I am a prostitute to feed my children

Translated by Fulano from an article in  El Mexicano.


TIJUANA – “My hunger is satisfied and my thirst is quenched. It gives be protection and shelter in their breasts and in their thighs, based upon my loneliness.”

The preceding was part of a massive toast to a little more that 30,000 people at the Plaza México, made by the famous bullfighter Rodolfo Rodríguez, “El Pana.” before he retired from the bullring, and he did so in thanks to the concubines, immoral women, prostitutes, fallen women and bunnies, as he lovingly called them.

This had been one of the few public recognition’s received by that social group, composed of women like “Tanya,” who upon seeing they were in a desperate situation to raise their families, decided to practice one of the most criticized professions in society: prostitution.

And it is that every large city in the world has its famous “red zone,” where throughout history governments have implemented a completely stimulating escape valve for certain physical conduct which presents itself in individuals who make up society.

For that, streets like Coahuila, a part of the Zona Norte in Tijuana, is home to hundreds of sex workers who make up, one by one, the nearly 7,000 people (both men and women) who are prostitutes in the city. These figures are based upon studies by COLEF, and published in the Official Gazette of the State of Baja California.

One of those 7,000 is “Tanya,” who contrary to any other 22-year old girl who could be studying for a career at a university, she has to occupy her mind and her efforts to provide for her four little children. In addition to that is the problem that her husband has been in the El Hongo Penitentiary for almost two years.

“Tanya” is far from the glamour sold by the sex industry. She is not a stunning woman artificially created by surgeons and silicone under the skin. Her face is no longer fresh and attractive, all underneath an innocence that refuses to leave her.

The slenderness of her body, which highlights her pronounced neckline, worthy of envy from other women, shows off her greatest pride, her breasts, which have been given to various men, so that — she very strongly affirms — her children have food and clothing.

“My husband does not know what I am doing, and I don’t know what he will feel about it if he finds out. We have been together for six years,” said the young woman sincerely, while she said that her brother is the only one who knows about her profession and no longer wants her to continue doing it.

In the meeting with “Tanya,” that was done just underneath the screen the city acquired and where it will be inaugurated in front of the Plaza Santa Cecilia, the Sun was trying to cling to her brown skin and legs, which have never yielded, as she had said, and which have to carry to weight of her entire situation.

“There are times I don’t earn anything, and when I do, it is 300 or 400 pesos per night (US$20 to $27), with three customers,” said the woman, who said that it was in the famous “Callejón” where she carries out her activities.

“No, I don’t work for anybody. I work just for my own account,” she said when asked if she had a “pimp.” Meanwhile, she mentioned that the only ones who have taken her money are the municipal police officers.

“If we don’t give the police money, they arrest us. They demand 200 pesos (US$13) and up. One time I did not give them any money, and they put me in the patrol vehicle, that was because they said I was fighting, but I did not have any argument, as we have everything in good order and because of that I always have by Health Card.”

She recalled when she became a prostitute, and said it was one of her neighbors who told here that this type of work paid well. But she never mentioned how bad one feels the first time one sells her body for money to a man she was not interested in being intimate with.

“The first time I felt very bad. When I was getting undressed in the room I felt very depressed. When it was over I had no urge to leave then,” she said, she was looking in the mirror and questioning herself.

However, it was either have these feelings or not bring home food and leave her children hungry, and “Tanya” very well knew it. But now it was clear, she no longer feels content with this and is looking to leave that world and to have her brother’s support.

There are thousands of stories like that of “Tanya” in the city, where the women who work as prostitutes are at times seen only as a crude object, without knowing that behind the high heels, rouge, perfume and short dresses are also feelings, dreams and families to support.

Although society has a hurtful adjective, like “puta,” there are women like the writer Anne Smith, who say that it is more dignified to sleep with 1,000 men for money, that once with your husband’s best friend.


Canadian jumps from second floor in Cancún

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Mexicano.

CANCÚN – A Canadian man who jumped from the second floor of the Cancún Business Center is being treated in a private sanitarium in the city and is in grave condition.

Quintana Roo Judicial Police arrived at the location when alerted by an emergency call.

The state Attorney General reported that George Soti Poulos, 32 years old, and his wife, Shanna McQuarrie, 22 years old, and originally from Winnipeg, Canada, went to the Canadian Embassy to ask for support to return to their country.

As they did not have their documentation, and their situation was not resolved, both left the embassy offices and the man then jumped from the second floor of the building.

The Canadian was transferred urgently to a private hospital in a private ambulance. His status is diagnosed as grave and he has several fractures to his body.

The state attorney general reported they have opened a file, 10/2105, on the occurrence.


Another American family is a robbery victim in Rosarito

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Mexicano.

PLAYAS DE ROSARITO – Another family from California who was visiting Rosarito fell victim to a robbery when they left their vehicle parked to eat at a seafood restaurant, however, this time the event happened just meters from the Police Headquarters.

