sub Station and Army personnel at a revision point at kilometer 192 and the municipal police of Escuinapa.

The people robbed said that around 30 people with rifles forced them out of their vehicles and took them in an unknown direction. The tourists were guarded by the police, meanwhile others got a ride to their homes or went with relatives. Another family, which was originally from California, has not recovered their SUV and are waiting to see if the complaint they filed has any effect.


Canadian tourist robbed twice in Cancun

Translated by Fulano from an article in

CANCÚN, Mexico – A tourist from Canada was the victim of crime in Cancún, at the hands of a transvestite who intercepted him and offered sexual services. When the Canadian declined, he was robbed. Upon seeing a municipal police patrol vehicle, the tourist asked for help, but instead of help, he was handcuffed by the police who took his money and valuables.

Finally, the tourist was helped by the federal Gendarmes, who took him to the district attorney for the north zone to file a complaint.

This Saturday morning, Gendarme officers arrived at the district attorney for the north zone, along with the Canadian tourist, who said his name was G.T.

The tourist was taken by the federal officers to file a complaint with the Public Minister.

According to the Canadian tourist, yesterday morning around 6AM, he was waking to the Hotel Antillano, where he was staying in downtown Cancún.

A transvestite approached and offered his sexual services, and when he declined, the man dressed as a woman assaulted him.

After being assaulted, the tourist said he saw a municipal police patrol, but could not recall the number, and he signaled them for help.

The tourist added that instead of help, the municipal police handcuffed him and took $120 dollars he had with him, his wallet and a watch, and then left.

After that happened, the tourist walked until he saw a Gendarme’s vehicle and then he told them what had happened. The gendarmes put him in the patrol car and then took him to file a complaint.


Mayor of Nextlalpan stops delivery of presents to children

Translated by Fulano from an article in .

NEXTLAPLAN, Mexico – January 5, 2016 – Accompanied by some 30 bodyguards, as well as municipal and state police, the mayor of Nextlalpan, from the PRD Party, interrupted an event where presents were being given to children of three neighborhoods.

The mayor, Adriel Negrete Avonce, arrived suddenly at he church esplanade in the community of Prados de San Francisco where more than 200 children from the communities of Prados de San Francisco, Aquiluchos and Integra Vecinos, were waiting with their mothers to receive a toy.

The event was organized by residents of colonia Integra Vecinos with the help of businessmen, who in addition to the more than 600 toys, gave out 800 flavored milk and 800 pieces of rosca cake, as well as having clowns and professional wrestlers.

The contingent made up of some officials and a swat team, in addition to municipal and state police with shields, helmets and batons, arrived at 1PM, with the intentions of removing the tenting and the chairs occupied by the children and their parents.

The mayor ordered the children to leave the plaza, disregarding that it was a public space for which the organizers “had not asked permission.” 10 years away, was a large tent on some basketball courts that the mayor refused to allow to be used for the children to receive their gifts.

“Nobody gives out toys before I do,” said the mayor to the organizers while he insisted through his personnel that accompanied him that the chairs and tents be removed.

After a couple of hours, booed by the children and their mothers, Negrete Avonce and his bodyguards literally escaped from the location, and refused to give their official version of the events.


IMSS doctors in Ensenada cause death of newborn

Translated by Fulano from an article in .

Mexico City – IMSS doctors caused the suffocation of a newborn by forcing a vaginal birth for a high risk pregnancy, says the National Commission on Human Rights.

According to the recommendation 50/2015 directed at the IMSS, medical personnel at Family Unit 13, in Ensenada, Baja California, attended a 18-year old indigenous woman having birth pains.

The doctors failed to detect the fetus was in breech position, which constitutes a high risk pregnancy and makes it necessary to perform a cesarean.

The woman was taken to Hospital Rural 69, where another doctor diagnosed the position of the fetus, however the woman was taken to the birthing room for a vaginal birth.

“At 7:55PM, the patient entered the labor room, where the baby was born vaginally, and was in the birth canal for 25 minutes, which caused insufficient oxygen and brain bleeding. The baby was transferred to the Ensenada General Hospital, where it died from fetal distress,” said the Human Rights Commission.

The victims had their rights to life violated, the right to a non-violent obstetric procedure and maternal health. The Commission on Human Rights asks that the parents receive just compensation.


Two young Americans held captive in Rosarito are freed

Translated by Fulano from an article in .

A couple of young Americans were freed this morning after a subject held them captive in their own home located in Campo López, south of Rosarito.

According to the first information, a few days ago, the couple met a man as they were walking on the street. The man pretended that he had known them in the United States of gain their confidence, and then followed them home without the couple being aware.

Last Saturday afternoon, the couple, ages 22 and 25, arrived at their home and found to their surprise that the man they had recently met was sleeping in their bed.

At that time criminal started threatening them and demanded $2,000 to set the free and not harm them.

The young man victim managed to flee and call for help from the Municipal police, who came and freed his spouse and arrested the aggressor.


Robbery in Bahía de los Ángeles

Translated by Fulano from an article in

Municipal police assigned to the Bahía de los Ángeles district arrested a man who robbed one of the tourist camps there.

Official information indicates that at 6:10PM, there was a report that at the Las Ventanas tourist camp, a strange person had entered a home.

When the police arrived, the person reporting said that moments earlier a man entered his home and then left by the bathroom window, taking with him some unknown items.

The person reporting said that the home the man entered, while he was checking it, was missing a Samsung cell phone, several credit cards and $3,500 dollars in cash.

The police who came approached the home indicated and the owner came out and told the police he heard noises in the front hallway, and allowed them to enter.

Inside, they found Luis Martin Fuerte Estarda, 20 years old, crouching beside a gas tank.

When searched they found a cell phone with the characteristics described by the victim as well as the amount of money described in the front pocket and the bank cards, and all the stolen item were recovered.

The thief was identified by the victim and arrested.