Kidnapped Tijuana transportation leader murdered after $700K ransom was paid

Translated by Fulano from an article in  PSNTV,Info.


A transportation leader, identified as Ariel Armenta Verdugo, was murdered after being kidnapped last July, in spite of the fact his relatives paid the ransom demanded by his kidnappers of US$700,000 dollars, after they initially demanded US$1 million.

Armenta Verdugo worked as the president of the Taxi Libre Union, in addition to having a taxi and bus concession, when he was kidnapped by an armed squad which negotiated with the victim’s family to demand the $1 million dollar ransom.

In light of this case, transportation leaders, like Alfredo Guzmán, secretary general of the Federation of Workers and Employees of Baja California, raised their voices against the authorities “for the crimes we are enduring. Right now we are carrying a colleague who was kidnapped and in the end was killed. This is not the only case, four or five months ago, five our our colleagues were killed in taxi libres. This crime we are suffering is enough, and the mayor must bring this to a stop, assign capable people to direct the municipal police and stop putting in improvised people. We need results for the crimes that have been ongoing in the year and a half of this administration. Criminals are infiltrating into public transportation, many of them, there are people in the taxi libres, drugs have been seized from the taxi libre trunks. For all the requirements which we ask of the taxi libre drivers, they still slip in.”

For their part, the taxi leader’s relatives reported the case to the State Attorney General, although later they asked the Attorney General to stop investigating the case.

Unofficial sources reported that the relatives paid the negotiated ransom of US$700,000 around August 15, but the body of Armenta Verdugo appeared on August 17 as an unknown.

That day, the Municipal Police received a report on the discovery of a body in a state of decomposition, in the bed of a white pick-up, with plates BN 65-712, which was left in colonia Constitucion de 1917, in the Cerro Colorado district.

The body had indications of torture, and according to the autopsy, the victim died by strangulation and was only given to his relatives after a DNA test proved his identity.


Case of two American tourists kidnapped and robbed by Los Cabos police unresolved

Translated by Fulano from an article in BCS Noticias.

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur – The operations director of the Los Cabos police department, Luis Ángel Rubio, reported that the persons presumed responsible for the extortion of two tourists in Cabo San Lucas last July belong to the Tourist Police division.

“Independently from the work the Public Minister is doing, we have an investigation underway through the Council of the Commission on Honor and Justice, which has interviewed some police officers. I do not have their names right now, but we believe they could be from the tourist area, but they are being investigated. I think that before the end of this administration there will be results,” said the official.

It was Thursday, July 9, when two foreigners from San Diego, California publicly reported they were detained, kidnapped and extorted by municipal police in an official patrol vehicle in Cabo San Lucas. This happened early in the morning of Tuesday, July 7. In that respect, the Operating Commander declared, they have instructions to prevent anything like this happening again.

“The instructions we have is to not allow any abuse, we have reinforced patrols at night, and in the early morning hours, to avoid these types of situations,” he said.


A Simple American Pleasure

I thought it might be a nice idea to show some simple American pleasures. Many of these are so common and ordinary, we just take them for granted and we fail to realize they are usually not available in Baja.

[Image: combo+1.jpg]
A postal service that delivers mail and packages to your door. A fully-equipped emergency room with trained doctors 24/7. A trained, well-paid professional, uncorrupted police force.

[Image: combo+2.jpg]
A fully functioning judicial system with the rule of law. Supermarkets with cheaper food and wider selections. Air conditioning at affordable power rates.

[Image: combo+3.jpg]
Movies theaters in most towns and cities. Live stage productions. Philharmonic orchestras.

[Image: combo+4.jpg]
You can travel the whole country without a passport or visa and without having to import your vehicle. You do not have to pay an annual visa fee to live here. You can fly the American flag. You can exercise your right to protest, which is illegal for Americans in Mexico.

[Image: combo+5.jpg]
You can travel all over the US without ever having your car searched while going through a military checkpoint while somebody is pointing an automatic rifle at you. You can go to the bank without walking around hooded men with automatic rifles.

