Sewage discharges have continued in Rosarito Canyon for two years

Translated by Fulano from an article in Rosarito en la Noticia.

Rosarito, B.C. – Since February, 2012, the president of the Rosarito Canyon Association of Farmers and Livestock Ranchers, Don Bernabé Hernández Armas, and its board of directors, have been complaining of the indiscriminate discharge of sewage from different subdivisions in Tijuana, like Los Valles, Casas Geo, Ruba Natura, Ké Casas S.A. de C.V. and Palma Real. These irresponsibly discharge their sewage in the the Historic Rosarito Canyon.

The contaminated waters are discharged at Corredor 2000, affecting humans, the livestock and the flower growing zones and the aquifers which are in danger, as they are used to supply irrigation for different crops, livestock and human consumption.

Something very serious which will considerably affect farmers, is the risk of losing permission from the US Food and Drug Administration, which will cancel exports to the United States.

He said that at any time they are growing food crops, and if it is shown the products are contaminated, they will lose their export permits. There is much to be lost and this should be avoided. A meeting of those affected has been called, such as the people in Huahuatay Arroyo and the residents of colonia Cuenca Díaz, among others, to put up a common front.

They reported that with their own money, they ordered some analyses of the waters, and the results of contamination were startling and have serious consequences. These affect humans, livestock and ecotourism of the History Rosarito Canyon and close-by locations.

Next week  residents, the board of directors and ejido members will meet. Those are who are in need of taking strong measures, as the authorities have not taken notice of this very sensitive matter.


Three cholos stab elderly American in Ensenada

Translated by Fulano from an article in

A joint operation by police department resulted in the capture of three suspects who could be those responsible for the assault on a man in his 70’s Thursday morning.

According to official information, around 11AM, an American who lives in Ensenada was assaulted by three subjects when he was in the parking lot of the Limon Commercial Center, located on Cortez and Reforma in the Bahía subdivision.

The American, named Peter Albert Maurice, 77 years old, appeared to have put up resistance to his three attackers, and so they punched him, in spite of his being of advanced age.

The injured man was taken to the IMSS Clinic No.8 in a private vehicle, where he remains due to this injuries.

After the attack, a heavy police operation was mounted which ended in the arrest of the three suspects, two by the municipal police and one more my the ministerial police.

The three were taken to the state Attorney General’s offices.

As of the moment the Attorney General has not provided any information.


Son of La Fonda’s owner, Dimitri, dies from drug overdose in Rosarito jail

Translated by Fulano from an article in Rosarito en la Noticia.

Rosarito, B.C.- When it was time to be released, they found Paul or Brad Dimitri, 48 years old, dead in the municipal jail cells. He was arrested yesterday, Saturday, when he was found tossed out on the street at noon on bulevar Benito Juárez.

The dead man was wearing khaki colored Dickies and a white shirt with “Silvano Abarca” printed on it.

Police officers and the municipal judge reported that he was in such bad condition that he could not stand, and had difficulty saying his name was Paul. So the judge asked the paramedics to examine him and they diagnosed that he was drugged out, but will be stable enough to serve his 16 hours of confinement.

Early this morning, was the last time he was seen alive, at approximately 4AM, and two hours later, when his time was up and he was to be freed, they discovered his inert body.

They called the Red Cross paramedics, who said he had no vital signs, and this was immediately reported to the investigating authorities.

It should be mentioned that unofficially, he was known to be the son of the owner of the La Fonda restaurant, south of Rosarito. Paul or Brad Dimitri had a history of drug use and was in several drug rehabilitation centers.


Young man dies from alleged medical negligence in Ensenada hospital

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Vigia.

José Luis Villalobos Morante, 26 years old, died in the General Hospital, Zone IV-8, of the Mexican Social Security Institute, due to medical negligence says is mother, Concepción Morante.

For her part, Morante and her family filed a complaint with the Human Rights Prosecutor in Ensenada and the Federal Public Minister, with the hopes that justive be served.