According to the police reports, the events happened last Sunday, when a young woman who lived in Vernon, California, came to the police headquarters to report that at a seafood restaurant located on the Machado bridge, her car had been broken into, stealing her belongings.

Upon arriving at the location, just meters from the police headquarters, the police confirmed that the victim’s vehicle had a woman’s purse stolen from it, which had various documents, as well as passports and identifications, two cell phones and a guitar were taken.

In light of this event, the municipal police gained access to the video surveillance cameras at the business. They observed how a burgundy van arrived at the parking area and a heavy set subject with a beard, cap and dark glasses got out, who talked with a person who supposedly offered to watch the cars for the restaurant customers. The man watching the cars is Miguel Ángel Aguilar Cortés, 62 years old.

Then another person took the purse and other objects from the family car of the people who lived in Vernon, California, and then left in the van in an unknown direction.

The management of the restaurant said that the person who was supposedly watching the cars was not contracted to do so by them, and they even had told him to leave on other occasions.

The police searched the car watcher and found a knife in his belt, so he was arrested. However, the burgundy van was not found.

It should be pointed out, that in the last few days there have been several American families, as well as people from other Baja California municipalities, who when spending time in Rosarito had been victims of thefts of their belongings and broken car windows when the left their vehicles parked outside restaurants in the tourist areas.


Canadian man drowns in La Paz while diving

Translated by Fulano from an article in BCS Noticias.


La Paz, Baja California Sur – A 60-year old man named Daryl Brian Smart, originally from Canada, died from drowning while he was diving near El Mogote this Wednesday at 10:30AM, reported the State Attorney General.

The dead man, who had gone to El Mogote in a boat accompanied by his diving instructor, died after being submerged a few minutes, said his instructor.

Although his companion tried to save his life, after he was pulled from the water he was taken to the pier at the La Paz Marina for first aid, the Canadian did not respond and showed no vital signs.

Elements from the state attorney general came and saw the body of the foreigner laying on the pier, and found no signs of violence, said the authorities.

The body was taken to the coroner and according to the autopsy by the doctor, his death was due to drowning.



12-year old San Diego girl dies in Ensenada

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Mexicano.

ENSENADA – A 12 year old girl died yesterday afternoon while trying to do a somersault on a horizontal tube of a metal soccer goal. While hanging on the upper part the tube bent and the child fell on her head.

It was at 3:30PM when central radio received a call that there had been an accident at kilometer 20 on the Ojos Negros highway, so the municipal police went to the scene.

The police interviewed Ms. Keen Scholt, 38 years old, who lives in San Diego, California, who was at Rancho Aqua Viva, who reported that her daughter named Karina Fares Scholt, 12 years old, was playing and ran to do a somersault by hanging on the soccer goal post.

She said while on it the tube broke and she fell, hitting her head. A Red Cross ambulance came to the location, and the paramedic reported the child had died due to head injuries.


American tourist found floating in Cozumel in grave condition

Translated by Fulano from an article in Sipse.com.

COZUMEL, Quintana Roo – An American tourist is struggling for his life in a private clinic after being rescued unconscious from the ocean near a beach club on the southern part of Cozumel.

The first reports indicate he was taken “Code Red” to the hospital. This would be the second case in less than a week.

The first happened Wednesday, February 11, the rescued tourist died from a heart attack, according to the autopsy by the doctors from the Quintana Roo Attorney General, at the coroners installations.

The second case

According to reports from witnesses, around 12 noon on Friday there was a call made to the emergency 066 number to alert that a private lifeguard, identified as Emir Alcocer, had rescued a man floating near the Money Bar beach club.

While first aid was being applied, an ambulance arrived and took the victim, approximately 64 years of age, who later was identified as Donald M., originally from Buffalo, New York, whose condition was reported as grave as of yesterday afternoon.

Medical negligence suspected

In another matter, sources inside the state judicial police reported that “the investigation into the death of the tourist last February 11 is ongoing.”

The source said that this person had a pacemaker and the paramedics were unaware of that. He added that the pacemaker never stopped working, and the resuscitation efforts were continued, which gave rise to speculation of a possible medical negligence by the paramedics who treated him.

However, the medical death certificate and a later autopsy debunked those versions.


Major real estate shake-up in Ensenada, victims include Walmart and Home Depot

Translated by Fulano from an article in Ensenada.net.

Macroplaza del Mar of Ensenada

Millions in losses were suffered by Walmart, Home Depot and Macroplaza del Mar of Ensenada, after a judge decided that Carlos Alberto Tavárez Newman and his business, Brisas de Baja California, which sold the properties, did so with a forged signature, which nullifies the purchases and contracts.

The impact of the lawsuit will also be resented by Banorte, which made a US$12 million loan to build Macroplaza del Mar, which was guaranteed by Macroplaza, and whose contract was also declared void, which causes those guarantees to vanish.