[Image: Combo+6.jpg]
You can go to the hospital without passing by armed police guarding the entrance. You can even go to the city morgue without passing through armed guards.

[Image: Combo+7.jpg]
You can go shopping at the Costco in the US, where prices and sales taxes are cheaper, and without waiting in line three hours at the border. You can even come back home with your food without going through a customs inspection.

[Image: Combo+8.jpg]
You can get a fish taco from a stand with a government health inspection, a restroom and hot and cold running water. You can go fishing in either fresh water or salt water, and the fishing license is cheaper. You can visit wide open spaces, just like in Baja.

[Image: Combo+9.jpg]
The Sun also sets over the ocean in the US, and there are also beautiful moon rises, and dogs also run on the beaches in the US, and you can legally dig for clams and other shellfish.


There is a bleak future for the Baja California economy

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Vigía.

The depreciation of the peso against the dollar will increase poverty in Baja California, and there will be a loss of purchasing power for the remainder of the population, said economist Alejandro Díaz Bautista, investigator for the Colegio de la Frontera Norte.

He said that this depreciation has been 25% so far this year. That is to say, a dollar costs 25% more, and in the case of the Baja California’s economy, the negative effect will be seen in greater strength by the end of the year.

Díaz Bautista participated as a speaker at the monthly Businessman’s Center of Ensenada, where he spoke of the volatility of the peso against the American dollar, and said if this situation continues there could be a crisis.

He said that the devaluation could abate in September if the United States Federal Reserve Bank changes interest rates, but if this is postponed, the exchange rate will continue to be unstable.

The doctor of economics at the University of California, added that the depreciation of the peso has positive effects for exporters, as Mexican products will be cheaper abroad.

It also benefits tourism, as American visitors will see it more attractive to travel to Baja California, as they will have greater purchasing power.

In the same manner, the national automotive industry will also have benefits.

Referring to the state economy, he said that from 2008 to 2014, there was a 17% increase in the population of the poor, and he estimates more than one million people are living in poverty.

Sadly, warned Díaz Bautista, the devaluation of the peso will cause these numbers to increase even more.


Loreto police involved in kidnappings

Translated by Fulano from an article in Zeta Tijuana.

The participation was exposed after police officer Luis Alberto Muños Torres, “El Bogar,” was captured on June 24, 2015, after having kidnapped a presumed street drug dealer in Loreto.

Loreto, Baja Califonria Sur – According to investigating agents with the state attorney general, with the arrest of Comondú municipal police officer Luis Alberto Muñoz Torres, “El Bogar,” which occurred in this small tourist destination, three events are stressed:

1. The direct participation on municipal police in kidnappings, torture and murders in the war for control of street drug dealing between criminal cells on the Sinaloa Cartel.

2. The possible expansion of the wave of violence from La Paz to other municipalities, particularly in this case, Loreto, sue to quarrels between organized crime groups.

3. The free trafficking of weapons from one municipality of another, with none of the authorities at the three levels of government implementing a strategy to prevent these bloody events from occurring.


Rancho Costa Verde in Baja California is an illegal subdivision

Letter from Ensenada on legal status of Rancho Costa Verde.

Letter from Ensenada on legal status of Rancho Costa Verde.

This is what the letter says:

March 19, 2015
Ensenada, B.C.

Regarding your letter of February 9, 2015, in which you have asked for information related to the development named “RANCHO COSTA VERDE, S.DE C.V.” located south of the urban zone of Ejido Delicias, at Kilometer 52 of the state highway between San Felipe and Puertecitos.

By this letter we inform you that the development mentioned is an illegal settlement, it does not have a subdivision authorization, as of this date it is undergoing a Request for AF1 Feasibility of Land Use For Verification of Conformity with Subdivisions. This is one of the five steps which must be completed in order to obtain authorization to subdivide from this agency, of which I am in charge.

With nothing more for the time being, hoping this has been of service to you, I have nothing further.


