La Paz Civil Protection issues recommendation for gunfights

Translated by Fulano from an article in BCS Noticias.

La Paz, Baja California Sur – In light of the wave of violence experienced in La Paz, the Headquarters of Municipal Civil Protection made a series of recommendations, among which are to not go out in the streets at night and to lock doors and windows.

In a press release, society is asked to not be fooled by “unfounded rumors of actions against the civil population by organized crime.” They ask the population to remain calm and not distribute false information.

“Remember that during this period, firing off fireworks and the psychosis we are experiencing can confuse people. Avoid causing panic among the people. Do not risk going outside in the midst of these type of events,” it recommends.

The measures for self-protection recommended for the population are:

– Avoid travelling or walking at late hours of the night without good reason, especially in areas with little lighting or which are sparsely populated. If you have to travel or walk in these circumstances, try not to do it alone.

– Lock doors and windows when leaving your home and before going to sleep.

– Remove very dark tinting from your vehicle windows, and use only the tints authorized, which are light enough that one can see from outside any odd situation which may be occurring inside the vehicle.

– Always carry some form of official identification and from where you work.

– If you are travelling on foot or in your vehicle and any competent authority orders you to stop, do so immediately. If you are driving, turn on the interior lights and lower the windows. Answer those questions you are asked and identify yourself to the security personnel.

– If you hear sounds which sound like explosions where you live or wherever you are, look for shelter in your home, or at the closest public or commercial building. If you are driving, leave the area and report what happened only if you witnessed the event and you are sure it was firearms being fired. Remember that during this period, firing off fireworks and the psychosis we are experiencing can confuse us. Avoid causing panic among the people.

– If you have information about people, vehicles or events which happened and want to report them but feel unsafe, make them to telephone number 088 from any public telephone.

– If you are caught in the middle of a crossfire, do not hesitate, get on the ground as fast as possible, laying face down, cover your head and next to any wall.

– Do not try to see what is happening, do not take photographs nor video record the events. If you are with a child, lay him down with you and protect him with your body. If you are with a handicapped person, lay him on the ground and cover his head. Do not get up until Public Safety units have arrived at the location. If the gunfire continues, remain in the same position and wait for instructions from authorities.

– Being a drug trafficker is not a dress style. Do not imitate it. Do not pretend to be one.

– Remember, if you need help, call 066 from any conventional, cellular or public telephone. The call is free.


Men with machetes rob tourist hotel in Playa del Carmen

Translated by Fulano from an article in

PLAYA DEL CARMEN, Quintana Roo – A band of armed suspects with machetes and clubs broke in the Hotel Fusion in the heart of the Playa del Carmen tourist zone at 5AM on Sunday. They demanded that the guests give up their jewelry, watches, cameras, computers and cash.

When this happened, Municipal Tourist Police who patrol the area called for reinforcements and several patrol vehicle stopped 28 suspects, while others escaped, reported the website.

According to the report sent to the chief of police, Rodolfo del Ángel, the group of men armed with machetes, sticks and shears arrived in a violent manner at the hotel, took the night shift workers to one side, and started to scream and beat on the guests’ doors.

The mayor of the municipality of Solidaridad, Mauricio Góngora Escalante, bemoaned the event because of the impact on the tourist image of the Riviera Maya. He said that in reality the suspects were sent by people who are trying to take over the hotel, ownership of which is in litigation.


French television reports kidnapping of 31 students in Cocula

Translated by Fulano from an article in Processo.

MEXICO CITY – French television reported that two months before the case of the 43 normalistas in Iguala, another 31 young people in the neighboring municipality of Cocula were kidnapped by organized crime.

On Wednesday night, the French Channel 24 reported that the youths, high school students, have been missing since last July 17, but the case was not reported out of people’s fear because of threats from the kidnappers.

Witness statements collected by the television channel say that on the last day of classes before summer vacation, hooded men, dressed in sea blue and who were traveling in police vehicles, kidnapped the youths as they left the Justo Sierra High School.

Although there were witnesses to the kidnapping, which took place in broad daylight at the municipality’s main square, neither the witnesses and much less the victims’ relatives, had wanted to report the case.

