The two young men recently assassinated in La Paz were innocent

Translated by Fulano from an article in BCS Noticias.

La Paz, Baja California Sur – According to local news media, it is believed that the two people recently murdered in La Paz were innocent. This involves an 18-year old shot Friday night outside a mini supermarket on colonia La Fuente, and another 30-year old man shot the next night in front of Parque de Los Mangos, in colonia Indeco. In each case, it is believed their lives and activities had nothing to do with organized crime.

El Sudcaliforniano published today that in the first case, the 18-year old, originally from La Paz, died outside a mini market located on calles Circuito Los Bledales and Playa from several bullet impacts. This event was around 8PM last September 25, and authorities found 9mm bullet cartridges.

A relative of the dead man said he was a student and “he went to visit a friend, and by a twist of fate he had bad luck…he was a good boy, and was in Los Cabos. He came to La Paz to study and what happened was not thought of.”

In the second case, on Saturday night, September 26, another man who was 30 years old, and originally from La Paz, was shot on bulevar Francisco J. Mujica and Dátil, in colonia Indeco, near a fruit stand in front of Parque de Los Mangos. The man was was shot with a 9mm weapon and was taken to the Salvatierra Hospital, however he died.

Regarding that case, Colectivo Perícu determined that the hit men had been confused. In a Facebook publication, it was said the man had one leg and part of an arm amputated when he was electrocuted when he worked for the Federal Electricity Commission. He was described as “a great young worker, a struggler, and an exemplary father and husband,” who left helpless his wife “and two little children who will have to learn on their own.”


Ensenada widow helpless and faced with huge hospital debt

Translated by Fulano from an article in

The widow of a former Ensenada municipal employee with the Sanitation Department has been left without medical services nor a pension because the Ensenada municipality did not pay her late husbands insurance fees to ISSSTECALI (state workers health insurance plan).

The woman, Susana Ramos Barbosa, 60 years old, has a handicapped son. She has no job and had health complications from pre-diabetes, hypertension and doctors have found tumors in her breasts which are suspected to be cancer.

“He maintained my home, he took care of everything. He always told me that I was insured, and he was confident we would remain insured (wife and son), but he was dead two weeks later,”  said the woman, somewhat confused by her situation.

Damián worked for 27 years for the municipality of Ensenada, but two years ago he was operated on for a hernia, and ended up with a perforated intestine and died. At the time he was provided medical services he was entitled to.

At the ISSSSTECALI offices, the gave me a “little piece of paper” on which was written “1,117,729 pesos,” (US$66,000). That figure was the supposed debt that Damián Ramirez Arriaga left owed to the hospital, in spite of the fact he paid his insurance fees with a payroll deduction every two weeks.

“My husband paid, he fulfilled his obligations, now he is dead and if Ensenada has not paid it should not be my problem,” she said.

Susana’s son is mentally handicapped and works as a grocery bagger at a market.

“He helps me with a few pesos, but the truth is things are bad because I have no income,” she shared.

On his part, City Attorney Ivan Barbosa Ochoa, personally responded to the woman’s complaint, but says that municipal and state authorities have to act with more speed, as the process carried out by his office is long.

At the beginning of 2015, the municipality of Ensenada restructured its public debt, which according to what was stated to the State Congress, amounted to 284,843,000 pesos (US$16,755,000) of refinancing which was for the ISSSTECALI.


Another first for Baja California

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Mexicano.

MEXICALI – For the second year in a row, Baja California heads the national list in violent business robberies, surpassing states with much greater populations and which historically have been considered more dangerous.

From January through August, 2015, the state had reported a total of 2,665 violent business robbery investigations, a figure which surpasses even Mexico City, where they registered around 2,200 robberies of this kind.

Just Mexicali alone, has recorded more of these kinds of robberies than entire states like Chihuahua (282), Jalisco (585) and Guerrero (249) all combined. It is now the most dangerous municipality for businessmen in the entire country, according to the official figures from the National Public Safety System and the state Secretary of Public Safety.

These monthly statistics also indicate that Baja California has the dishonorable position of second place in general crime, only lower than the State of Mexico, which has a far greater population.


Los Cabos police rob, beat handicapped man

Translated by Fulano from an article in BCS Noticias.