Engineer Gabriel Humberto Morales Rios
Director of Land Registration and Urban Control


Distribute photograph of official from the Ecology Party eating sea turtle eggs

Translated by Fulano from an article in


Mazunte, Oaxaca – A complaint has come to us where a photo was sent and one can clearly see the councilman from the Ecology Party for the municipality of Mazunte, Oaxaca eating sea turtle eggs.

Mazunte is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Oaxaca, with its beaches covered with golden sand and the majestic arrival of hundreds of sea turtles which nest on that beach.

Paradoxically, it is also a center of corruption and trafficking in turtle meat and eggs, where the sale and consumption is carried out in broad daylight, as the official shows us.

This crime in punishable with six years in jail and a fine that starts at US$90,000, of which these officials could care less, based upon how proudly they show themselves eating turtle eggs.



Millions in property tax fraud at El Dorado Ranch in San Felipe

Translated by Fulano from an article in Uniradio Informa.

Michael Bennett

MEXICALI – At least 2,000 foreigners who own property at El Dorado Ranch in San Felipe, were defrauded by the business IMS Services de Administración Internacional, complained a representative of those affected, Michael Bennett.

Faced with the debt demanded of them from the Mexicali government, the American citizen who is a temporary resident of San Felipe, called for an audience with the mayor to inform him they did make property tax payments to the intermediary company.

The complainant said that there are some 10,000 property owners with some land at El Dorado Ranch, but those who have this problem are more than 2,000.

Some parts of the private area in question border the ocean in San Felipe, and the past due property taxes is for at least five years, which could be millions of pesos, said the victim who did not know the exact amount.

“Many of the owners paid the property taxes via a company, but the company never paid the municipality,” said Michael Bennett.

Under these circumstances, the affected are seeking a agreement with the municipal authorities, in addition they will decide in time if they will take legal actions against the business they say kept five years of their property tax money.

The property owners are retired workers from the United States, who live temporarily in San Felipe, said Bennett.

A conservative computation of the debt, is that there are 2,000 defrauded property owners for five years, and with a property tax of 2,000 pesos per lot, the total could be 20 million pesos (US$1.25 million dollars).


Son of the mayor of La Paz is accused of homicide

Translated by Fulano from an article in BCS Noticias.

Fernando Monroy

Fernando Monroy

La Paz, Baja California Sur – Erik Fernando Monroy, the son of the mayor of La Paz, Francisco Monroy Sánchez, would be presumed guilty of the homicide of a motorcyclist identified as Jorge Tejero during a traffic accident which occurred early in the morning of July 31, in colonia Pueblo Nuevo, in La Paz.

Friends, relatives and including a news reporter have indicated that Fernando Monroy was responsible for the death of this man, who was a musician. He died from the impact he received from a Dodge Ram pick-up on calles Jalisco and Gómez Farías. The pick-up was supposedly driven by the former candidate for federal deputy.

According to the Transit Police report, which decided to omit the name of the responsible driver, and only said the driver was 24 years old, the accident was the fault of Jorge Tejero, who was careless and ran a stop sign while driving on the street, which caused the fatal accident.

It turns out that the only eye witness to the accident suspiciously changed his declaration of the events, so it is speculated the scene of the homicide has been manipulated.

Police news reporter Héctor Martín de la Rosa, reported on his Facebook account the supposed irregularities in the case, and commented that the son of Monroy Sánchez was speeding in his pick-up, going some 30 MPH in a location were the maximum permitted speed is 15 MPH.

“The dead man new the streets very well in the area, and even more that fatal corner as he lived only five blocks from there. Jorge Tejero worked hard as he had three children to feed and educate, and his wife was handicapped and could not cook,” wrote the reporter on his personal profile.

There has been total secrecy on the part of the authorities, it is only known what is in the official bulletin, where it was explained that Tejero died moments later in the IMSS Clinic from “blunt force trauma to the abdomen and chest, fractured ribs, and an exposed fracture of the tibia and fibula.”