Sex for Sea Cucumbers in the Yucatán

Translated by Fulano from an article in Diario de Yucatán.

SAN FELIPE, Yucatán – During the sea cucumber fishing season, in the camps were the echinoderm is processed, there is prostitution with women whose ages vary between 15 and 40 years, according to the people in the port.

The investigation about the sexual services offered by the women to the sea cucumber harvesters who live in the camps was investigated with San Felipe fishermen.

According to what they said, the camps fill with the arrival of woman, mainly cantina waitresses from Hunucma, Río Lagartos, Dzilam de Bravo, Valladolid, Tizimín and even Progreso, who in lieu of cash ask that they be paid with 10 kilos of sea cucumbers for each session.

In the afternoon, there are boatmen who bring the women to the camps. The services are offered in an improvised area among the mangroves.

According to a fisherman who was interviewed, sometimes the women take away up to 120 kilos of sea cucumber which they sell where they come from and earn almost 5,000 pesos (US$400) per day.



Scam to tourists in need of MEDICAL EMERGENCY services

Reposted from an entry in TripAdvisor.

Hospital hijacking….robbed while Paralyzed @ St. Lukes in San Jose Del Cabo.

My husband and I have been going to Mexico for 30 years and we had never heard of the One World/Saint Lukes Hospital or that they were notorious for ripping off their patients. Going to Mexico, primarily Baja Sur was not a new quest for us plus we’ve traveled a lot of the world without incident.

January, 2014 my husband was seriously injured in a surfing accident. Fortunately, a foreigner tourist who had first responder experience got my husband out of the water and brought him back to life with CPR. He was driven by ambulance to Saint Lukes Hospital in Todos Santos then to La Paz (where they did not have sufficient equipment to identify his injury). Instead of driving him straight to Los Cabos, they took him back to Todos Santos where the ignorant doctor sat him up in bed and declared there was nothing seriously wrong with him! (He had a spinal cord injury….he should have been stabilized the whole time!) Then the doctor on second thought said that maybe he should go to San Jose Del Cabo for further evaluation.

So at dusk we went for a 4th ambulance ride to One World/Saint Lukes Hospital in San Jose Del Cabo. (Mind you, none of these ambulances have seat belt and it’s a very rough ride for a spinal cord victim.)

We arrive at the hospital and they take the necessary measures to find out what was wrong and clear enough, he had a C2/C3 fracture. Initially the hospital staff said they would need to stabilize him and he would need to stay there at the hospital for four days. They also told me that I wouldn’t be able to get an air evacuation flight out until Tuesday and that weekends in Mexico were “damage control”. Anyway, during my husband’s stabilization period, I got approached by the staff several times that they would need my credit card in advance for their services – to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. (Mind you, I doubt your average Mexican citizen is hit up this hard at Saint Lukes!)

The following day, I was told by their medical team that my husband was getting worse and that they would have to do an operation in Cabo San Lucas. I immediately got on the phone with a family friend/neurosurgeon who highly advised against this treatment plan. He even spoke to the Mexican doctor on the phone and it was quite evident that the Mexican doctor was upset because the knowledgeable neurosurgeon from the United States disagreed with the Mexico prognosis.

At that moment I knew I could not wait a minute longer. I immediately began calling air ambulance companies from Tijuana and the United States. I was given quotes from $18K to $25K to get him out of there that very night. While I was on the phone, there was a man who had been lurking around Saint Lukes and he knew I was trying to coordinate a Medical Evacuation flight. Suddenly, this man Adrian tells me that he can get me a flight that night if I come up with $30K! I freaked out. I don’t have that kind of money. It was extortion, harassment and it was unethical and I told them we don’t treat people like that in our country even if they are illegal! You must allow my husband to go as he was in critical condition! I was so angry that I charged off to employ another service provider and he comes back to tell me that we can leave that night if I come up with $15,500. Even then, I didn’t have that kind of money because One World/Saint Lukes Hospital, Mario and his staff held us hostage for all the money we had the previous day!