The woman explained that her son died yesterday, Saturday, around 9:30AM after having surgery for pancreatitis, which was detected a little more than four months ago. According to the doctors, his situation was grave from the onset and the pancreas had to be removed.

The problem, said Morante, “is that after my son was operated on, he should have been sent to intensive care as they do with all the patients who come out of surgery, but instead of that, they took him to a floor without connecting him to a ventilator to maintain stable respiration.”

She said the director of the IMSS General Hospital for Zone IV-8, Luis Antonio Araiza Núñez, and the deputy director, Xóchitl Valenzuela, as well as Dr. Escobar (did not recall his first name), said that her son will be placed on a floor with a ventilator because there is danger he would stop breathing without it, as he had already stopped breathing once.

However, when he was taken to the floor, that did not happen, and Villalobos Morante was placed in an area without ventilators, and did not even have a doctor to watch his condition, in spite of the seriousness of his condition, said his mother.

“The surgeon ordered that care be taken with him, that he be transferred to intensive care and with a doctor watching him, but he never said which floor, much less without having a special ventilator for his breathing.”

“The doctor even said that it was necessary so that his work (the surgery) was not wasted, but they (doctors John and Castañón) insisted in sending him to that floor and that is what they did,” she said with her voice breaking up.

Concepción Morante said that she will not sign any hospital documents until the case of her son is investigated.


Man executed with AK-47 in La Paz

Translated by Fulano from an article in Colectivo Pericú.

La Paz, B.C.S. In the area were the incident occurred, in which a person was wounded by gunfire, there were 58 spent 7.62 cartridges left spread around on the right side of the vehicle which was strafed

As we reported a few moments earlier, the wounded man looked young, and died as he received first treatment at the Salvatierra Hospital, where there was nothing that could be done to save his life.

As can be seen in this photograph, the recent model Nissan Sentra, with license plates CZL 8459 with polarized windows, has about 30 bullet holes in the body, which coincides with what witnessed reported, saying they heard strafing.

No more data has been provided on the identity of the person who died, nor of the vehicle from which the shots were fired on calle Cabildo, between Juárez and Normal.


Arrest of Randy Mark Yager rattles the Rosarito real estate industry

Translated by Fulano from an article in Frontera.

ROSARITO, Baja California – In Rosarito, Randy Mark Yaker, one of the 15 most wanted men by the U.S. Marshals and his wife, Jessica Mary Dorian, passed themselves off as a respectable couple, composed of Steve and Margie Rothman, who worked in real estate and it was not until the State Preventative Police arrested them that their true identities were discovered along with their criminal links.

Wednesday, October 15, police agents arrested the individual, meanwhile his companion died as she was pursued by the police.

This notice rattled real estate agents, recalled Victor Loza, former state president of that group, who said that he met to couple in 2002, when they bought three homes and then rented out two of them to have income to live on.

He added that later Yager saw real estate as an opportunity to earn money and he worked in this activity, passing for an honest person.

“It was a huge disappointment,” he said, the couple had a good life in Rosarito because in addition to taking over homes of American owners who had died and whose properties were not claimed, which they rented out, if a relative showed up, they gave it to them without problems.

He said that the couple was very helpful, did not have problems with anyone and so they were never suspected of being bad people.

This event, he said, alerted the real estate companies, because the foreign community here is very large and they mix very well, so after six or seven months of living here they are unnoticed, to such an extent that nobody asks about their past.

In addition, as in the case of this couple, suspicions were diminished because they belonged to the Foot Printers Association, make of former American policemen who help with various tasks in the community.


Another American biker arrested in Rosarito with a gun and marijuana

Translated by Fulano from an article in Rosarito en la Noticia.

Rosarito, B.C.- George Vincent Spraggings Jr., 61 years old, was arrested at noon on Tuesday for beating his girlfriend, Sandra Hamilton, 60 years old, and also a biker.

Drunk with vodka, beer and marijuana, he also took a controlled sleep medication at night.