The national news coverage of the 43 normalistas from Ayotzinapa motivated the mother of one of the missing youths to give her report to French Channel 24 correspondent, Laurence Cuvillier.

“July 17 the hit men came and took my daughter and others as they left the school… the people who where there made no moves, as they were afraid because the hit men had threatened them,” said the woman to the television station.

Other off camera testimonies confirmed the kidnapping of the youths.

The case was also publicized this Wednesday by the French newspaper Le Monde, which in an editorial published last weekend said that the demonstrations in Mexico because of the disappearance of the normalistas are against the mafia state which has arisen in Mexico.


Evelín was “purchased” in Tezoyuca and taken to Tijuana

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Mexicano.

TIJUANA – Evelín came to buy a package of tortillas at a business in colonia Lomas Taurinas. She did so the morning she was kidnapped in the town of Tequisistlán, in the municipality of Tezoyuca, the the State of Mexico.

The clerk at the tortillería did not hesitate to recognize her. It was the same girl in the photograph that the Mexico State Ministerial Police who traveled to Tijuana in search of her showed.

“She came with a man, not very big,” she told the detectives. They bought a kilo of tortillas and they walked out.

The meeting took place early last October.

An official of the Mexico state government and head of the case told EL MEXICANO that “the investigation of the case of Evelín brought us to Tijuana, to the Zona Norte.”

The theft of this little girl led to the arrest of two Mexico state ministerial police, and the son of Carlos Otal Namur, the former Police Director in Tijuana, who along with his father were contacted by authorities from the Mexico State Attorney General to help with the investigation.

Did they convince Evelín?

Last May 29, Evelin Fabiola Alcántara Legorreta, 9 years old, was kidnapped. She was alone on her bicycle going to buy tortillas. Along the way, she met a man who was curiously also riding a red bicycle.

He talked to her. It is unknown what he said, but she was quickly convinced to turn around and go to a small house.

A surveillance video recording from a tire shop revealed this to the authorities.

The man is Emmanuel Tarrios Olivar. He also buys tortillas at the same business and that is how he followed Evelín.

Her parents went to report the case, but nobody at the local Public Minister paid any attention until days later when the highway to Texcoco, one of the main roads to the north of the state of Mexico, was blockaded.

Hours later, an Amber Alert was activated in the state and a search for her was initiated in the entire county. She is not the only little girl reported missing in the second most populous state in Mexico.

The search report issued by the Attorney General reported that the girl was 1.2 meters tall, slim build and has light brown skin color. She was cock-eyed in her left eye.


Evelín’s face was known by thousands of customers of the bars and businesses in the Zona Norte. Posters were placed with her face and also that of Ivonne Citlali Ruiz Silva, the woman who brought her to Tijuana.

The exact date of her arrival in not known, but the Attorney General’s investigation file confirmed her arrival after the arrest of Tarrios Olivar.

He is currently in prison in Mexico state, accused of the crimes of injury and sexual acts.

His girlfriend is Ivonne Citlali. She helped hide the girl. Later, with the help of Norberto Pineda Silva, 20 years old, she was taken to the state of Puebla.

They returned to Mexico state and took refuge in colonia Jardines de Morelos, in the municipality of Ecatepec, where they met a friend of Emmanuel’s.

It is only known that the friend’s name was “Stefani,” who paid 100,000 pesos (US$7,700) in cash to Tarrios Olivar. That was the agreement for kidnapping the girl.

Stefani was in charge of traveling with the minor to Tijuana, where they met José Tarrios, Emmanuel’s uncle, who was a human trafficker of children to the United States. But the uncle was captured by officials from the Deputy Attorney General’s Organized Crime Investigation unit.

Today, he is under arraignment at the Special Unit for Investigating Trafficking of Minors and Organs, from the federal Attorney General.

Ever since Evelín disappeared, so had Ivonne. According to the investigation, she went to Adelitas Bar one day. She arrived in a Taxi Libre. She entered the bar and used a hidden door that allows the prostitutes to go to Hotel Coahuila, without having to go outside the bar.

At that hotel, sometimes the prostitutes’ children come to spend a few hours with them.

