The spirits of the Rosarito Hotel

Translated by Fulano from an article in Frontera.


Tijuana, Baja California – In every corridor and room, there are hidden mysteries which only appear as night falls and come to life and terrorize its workers and guests: They are the spirits which wander the Rosarito Hotel.

Some sing in a whisper while guests sleep, they move blankets or let their shadows be seen among the walls of the luxurious hotel.

A ghost in the resort

A large two-story house was ordered built by Manuel Barbachano, owner of the hotel in 1940, for his wife, María Luisa Chabert, a woman of strong character and dazzling beauty.

Today the location is a resort, but there are many stories shared by its employees.

The last that happened left the masseuses paralyzed. It was Autumn and it was just starting to get dark. Five employees were collecting their belongings as the work day had ended.

They started to turn off the lights when suddenly, on the second floor, they heard somebody singing, it was a faint woman’s voice, a soft song like singing a lullaby to a baby.

“Who could that be, is Lupita still upstairs cleaning?” asked one of the employees.

“No, I am here downstairs,” said Lupita with a nervous voice.

The song was coming closer and the woman singing could not be seen, but she was clearly heard as the voice approached them, from the second floor and coming down the old stairway.

“Let’s go, let’s get out of here,” screamed one of the masseuses, while she ran out.

There are those who say it was the ghost of the beautiful María Luisa, who still travels the corridors of the great house and tries to delight whomever she meets with her voice.

The night the piano was heard

When Manuel was cleaning the Chaberts Salon, he liked to lock the door, because he knew his workmates were some jokers and did not want them to take him by the hair with jokes about ghosts, although he was skeptical and did not believe in those things. But one day it all changed.

It was late in the evening and while he was cleaning to floor, Manuel heard from behind him a simple piece of music coming from the piano behind him.

He thought it was another worker who had entered the Salon to startle him.

When he turned his head and looked right at the piano, he saw no one, but the music was still playing. The employee, was scared for several days, but managed to recover.

Some think that it Marís Luisa, who wanted to amaze people with a good musical piece.


The name of San Felipe

By Ernesto Sosa Rocha [translated by Fulano].



Many people from the Port of San Felipe are unaware of the true name of the town, and from where the name arose and its founding date. The real name of the Port of San Felipe is “San Felipe de Jesús,” in honor of the first Mexican saint and martyr, who was crucified in Nagasaki, Japan on February 5, 1597. This is the reason why each February 5 the foundation of the port is celebrated.

The galleon San Felipe sailed for the Philippines with 25 religious students to be ordained, and a storm diverted them to Japan, where there were no Catholics. There they were crucified on February 5, 1597. Due to this precedent, the first president of the Mexican Republic, Guadalupe Victoria, decided that each February 5th there would be a national festival to honor this tragedy, as San Felipe de Jesús Day. The true name of San Felipe de Jesús was Felipe de las Casas Martinez.

Another thing is that with the passage of time and people’s practices, they just called the fishing town San Felipe, and those same people of Mexicali now only say “San Felo” as it is easier and an idiom.

The date of the foundation of the Port of San Felipe, Baja California is February 5, 1925, as that is the year it had its first official authority, the retired Army officer Octavio Vega Ruiz.


Korean Consulate in Tijuana complains of death of Korean woman in assault

Translated by Fulano from an article in

TIJUANA, Baja California – The Korean Consulate in Tijuana complained of the death of a Korean citizen after an assault last Thursday.

According to the press release, last Thursday around 4:30PM, the woman, who was identified as Hyun-yong Lee, 35 years old, was walking on calle Circuito Arcos in Otay Mesa.

At that moment, a white Dodge Caravan with two persons aboard approached her and tried to grab her purse, however the woman resisted.

In the struggle, Hyun-yong Lee was dragged by the van and hit a parked pick-up, killing her.

The vehicle with the attackers fled, leaving the woman laying on the pavement.

The events were verified by the Public Minister and Ministerial and Municipal Police.


Criminal complaint filed against Tijuana police and judge in torture of innocent man

Translated by Fulano from an article in AFN Tijuana.