Los Cabos, Baja California Sur – A man named Alonso, who has motor and speech disabilities, was walking on the streets of Cabo San Lucas when he was presumably approached by three Los Cabos municipal police, who mistreated and hit him to search him. They took 10,000 pesos (US$600) he had in his wallet. The victim went to the Municipal police department, where they denied it happened, so he has filed a formal complaint and reported his case to the news and social media.

Alonso came to Cabo San Lucas to work some days, and had saved up 10,000 pesos and was ready to return to his home city, he told the Reportero Urban de Los Cabos. Yesterday he was walking on the sidewalk with difficulty, due to his handicap, when three police saw him. He identified one of them as Jesús Velázquez, another unidentified officer, and a woman name “Berenice,” who had stopped him, supposedly they yelled at him that he “was drunk or drugged out.”

According to Alonso, during the search he was mistreated and hit. In spite of his speech impediment, he told them he was not drunk. However, “a police officer grabbed my wallet and took my savings from many days work which I had saved. They also took a cell phone, which was the property of the LG Prime business. He went to that business the next day, and full of anger, they gave him legal help and he filed a complaint with the Public Minister, number CSL/377/AMPTRES/2015, and from there they also made the case public.”

This morning, the victim when to the Internal Affairs department of the Municipal Police, along with a person who was helping him with the case, and thanks to reviewing the roll call, he identified the police officers, “who were seen to be nervous and they went and talked to somebody secretly when they saw Alonso, something like they were agreeing,” said the Reportero Urbano.

The police officers had denied everything. Alonso was left without his money to return home, and hopes that through his complaint with the Public Minister and through the news medias and social networks, this will help him resolve the situation and recover his money and cell phone.


Los Cabos businessmen concerned that when it rains, shit flows downhill

Translated by Fulano from an article in BCS Noticias.


Los Cabos, Baja California Sur – Downtown Cabo San Lucas is severely affected every time it rains, as the main streets, such as avenida Leona Vicario, José María Morelos and bulevar Marina flood and fill up with trash which flows down from the urban areas to the tourist area, a situation which worries local businessmen.

“We worry about the consequences where we are paying for a poorly built work, since they built the road, I say I am not an expert but according to those who know, the storm drainage was not considered, we suffer flooding with the least amount of rain, and on occasions that includes sewage,” said Carlos Tinoco, president of the association of businessmen, Amigos de Cabo San Lucas, A.C.

He emphasized the risk people run when they walk in the dirty water. He also said that a destination resort like Los Cabos should not have have these kinds of problems.

“Besides the bad odors, the tourists gamble with their health because if they have a cut and walk in the sewage, some bacteria is going to infect somebody. We cannot provide the luxuries of a premier destination resort, in a first class destination which has these constant issues.”


Police in Bácum, Sonora take shrimp from fishermen

As many as three buckets of shrimp were taken from each panga.

Bácum, Sonora – Fishermen complained that police in this municipality awaited the arrival of the the boats which sailed in search of shrimp, and took a part of their haul.

The fishermen say that today the ban of shrimp fishing was lifted and they took almost three buckets of shrimp, and that is an abuse as they were out all day fishing and these police just took advantage of them.

They ask that the higher authorities take notice of this matter.



Puerto Peñasco municipal police assault tourists

Translated by Fulano from an article in Penasco Digital.

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora – A public complaint arrived at this news media, from a family of tourists from Barcelona, Spain, where they say that last August, when they were visiting Puerto Peñasco, they were victims of attack, intimidation and mistreatment by municipal police.

The group of visitors decided to come to Puerto Peñasco as it is considered a safe tourist destination to vacation, but they never imagined that by not understanding all the traffic signals and parking in an inappropriate spot, the police would not only fine them, but also attack them and arrest the whole group.

With their actions, according to what the victims said, not only did they create fear, but also frustration and sadness for feeling so unprotected from the actions of the authorities in a foreign city and country.

This is how many complaints made by different tourists against the municipal police are, where most say that what is similar in all these cases is the demand for money in return for not taking them to the police station. So they are urging the authorities to take the necessary actions and to not permit these abuses of authority by the police to continue. These situations do not help project a positive image of Puerto Peñasco with the rest of the world.


