“You don’t know who you are messing with”

Translated by Fulano from an article in Noticaribe.com.mx .

MEXICO CITY – María Rubio, ex-wife of the former governor of Quintana Roo, Joaquín Hendricks Díaz, was arrested by the Gendarmes in Mexico City on a complaint from the captain of Interjet Flight 2308, when she refused to turn off her cell phone.

The flight was due to depart at 5PM from the Mexico City International Airport, for Cancún.

She was being monitored from inside the airport waiting room, as she was speaking loudly on her cell phone.

Inside the aircraft, the captain said if she did not turn off her cell phone, the flight would not take off. To that, the woman refused to turn off her cell phone. The captain then called for the federal police, who arrested her and took her off the airplane via the rear door and put her into a patrol vehicle.

As she was being arrested, she started to scream, “You don’t know who I am, I am the former wife of Joaquín Hendricks Díaz. You don’t know who you are messing with.”

Moments later, the plane took off for its destination.

The newspaper Excélsior has baptized her LadyInterjet.


Los Cabos outraged by man who left his dogs locked in a vehicle for 24 hours

Translated by Fulano from an article in BCS Noticias.


La Paz, Baja California Sur – The case of the man who left his two dogs locked in a vehicle for 24 hours in Cabo San Lucas has outraged social network users, who demand that the municipal government, especially Arturo de la Rosa Escalante, carry out justice.

“Yesterday night we received a call from Carlea Staehnke reporting two dogs who have been locked inside a vehicle for more than 24 hours. The fire department and the police were there. The firemen opened the window a little, however nobody bothered to open the vehicle,” said an animal rescuer named Aida Trujillo, on her Facebook profile.

It was ministerial police commander, Raúl Barrios, who finally approved opening the automobile, with the help of firemen, to rescue the two dogs. However, the health of one of them was critical and it died.

“One of them was dying, in spite of our efforts it was impossible to save it. We also thank Dr. Andres Yee Chig Leon, for coming to our call and examining the dog that survived and it was saved,” said the woman’s commentary, which has been shared hundreds of times of Facebook.

According to this same Facebook user, the supposed guilty person who trapped the animals in the car is a man identified as Guillermo Mayo, and some people made a graphic where he is shown as a “murderer.”

“He left his dogs locked in a car for more than 36 hours, and sadly one did not survive, the other was rescued by animal protector Carlea Staehnke and firemen,” says the image where the face of the Mayo appears.

The negligence has caused many of the people who have shared the publication on the social networks to demand that the mayor of Los Cabos, Arturo de la Rosa, enforce the law and make an example of the man supposedly guilty of the death of the dog.

“We demand that the authorities apply the sanctions according to the laws. Enough with the apathy and lack of will of the authorities. Mayor Arturo de la Rosa, enough with the indifference, the Los Cabos community who elected you demand you take charge in the matter,” said the commentary.


Young man in Tijuana humiliates a homeless man

Translated by Fulano from an article in AFN Tijuana .

TIJUANA, BC December 20, 2015 – This video started circulating on the social networks this afternoon. It shows a young Tijuana man humiliating a homeless man. Social network users inidentifiednd reported his name.

In the video recording can be seen the youth using something that looks like a firearm, which he puts to the neck of the man to force him to undress and is disrespectful, meanwhile a group of people can be heard laughing.

Before the recording ends and so that the man “gets away with his life,” he puts out a cigarette on his chest, tells him to stop complaining and get up and take off his pants.


Jet ski crashes into a lounge chair in Cancun and kills a tourist

Translated by Fulano from an article in Sipse.com .

CANCÚN, Quintana Roo – A tourist died yesterday after being run over by a jet ski around 3PM at the Grupo Riu hotel located in the Cancún hotel zone.

The wife of the victim, said they had arrived at the tourist resort and were guests at the Riu Palace Hotel, which is renown for having all the necessary tourist services.