As expected, Gabriel González Celestino, president of the Citizens Council for Law Enforcement in Baja California, showed the criminal complaint filed against the police officers and municipal judge who accused Hugo Alfonso Hernández Flores of being the murderer of police officer Juan Gualberto Jáuregui Ruvalcaba.

The complaint did not accuse Police Chief Alejandro Lares Valladares, as it only named those police who participated in the arrest of Hernández Flores and presented him as the person responsible for the crime, said his lawyer.

González Celestino repeated that the 22-year old man was “exhibited as the murderer, he was slapped, given electric shocks and tortured to confess.”

The criminal complaint, number 3311/2015/206/AP, was filed this morning at the Public Minister, against police officers Julio César Olivas Rangel and Pablo Quiroz Hernández, as well as municipal judge Marco Antonio Martín Armenta, for the crimes of deprivation of personal liberty, abuse of authority, collusion by public servants, torture, false statements to authorities and criminal association.

Gabriel González Celestino insisted that the wife of the dead police officer is under arrest in Building 7 of the La Mesa Penitentiary in Tijuana, even though state government spokespersons deny that to this day, and repeated that she has confessed to sending her lover to kill her husband and collect three life insurance policies, each for one million pesos (US$67,000 each).

The lawyer said the foregoing information was told to him by active duty municipal police officers who were “weary” of the corruption that exists in the police department, who decided to alert the lawyer. In addition, he said that when then authorities interviewed Jáuregui Ruvalcaba’s wife, she fell into contradictions.

“She was arrested on Friday, and for that reason she was not present at the her husband’s funeral…what the authorities want to do is demonstrate her innocence and blame other innocent people,” he said.


Reading, writing and ducking in La Paz

Translated by Fulano from an article in BCS Noticias.

La Paz, Baja California Sur – Last Monday morning there was a simulation of a shoot-out in the Niños Héroes Primary School, located in the Santa María de La Paz subdivision, in colonia El Zacatal.

The Secretary of Public Education, through the Safe School Program, carried out the simulation in which students, teachers and parents participated, under the direction of the state project coordinator, Alma Cecilia Silva Velázquez.

During the event the steps to follow, in case there is an armed battle near the school building, were explained: remain calm, fall to the floor and look for spot to take cover, remain on the floor and do not raise your head.


BajaNomads: What Lies Beneath – CHUPACABRA

There are some good, honest and sincere people who hang out on the BajaNomad message board. Unfortunately, there are also some not-so-good people there too. The dregs of humanity: lunatics, crooks, druggies, perverts, paranoid schizophrenics, psychopaths, sociopaths, alcoholics, senile old farts, pedophiles and plain weirdos. Even more unfortunate is that the person who runs the forum cannot differentiate the good from the bad. Or, maybe that is by design. I don’t know. Even worse than the forum moderator’s inability to sort it all out, is that many innocent readers don’t know what lies beneath. They sometimes get caught unaware in the riptide.

The BajaNomad who goes by the screen name CHUPACABRA is Scot Hamilton Cherry. While on BajaNomads he has claimed to have, “more degrees than a rectal thermometer,” the reality is he is a sushi chef. When Chupacabra first showed up on BajaNomads, he immediately started in with insulting other more conservative posters, such as Lobsterman:

Typical of many BajaNomads, Cherry’s real life is far different from this internet persona. As mentioned above, he currently works as a sushi chef. In his real life, he has been involved is several failed businesses such mortgage loan origination. He has had his share of civil lawsuits against him, a divorce, he didn’t have custody of his child, and what has become fairly standard for a BajaNomad, he went through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, screwing his creditors.

Scot Hamilton Cherry

Scot Hamilton Cherry

Chupacabra 3


15 tourists rescued by Mexican Navy at Isla Espíritu Santo after panga hits rocks

Translated by Fulano from an article in BCS Noticias.

La Paz, Baja California Sur – The Mexican Navy reported that yesterday naval personnel assigned to the Second Naval Zone, based in La Paz, rescued 15 people in a dangerous situation as the panga they were in hit rocks near Punta Colorado on Isal Espíritu Santo.