American tortured by Mexican police released from Tijuana prison

Translated by Fulano from an article in Journada BC.

Tijuana, September 14, 2015 – American Luis Ángel Zazueta Cornejo obtained total freedom on September 9, after spending three years in the La Mesa Penitentiary in Tijuana, supposedly for possession of drugs.

This is one of the cases which Amnesty International included in its report “Out of Control, Torture and Mistreatment in Mexico,” as also did the Rapporteur of the United Nations on torture. The two reports were minimized and rejected by the Mexican government, in spite of documentation in official institutions.

The Fifth Federal District Court ordered the man freed, and this resulted in his being absolved of the accusations by the state government, whose members beat and tortured him to the point he has physical and psychological injuries from the police actions.

Zazueta was arrested on September 26, 2012 during operations carried out by the state preventative police in Tijuana to arrest Gonzalo Insunza, “El Macho Prieto,” who according to the police “intelligence” sources had been located in Baja California and who was a cartel lieutenant who operated in Sonora and Sinaloa.

In these operations, also arrested was Adrián Vázquez Lagunes, a man who was tortured and injured by state police who said he was “El Macho Prieto,” and who remained in the El Hongo Penitentiary accused of drug possession, is spite of the fact the state government of Governor Francisco Vega agreed to the recommendations of the Human Rights Prosecutor to start investigations of the three police officers, whose case file was assigned to a local court.

As with Vázquez Lagunes, the American had the Istanbul Protocol applied and the result was positive, and it was documented he was a torture victim.

The afternoon of his arrest, the state police entered a home in Playas de Tijuana, without a search warrant, to arrest Zazueta. Later, they called his family and demanded a ransom to free him.

Because their ransom demands were refused, the state police took him to cells where he was tortured and then delivered to the federal public minister with drugs which were supposedly on him when he was arrested.

Along with other arrested persons, he was presented to the news media as a member of the Arellano Felix Cartel.

In September, 2014, human rights organizations, among them the Northwest Citizens Commission of Human Rights, presented the case to the International Criminal Court in The Hague to call for a preliminary examination for crimes against humanity in Baja California.

“Now, with the total acquittal by the federal court, and with a criminal complaint filed by Luis Ángel Zazueta Cornejo’s family, there should be no impediments for the Public Minister to arrest the state police officers for torture,” said the Human Rights Commission in a press release.


Mexico announces national English program for public schools

Translated by Fulano from an article in

Mexico City – September 11, 2015 – The Secretary of Public Education (SEP), Aurelio Nuño Mayer, announced that the federal government will prepare a national program to teach English, with the goal that in 10 or 20 years, Mexico will be a bilingual country.

During the signing of an agreement to grant scholarships to study English SEP-Semar 2015, Nuño Mayer said that the SEP will work to implement this national program of teaching English.

“English is the language through which everybody can communicate, it is a tool and a fundamental piece for professional development, for modernization and so that all Mexicans can do their jobs.

He said teaching English is a priority of the Mexican government and they are working on a national program so that Mexico becomes a bilingual nation.


Two men sexually abuse a young tourist in a Rosarito hotel

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Mexicano.

Playas de Rosarito – A young tourist from Mexicali had moments of terror when she was sexually abused at the Hotel Quintas del Mar, by two subjects on Tuesday morning.

According to the police reports, the events happened inside the tourist complex in downtown Rosarito, when a 22 year old woman complained that early Tuesday morning a man, whose name she does not know, started to sexually attack her in the bathroom of one of the hotel rooms, where she was at a party with her friends.

Because of this, the woman screamed desperately for help, while one of the men tried to forcefully kiss her. One of her friends at the party intervened and ran the man out of the room.

However, in the morning, the same man returned with another individual identified as Ramón Ramos, and they approached the young woman in the room, and then violently grabbed her by the neck and forced her to her knees in front of the man who and attacked her earlier in the morning.

The two men let loose their lowest instincts and forced the girl to have oral sex on the man who had tried to abuse her in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Ramón Ramos held her arms and touched here genitals while she was unable to call for help.

After the attack, the subjects left the hotel and the young woman ran to report the sexual attack to the hotel security guard, who reported that to the authorities.

The woman’s attackers could not be located.