Once one enters that hotel, there is another exit. That is where the girl was seen for the last time, according to intelligence and what was in the investigation file.

The detectives who traveled from Mexico state to Tijuana to investigate, went to visit the Zona Norte bars, among which was Adelitas Bar.

They could not get any information in those businesses, but then they were arrested [by Tijuana Municipal police] and turned over to the Public Minister, because they believed the two ministerial police and the son of Otal Namur were going to kidnap somebody .

Tijuana municipal police collaborated on the investigation. “The Intelligence Unit of the Municipal Police helped us greatly with information and although it does not appear so, the case continues under investigation,” said the Mexico state authorities.

In Mexico state there are an great number of reports of missing minors, according to the investigation in the Evelín case. Most of these children are sent to the United States, but it is unknown if it is for sexual purposes or organ sales.


The former lover of Mexican President Peña Nieto talks

Translated by Fulano from an article in

Pena neito

In a book published by a well-known Mexican journalist, the former lover of President Enrique Peña Nieto reveals supposed links of the president with organized crime and the origin of his luxury home.

Maritza Díaz Hernández says she had maintained a nine-year relationship with the president and has a son with him. After the death of his first wife, Mónica Pretelini, Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto married the actress Angélica Rivera.

In the book, the woman tells of her experiences and reveals some secrets of the former governor of Mexico State and now the president, to Mexican journalist Sanjuana Martínez, who has published portions of the conversation with her in her latest book, “Lovers of Power,” published this year. The event came to light with the scandal about the Peña Nieto’s luxurious “White House,” and Díaz also speaks about the house with the journalist.

According to the woman, the house was gifted to actress Angélica Rivera by the Televisa Network, which controls around 70% of the television market in Mexico, when she married the politician. This indicates that Televisa had predicted that the politician would become President, believes the journalist.

Maritza Díaz Hernández also says in the interview that she received an anonymous email, supposedly written by a friend of Peña Nieto’s first wife. The email said that “her death (of Peña Nieto’s wife) was not an accident” and had to do with organized crime. “Monica’s life changed a lot when her husband became governor. She confessed to me,” said the email cited in the book. According to the email, “her husband not only fooled around with other women, but was more and more involved with organized crime. This is what psychologically finished her off.”

“Monica told me, ‘Since my husband became governor, he became obsessed daily with being President. He spoke of nothing else. It cannot be known if her husband killed her or not, I only know that the drug traffickers were involved, because she told me, ‘The drug lords have a lot of power within the PRI, and my husband is just one more pawn in that mafia. They are not interested in the lives of Mexicans, they are only interested in their money and enslaving the people,” said the email sent not only to Diaz Hernandez, but to many more people, says the book, which is quoted by several Mexican news media.

According to the journalist, the book is not based solely upon the words of Maritza Díaz, but also on recorded conversations and other evidence.


Masked men rob American in his Ensenada home

Translated by Fulano from an article in

Two armed persons assaulted an American citizen Wednesday afternoon in his own home in the Bahía subdivision, where he was tied up and his personal belongings and vehicle were stolen.

Data collected at the location indicate that the assault was reported to Central Command at 2:50PM, at a home on calle Jiménez, between Bulevar Ramírez Méndez and Calzada Corte, in the Bahá subdivision.

At the site, a couple of masked subjects knocked on the house door and when the victim opened it, they forced their way in.

While on of them threatened the victim with a firearm, the other tied his hands with grey duct tape.

Next they started to rummage the home were they took around 5,000 pesos (US$400) in cash and jewelry.

The the assailants took the keys to the victim’s vehicle to escape in an unknown direction in a grey 2005 Toyota Sequoia.

Afterwards, the victim managed to get free of the bindings and called for help. Police and a Red Cross ambulance came to the location to check him.

After the incident, municipal and ministerial police started a search in the area to try to find the stolen vehicle and the passengers, without success.

Neighbors of the location said that this area, one of the most peaceful in Ensenada, but recently the number of robberies have increase greatly and they are not being reported to avoid the bureaucracy at the Public Ministers offices.