The rescue happened after there was a report to the Naval command that a tourist service panga had struck the rocks at Punta Colorado at Isla Espíritu Santo, and had partially sunk.

The Navy ordered two Defender class Search and Rescue boats in La Paz to sail to render the support requested to save lives at sea.

They found the boat near Punta Colorado, at Isla Espíritu Santo, and 15 people were rescued and transferred to the Second Naval Zone base.

It should be stressed, that six of the passengers who were given first aid were taken in a Naval Hospital ambulance to a hospital in the area for medical attention.

Nine passengers on the panga did not ask for medical attention and left by their own means.

Personnel from the Harbormaster went to the location of the accident to carry out the investigation necessary to identify who is responsible.


San Quintín, the furrows of injustice….

Translated by Fulano from an editorial in Lindero Norte.

by Elvira Luna Pineda

Since my childhood and adolescence, I have known the people of “San Quintín. From family visits, we were used to travelling to that area. Since the first times I went there in the 1980’s, I have been a witness with my own eyes to the subhuman manner in which hundreds of families live; the large majority come from Oaxaca and a large number of young girls are from Sinaloa. They come following the work. on the route of cucumbers and tomatoes. I have heard uncountable and dramatic stories (some of which I did not understand because of my age.)

Girls who were raped in the furrows, where they worked, and who worked almost in slavery. There among the furrows, after the sexual attacks they were victim to, they just got back up, shook off the dirt and continued working. This was a part of every day and this is they developed the syndrome of helplessness.

They gave birth in the furrows and in the same manner shook it off to keep working. Newborn babies have been found in the furrows, abandoned and in a state of hypothermia. How can we punish their mothers? These girls are condemned to sexual abuse as a part of their jobs. In 1986, while adolescents and during the two-month summer vacation from school in July and August, a cousin and I decided to work. I was studying to be a teacher, my cousin was studying to become a lawyer.

When we share our decision to work with my mother, with her characteristic roughness and clarity, she told us: OK, go live with your aunt in Camalú, there a a lot of work there.” My cousin and I left fascinated, we did not understand what we would have to endure and how those two months would completely change our perception of life. Upon arriving we started to work immediately. Five young women from Sinaloa adopted us and shared lunch hours with us.

We lived in a type of subhuman tenements which the packing house owners had for their workers. You could film horror movies there. No water, no windows, no bathrooms, no electricity… We knew that this was not our life and we saw it as a unhappy experience which would soon end when we went back to classes. The workday started at 7AM and there were high production days which ended in the early hours of the morning. We had only three to four hours to sleep. There was no day off, no rights, no social security, nothing.

After approximately two week we decided our urge for work was over, however, when we shared this information with my mother, she firmly told us, “that is how work is, and you wanted to work and now your work is done.” And that is what we did. In those two months we saw foremen chasing young women in the subhuman tenements and in the workplace. They harassed and abused them. Stories which everybody knew and which nobody spoke of. When we returned to school and said goodbye to the young women from Sinaloa who had adopted us — me the rebel and my cousin the law student — we filled them with advice to not continue accepting these unhealthy, undignified and inhumane conditions they worked in.

Throughout by professional career, I have been in many ways near to some communities, given help and fulfilled the role that at one time has led to my development. I have been there, nobody is going to tell me anything.However, one does not have to have lived that to understand that in that area the slavery and sexual exploitation continue to be present and real. It is for that reason it is offensive to know that Governor Francisco Kiko Vega arrived at the negotiations with the farm workers, surrounded by an entourage of officials, and spits in their faces, “You have my word, we are here. Tell us what you want.”

Mr. Kiko Vega, in my capacity as a citizen of Baja California, I cannot believe that you, as the head of State, have to come to a negotiating table without a proposal and then ask such a thing. Because, if the reality is you do not know about the demands of the women and men who live and work in San Quintín, then let me tell you that you live in an alternative or surrealistic world. San Quintín provides wealth in return for exploitation. San Quintín is a productive area only through almost slave-like labor, and the only response is repression and the excesses of the police, showing us that this government has not evolved, and the Attorney General continues being the perfect club to subdue and criminalize the poor.