Luis Ramos, father of the youth, said that on Thursday afternoon there were resting at the resort when his family decided to go to the beach. So they went to the area with the lounge chairs, and it was there that a jet ski belonging to the “Scuba Diving” business ran ashore at full speed and ran over his son, Luis Adrián and his wife, Damayanti.

The most injured of the two was his son, who had a skull fracture and instantly lost an eye. He was taken to a hospital and his condition was delicate.

After almost a week, he died in the hospital yesterday. His body will be delivered to the family, who live in Mexico City.

The family has made a demand with the State Attorney General against the hotel and the Scuba Diving business, as the Hotel Riu Palance Las America denies any liability for the accident, as it was not inside its buildings.


American woman run over and killed in Rosarito

Translated by Fulano from an article in Rosarito en las Noticias .

Rosarito, BC – Startled for having run over a woman, the driver of a 2012 white pick-up with California plates 53679J1, arrived at the military road block in Popotla.

Ernesto “N” 30 years old, and who lived in Los Angeles, California, told the soldiers he was driving northbound at kilometer 34, at the San Pedro subdivision that night at 9PM.

Suddenly, a person jumped out and crossed the highway and he could not swerve or maneuver to avoid running over her. Nervously, he went to the military post as he was fearful the victims family would take revenge.

On their part, the soldiers told the municipal police the driver had taken refuge with them for the reasons mentioned.

After describing the event, the police asked him to come with them before the municipal judge on duty, who ordered him placed help by the authorities.

Later, it was learned that the victim was named Jody Ann Summers, 51 years old.


Dead robber in Mexico City was a commander with the Mexico City Attorney General

Translated by Fulano from an article in La Extra Noticias.


At first the stories said it was about a simple robber who was shot dead, while the other robber was injured in a gunfight between the two and security guard in the Espacio Interlomas Commerical Center, on avenida Santa Cruz del Monte, reported the local police.

However, as the investigation progressed, there is now a new version which says the dead man, the robber, was also a member of the Mexico City Attorney General, who was a commander assigned to the Miguel Hidalgo district. His name was Juan Rendón, 48 years old.

Local authorities officially reported that around 12:30PM, two subjects were discovered by a security guard when they tried to rob a local business, and they started to shoot at the guard, who repelled the attack.

But the other version of events say that a businessman was at the shopping center waiting to withdraw a large amount of cash, when the attorney general agents, acting as robbers, demanded the money. A gunfight broke out when the businessman’s body guards, who are auxiliary police, repelled the attack.

In the gunfight, one of the robbers was shot dead by the guard, and he is said to be the Chief of Group, or Commander, in Iztapalapa. Witnesses say the the police guard also shot the other suspect, wounding him in the leg and he fled the shopping center bleeding. He is suspected to be a ministerial police officer named Hugo Cruz, 36 years old.

Among the evidence collected were two .45 caliber semi-automatic pistols engraved with the legend “Mexico City Attorney General” and which presumable belonged to the robbers.


Eviction in Puertecitos

Translated by Fulano from an article in Zeta Tijuana .

It is one of the most peaceful areas in the state, with pristine beaches of great richness. A murder, conspiracies and irregularities under litigation for 365 acres. “My father fought for this land,” said one of those affected.

December 6, 2015,  Puertecitos, Baja California – One morning in March, Maribel and her two sisters received a visit in Campo Serena, located some 47 miles from San Felipe: “We are the owners here.” they heard from someone they did not know.

The unexpected visit continued. “We have a demand for eviction, and and so you have to leave,” said Moisés Torres Flores, a member of ejido Plan Nacional Agrario, which is located north of San Felipe. He had arrived accompanied by a group of lawyers, as recalled by the young woman.

Maribel said that starting five years ago, she started to hear rumors related to people who wanted to steal these lands, inherited from her father, who received 120 acres donated by the government, an endowment of land by a public declaration published in the Official Gazette of Mexico, in September, 1970.

“My father died fighting for these lands,” said Maribel.

The woman recalled that before the highways were built, it took five or six hours to go the San Felipe. There was no electricity, drinking water, much less telephones. “They started to insist that they were the owners, and we had to leave.”