Several bags of marijuna and a .380 Baretta firearm with a magazine containing seven cartridges were found.

The protagonist of this reprehensible act is another American biker, who has only lived in Rosarito for two months, in Campo Alegre, after she left a rehabilitation center in Orange County, California.

The victim said that the arrested biker changed the title to a motor home she had recently purchased into his name, and had stolen her passport and the keys to her home. Continuing with her narrative, she said she did not want him in her home, as he did not work and only wanted to drink and this made him violent.

Also as a part of his very poor conduct, he hit the rear end of her pick up, a 2001 Tacoma that was parked in front of a space used to park two motorcycles and he also destroyed a Samsung 6 cell phone.

His criminal history was revealed an he and has spent two years in prison for domestic violence and violating a restraining order. Now the victim fears for her life after being beaten and threatened by the ex-convict.

He was remanded into custody by the federal public minister for carrying firearms and possession of marijuana.

It should be mentioned that Spraggings hid the marijuana bags in his girlfriend’s pick-up and she found it when the neighbors called the municipal authorities.


Mexican federal official arrested at Rosarito Beach Hotel for being drunk, not paying bill

Translated by Fulano from an article in Rosarito en la Noticias.

Rosarito, B.C. – For failure to pay the bill at the Rosa Rita karaoke bar in the Rosarito Beach Hotel, an influential federal legislative official, Adriana Cuevas Argumedo, 51 years old, will spend some time in jail.

According to the identification she showed, she is the communications coordinator of the Mexican Senate. She is in the municipal jail for refusing to pay her bill of 1,356.50 pesos, or $110 dollars, for alcoholic drinks.

The events transpired at 2:20AM, she was taken before the magistrate after resisting arrest, threatening to have the municipal police fired in front all, from the court coordinator to the lowliest car washer at the downtown police station.

She arrogantly screamed that she was being kidnapped, that she ran Mexico, and was kicking the bars of her cell. She said she would have the governor fired, and more seriously, accused the police of trying to rape her.

Even a few moments ago she had not stopped her threats, and because of her haughty and rude behavior, misconduct with authorities, drunkenness and trouble-making and for failure to pay her bill, she was sentenced to remain behind bars for 36 hours and fined 40 minimum salaries (about US$225).

It should be mentioned that her name can be found on the transparency page as Sub-director for Communication and Culture of the national commission.


Rosarito minor kidnapped, $3,850,000 ransom demanded

Translated by Fulano from an article in Rosarito en la Noticias.

Rosarito, B.C. – A student at Cobach Leyes de Reforma has disappeared. According to the municipal police, the mother of the 15 year old,  Lucia “N”, reported that her son, Alejandro “N,” had left their home at 7:15AM this Friday, along with the family driver, and headed to the school in a black Nissan Xterra.

After receiving a call from the Tijuana police, where they told her that her vehicle was found on a dirt road in Pórticos, and a Nextel radio was left inside, apparently forgotten.

The mother went to Cobach to see if her son was there, and was surprised to learn the child had not been to classes that day.

She said she was told by the Tijuana police to go to the border of Rosarito so as to interview her at a gas station, and she was escorted there.

Just as she picked up the Nextel radio, she received a call demanding 50 million pesos (US$3,850,000) for ransom for her kidnapped son.

The Tijuana municipal police took charge of the matter.


Woman in La Paz offers to exchange her 2-year daughter for a purse or evening dress

Translation by Fulano.

Girls I urgently need to sell or exchange this  baby. She is two years old and the reason why she is for sale is that she has ruined my life. Because of her, my husband left me, because both of us are white-skinned and unfortunately, she was born very fucking dark, like my asshole. My husband hit me and left me, alleging that this daughter is not his, that she was the neighbor’s who is a mulatto like that snot-nosed kid. Even in spite of the fact that rogue left me.

I cannot stand her anymore and if anybody wants her, I’ll exchange for an imitation MK purse or a dress to wear out to a nightclub…

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