Layzaola was ordered shot by Ciudad Juárez police director Reyes

Translated by Fulano from an article in Zeta.

May 15, 2015

In an interview with Zeta, the former Chief of Police of Tijuana and Ciudad Juárez, who was shot in Ciudad Juárez, spoke of his attackers:

“When I turned to the side, the same man who ran in front of me was at my left driver’s side window. It was then I saw he (Jesús Antonio Castañeda Álvarez, alias ‘El Güero’) was pointing a gun at me and pulled the trigger. Fortunately, the first time it did not fire, because if it had it would have hit me in the head. He pulled the trigger again and when he did, I heard him say to me, he said it very clearly:

‘This is a message from Director Reyes,’ he said.”

– And this director Reyes, where is he from?

“He the police director there, in Ciudad Juárez.”

– Is he a municipal police officer?


– If there is this version of events, that some police chief is implicated by those arrested….

“Well, I don’t know, but that is what happened, I heard it very clearly, he said, ‘message from the chief,’ ‘from Director Reyes,’ ‘from the Director,’ he said “message from ‘Dire’ Reyes, and he pulled the trigger. That was when he hit me.”

– So, do you suspect collusion on the part of the state and municipal police, because Reyes is a municipal police officer?

“He is a municipal police officer, but he came from the state police.”

– He was with the state police when you got there?

“Yes. I fired him when I came to work for the municipal police. He was a municipal police officer in the Transit Division, and when I came I fired him because he was a scoundrel, well, he was a big scoundrel. So I fired him and I said….I later learned that he wanted to join the state police and I spoke to the state, and I said, ‘don’t hire him, he is a scoundrel,’ and in the end they hired him.”

– Did he ever threaten you an any time, Lieutenant?


Woman in coma after botched surgery in Mexico

SAN DIEGO – A San Diego woman who traveled to Mexico for a gastric bypass procedure remains in a coma and her former husband told 10News that doctors believe she may never recover from the complications.

Angie Stidum, 48, was a wife, a mother and a grandmother. Her ex-husband, Reggie Wilson, said, “Right now, she is fighting for her life.”

Stidum wanted to undergo gastric bypass surgery to help control her high blood pressure.

“She wanted to be healthy. She wanted a tool to help her lose the weight,” said Stium’s friend Lakesha Sexton.

With no health insurance, Stidum searched the Internet for an inexpensive doctor and found the Green & Health Hospital in Tijuana.

Wilson didn’t feel right about the idea from the start.

“She wired half of the money over there, and then they told her to just go on a liquid diet for 72 hours and then go and have surgery,” said Wilson.

Sexton’s daughter, Alexis, went with Stidum to Mexico.

Lakesha Sexton told 10News, “I drove them to the San Ysidro Outlet Mall at 5:30 in the morning to meet up with the people from Green & Health. They put them in the van and drove them across the border. I tried calling them for hours and hours, and finally around 3 p.m. my daughter answered her phone and she was hysterical. She was like, ‘Mom, I don’t know what to do. Angie’s not here.’ I said, ‘What do you mean she’s not there?’ The staff told my daughter that Angie had died.”

According to the note of transfer obtained by 10News, Stidum was given cephalosporin, an antibiotic not used in the U.S. that is similar to penicillin. Stidum had a severe allergic reaction.

“They found her on the floor not breathing and they did a tracheotomy,” said Wilson.

“My daughter said the room for the surgery was no bigger than a closet,” Sexton added.

The transfer note said Stidum went into full cardiac arrest. Doctors performed CPR, put her on a ventilator and called for customs to help get her back to the U.S.

“She’s never come out of a coma from Mexico,” said Wilson.

Stidum’s doctor in the U.S. said she is in a vegetative state with only half of her brain functioning.

10News reached out to Green & Health for a comment, communicating with hospital representatives via Facebook. They initially agreed to an interview but abruptly blocked 10News from their account.

10News has not been able to reach them since.