Maribel, 32 years old, recalls they even offered money, but her response, she says, was firm, “I am not selling. With all that has happened to us here, I don’t believe you can pay for it.”

The response from the visitors was that they will return to fence off her property, and since then they have lived in the uncertainty of being evicted.

The property is a polygon of 365 acres, divided into three parcels. One of them is Campo Serena, with more than 1,000 yards of beach on the warm and calm waters of the Sea of Cortés.

Maribel and her family administer there a half-dozen vacation homes to rent them to tourists and they are a little more than a mile from the Puertecitos district offices.

Five years ago, the Secretary of Communications and Transport finished the 47 miles of highway  which joins Puertecitos with San Felipe and further south the road stretches 10 miles past Alfonsinas. There are only 20 more miles to build to connect Laguna Chapala, the junction with the Transpenisular Highway and the lush Valley of the Cirios, a protected natural area.

The Lawyers

Guillermo Amador Molina lived in this location all his life, said Maribel, his daughter. The man died in September, 2003. About 10 years later the demands started, according to the information provided by two lawyers, Santiago Astengo and Homero de la Peña.

According to these lawyers, on September 28, 2006, José Luis Garibay Ugarte, in complicity with Efrén Enrique Castelo Palafox, managed to register with a Notary, a general power of attorney, which presumably was granted by José Garibay Ugarte — supposedly dead — authorizing them to sell the land.

And it is in this intricate process that a series of irregularities have been configured that involves not only the person deemed to be the legal owner of the property, Moisés Torres Flores, but also notary Arturo Blas Elizondo, who illegally managed to record the property map in the Ensenada Municipal Property Registrar.

The attorneys say that Moisés Torres Flores, a member of ejido Plan Nacional Agrario, is also linked to the sale of ejido properties to the Carso Group, owned by Carlos Slim, where there is now located a gold mine.

“And this is how on September 28, 2011, the supposed buyer, Moisés Torres Flores and the supposed holder of the power of attorney of José Garibay Ugarte, signed a purchase contract,” said the lawyers.

This contract was documented by Notary Norma Alicia Romero Miranda, Notary Public No. 4 based in Mexicali, and supposedly is for the 365 acres and for which was paid US$600,000. In addition to Campo Serena, this property includes two other parcels, one owned by Octavio Dagnino and the other the heirs of Florencia Castro Salomón, who was murdered in her home, there on that property, August 8, 2014.

According to the lawyers, when the purchase contract was prepared by the notary, it was accompanied by documents in the name of José Luis Garibay Ugarte, and the purchase contract was in the name of José Garibay Ugarte.

When they tried to record the purchase contract at the Public Registrar of Property in Mexicali, it was rejected with a Report of Not Permissible, as there already exists in the Public Registry a title to the property in the name of Octavio Dagnino Angulo, so there is an overexposure on both properties.

You can do it in Ensenada

Faced with this situation, the “buyers” went to the Public Registry of Property in Ensenada, at the same state agency but the Ensenada offices, where they were permitted to record the document in the name of Moisés Torres Flores.


Elderly American woman raped in Rosarito

Translated by Fulano from an article in Frontera.info .

PLAYAS DE ROSARITO, Baja California – A 68-year old American woman was raped and assaulted by two subjects who entered her home in the early hours of the morning and who fled after the crime.

According to the police report, at 4AM, two subjects entered the victim’s home in the lower part of Primo Tapia, using an open window in the bedroom.

The woman said that one of the men had a stick and she struggled with him, but the other man subdued her and them raped her.

She said they put a lighted lamp in her face so she could not recognize them, so she could only say the man was thin and about 5’6″ tall.

After the assault, the thieves took the woman’s purse, which contained 300 dollars in cash, a bank card and her resident’s visa, among other items.

The complaint was reported by a friend of the victim, who she had called for help.

A Red Cross ambulance came to the home to render first aid, however she refused treatment.