Jesús Alberto Ayala Urías, lawyer for Graciela Quintero Oceguera, heir and executor of the estate of Carlos Tavarez Meza reported the judgement of the Second Civil Court of Tijuana, which totally nullified the documentation which showed Carlos Alberto Tavarez Newman to be the owner of the capital and shares of business entities which belonged to his father, Carlos Alberto Tavarez Meza, by forging his signature.

Documents in the possession of Ensenada.net indicate that the voiding of these documents affects Home Depot and Walmart, which purchased properties in good faith from the Inmobiliaria Brisas de Tavarez Newman, paying around US$3 million.

Banorte had loaned US$12 million and took as collateral for the loan the Macroplaza del Mar, which has now been transferred to Inmobiliaria del Pacifico, along with the rents which had been escrowed since 2010.

This process started December 6, 2006 and was resolved for the first time in October, 2014, and a few days ago there was a notice of the process which had lasted six years.


American Vietnam veteran brutally attacked in San Blas, hand amputated

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Sol de Nayarit.

Tepic – An American citizen who is presumed to have been the victim of a brutal attack by assailant in the municipality of San Blas, is in the Tepic General Hospital, where they have been unable to communicate with him as he cannot speak Spanish and his photograph when viral on the social networks, asking for help from the American Embassy in Mexico to help him and render justice.

The man is identified as Michael Clayton Fetterolf, 67 years old and originally from Missouri. According to what he has said, last January 12 he arrived in San Blas to vacation, and last weekend he was attacked by three individuals, who attacked him with machetes to subdue him.

The attackers have stolen valuable objects and left him gravely injured until he was helped by neighbors in the area and taken urgently to Tepic with multiple bruises and wounds on different parts of his body.

Sadly, the doctors had to amputate his right hand as during the attack the aggressors left it in very bad condition, according to what is unofficially reported. He also lost teeth and some ribs are fractured.

Through a photograph of this man that went viral in the social networks, it is said that he has not received sufficient help due to the problem of not speaking Spanish and has asked for the United States Embassy to be contacted to help his case so he can return to country to recover.

As of the moment, the amount stolen is unknown.


Prior mayors of Rosarito had deals with the drug traffickers

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Mexicano.


PLAYAS DE ROSARITO.- “I will not allow crime to infiltrate my government nor the police, as happened from 2002 to 2008, in prior administrations, resulting in many deaths.”

This was revealed by Mayor Silvano Abarca Macklis, after repeating his promise to substantially reduce the crime levels by the end of 2015, being one of the priorities for the municipality.

In an interview with El Mexicano, the mayor of Playas de Rosarito said that there has always been a danger in Rosarito from criminal groups who infiltrate the police, such as happened in many Mexican cities, as reported in an analysis recently prepared by the Secretary of the Interior about this serious problem in Mexico, where a large percentage of the municipalities have been vulnerable to crime due to the lack of professionalism in their police departments, as well as treasonous citizen leaders.

He said that as of this time, no criminal group has approached to try to make a deal such as happened in prior administrations in Rosarito, and which had grave results to safety.

“The probability exists for all municipalities in the country, what a mayor allows or does not allow is very important, the criminals always go to the mayor to transact business and make deals, nobody has approached me,” said Abarca Macklis.

“I will allow many things, but not make deals with thugs, because it has already been shown in 2002, 2003 and 2004 they came and co-opted the government, they infiltrated the municipal government and the result was that the years 2005 through 2007 were terrible, governments were caught up in a cruel manner.”

“It would be the worst thing personally for me if they infiltrate, and we have the examples of prior governments so we have to be very cautious, and I am aware that in Rosarito it was like this from 2002 through 2008, they were involved here,” revealed the mayor.


Children victims of violence taken from their drug addict parents in Tijuana

Translated by Fulano from an article in Frontera.

TIJUANA, Baja California – A one-year old boy who showed evidence of serious burns on various parts of the body was rescued by municipal police officers, this arising from complaints from neighbors. The parents were arrested.

Residents of the Pórticos de la Mesa subdivision reported a case of a minor who suffered from mistreatment to the authorities, so officers from the Anti-Domestic Violence Unit of the police department went to calle Jacarandas, No. 46, and saw a minor with serious burns to the head, face, chest and with skin missing.

During the intervention, the police talked with the parents of the minor, María Margarita Mendoza Félix, 39 years old, and her common law spouse Rafael Hernández Méndez, 40.

Both told the police that they had a fight near the stove where there was a pot with water on the flames. The pot fell and burned the little boy.

The parents said that the day it happened they took their son to the Red Cross for medical attention, but they only went that one time and did not continue with the treatment process and curing the injuries.

The police took the parents to the magistrate, and while before him both parents admitted they smoked crystal. For this reason the authorities determined to place not only the burned minor with Family Services, buy three more children, two brothers who are 4 and 3 years old, and another newborn.