Come January 2015, gasoline price in Mexico will be 50% more than US

Translated by Fulano from an article in AFN Tijuana.

Mexico City, November 19, 2014 – Next January, the price of gasoline in Mexico will be almost 50% greater than the price of gasoline in the United States.

The will happen because there will be two new price increases in December and January, 2015, according to the gas price increases approved by the government. Meanwhile, in the US there will be a price decrease.

According to information from Reforma, the United States Energy Information Agency projects that in January, 2015, Regular gasoline in that country will by $2.62 dollars per gallon, which is equivalent to 9.21 pesos per liter, based upon the exchange rate expected by the Banxico survey, meanwhile Magna gasoline in Mexico will be at 13.71 pesos.


Back to the old way for foreign tourists entering Mexico

Translated by Fulano from an article in AFN Tijuana.

[Image: rodulfo_figueroa_pacheco_013.jpg&w=570]

Tijuana BC, November 18, 2014 – The representative of the National Immigration Institute in Baja California, Rodulfo Figueroa Pacheco, reported that the federal government made the decision to “pause” the implementation of a lane by which foreigners will have to ask for their FMM’s and pay the fee of US$25, established by law.

He said that this was decided due to the complaints which arose from tourists and “some voices” from the business sector, and the government officers who rejected this method, under the argument it will affect tourism in the region.

“Starting today, we will go on like we were before, in a voluntary manner,” said the representative who also revealed that in that way during 2014, around 60,000 foreign citizens had complied with their immigration obligations, without specifying the exact amount collected in the recently disassembled module.

Figueroa Pacheco stressed that it is important that civil society and the government work together to find the best way to apply Mexican laws, “it is important, he added, that authorities listen to those who have concerns,” he said.


Two abandoned toddlers found in Tijuana Zona Norte

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Mexicano.

TIJUANA – They had gone two days without food. They were alone in a room full of garbage, as if the room was a trash can. It is known their parents are drug addicts and live in the Zona Norte.

The little boys do not speak, almost all communication is with hand signs. The oldest boy is perhaps three years old and his brother about two years old.

“Hey!, yes you officer. There in that hotel are two little abandoned brothers, their parents abandoned them about two days ago,” said a woman when she saw two police officers walking in Callejón Coahuilla.

It was about 3PM on Sunday when the police were investigating another case in the area.

In this area it is common to see people walking around drunk, prostitutes or drug dealers disguised as customers.

The woman did not want to give her information to the police, nor the names of the parents or the boys.

“This is anonymous, if they hear about this, oh boy. Now I’ve told you,” said the woman.

The police went to the hotel which also announced on a dirty sign there is a bar inside.


La Cama de Piedra

La Cama de Piedra – “The Stone Bed” in English, but it really means a grave – is a popular Mexican ballad. Here is a version by Cuco Sanchez, along with the lyrics and Fulano’s translation.

La Cama de Piedra

De piedra de ser la cama,
de piedra las cabeceras;
la mujer que a mi me quiera,
me ha de querer de a de veras.

Ay, ay, corazón por qué no amas.

Subía la sala del crimen
le pregunté al presidente:
que si es delito el quererte,
que me sentencien a muerte.

Ay, ay corazón por qué no amas.

El día en que a mi me maten,
que sea de cinco balazos
y estar cerquita de ti,
para morir en tus brazos.

Ay, ay corazón por qué no amas.

Por caja quiero un sarape,
por cruz mis dobles cananas
y escriban sobre mi tumba
mi último adiós con mil balas.

Ay, ay, corazón por qué no amas.

The Stone Bed

The bed is to be of stone,
the headrests of stone;
the woman who loves me,
has to truly love me.

Ay, ay, my heart why have you no love?

I went up to the room of the crime
and I asked the person there:
“if it is a crime to love you,
then sentence me to death.”

Ay, ay, my heart why have you no love?

The day that they kill me,
it should be with five bullets
and I should be near you,
to die on your arms.

Ay, ay, my heart why have you no love?

I want a blanket for a coffin,
for a cross my two bandoleers
and write on my grave
my final goodbye with a thousand bullets.

Ay, ay, my heart why have you no love?.