Long story short, I had to borrow money from a family member to get my husband out that night. In addition to giving them $15,500 – I was forced into signing over billing rights to my insurance company to them. Conveniently, when I left the hospital they handed over the outrageous 20 page bill for Saint Lukes but conveniently left out the paperwork for the air ambulance. The air ambulance company told me they would be billing Blue Shield $30K (which I still thought was too much……but we were desperate!)

So, we took one last ambulance ride to the Mexican airport and as they were loading my ravaged husband into the plane (who was calling out in Spanish……”let’s go, let’s go”), I was sitting in the ambulance because I was freezing (I still had my clothes on from the beach from the day before) and the pilot and ambulance drivers and their helpers were all posing for photos in front of the plane and taking pictures with their i-phones – all the while my husband is screaming in pain in the back of the plane! It was insanity.

Fast forward: After a month stay at Sharp Hospital in San Diego my husband is still fighting the effects of his injury. I am grateful he is alive and we made it back to California.

The after-effects of the One World/Saint Luke Hospital experience aren’t over; the brutal harassment of their staff over money and the rip off air-evacuation company is long lasting. It has only just begun because I just recently found out this sketchy ambulance company is trying to bill my insurance for $300K – not $30K and when I contacted Mario about this, he told me he was not aware! This is simply not true. It was Mario and his henchmen that set this whole thing up. They are all in cahoots and grease each others palms. If you don’t believe me, read more about this hospital on Trip Advisor or the internet. They are notoriously crooked and there ain’t much anyone can do about it. It is even purported that Mario is a slow pay to his own doctors and that is why there is such a big turn-over of doctors in his hospital.

My advise: get medical air-evacuation insurance (always)!

Lastly, I would like to mention — it is a well-known fact to long time Baja residents and gringo publications that One World/Saint Lukes is not an honest organization. This does not stop any of these medias from accepting advertising from them. It’s pretty difficult to expose the crusty underbelly of the medical system in Los Cabos if they are paying you off.

When going to Mexico don’t be concerned about the cartel, banditos or cops wanting a little mordita, be vigilant about what YOU are going to do if you ever get injured in Los Cabos. Have a plan and if you should ever need a doctor quickly.

It was just a freak accident that initially left my husband totally paralyzed….he’s healing slowly now but it will be a very long road. Who’s to say if he will ever be 100% but thank goodness he never had that surgery in Mexico. The one “new” doctor at Saint Lukes did do one thing right and put him on IV steroids but he was also the same doctor that wanted to do the unnecessary surgery but the other doctor in Todos Santos not stabilizing him and sitting him up in bed most certainly could have caused more damage. What’s done is done, I just hope other travelers can learn from our ignorance and be warned.

Be vigilant, be aware and have a plan should ever need a doctor south of the border.


Transvestite attacks and robs American in Cabo San Lucas

Translated by Fulano from an article in Collectivo Pericú.

Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. – Municipal police officers on patrol downtown were approached early yesterday morning by a taxi driver who was carrying a foreigner, who said he was just attacked by a man wearing a short orange dress, along with three other subjects.

The victim identified himself as Jake Ekland, originally from Washington, who told the police that the transvestite approached him on calle Revolución, when suddenly three other subjects appeared, one of whom grabbed his neck while the feminine one took his wallet and then threw the empty wallet at his face and started running.

The police immediately started looking for the assailants, when they saw the hermaphrodite and arrested him and he was plainly identified by the foreigner as the person who took his wallet.

Upon being subdued and performing a body search, the homosexual took out 700 pesos in bills from his undergarments at his groin, in addition to a 10 peso coin.

The accomplices managed to flee.

For this reason the person in the short orange skirt was taken to the police station, who identified himself as Víctor Irving Martínez Hernández, 21 years old and originally from Veracruz.

He was put in the municipal jail under arrest file 47076, until the foreigner goes to the Public Minister to file a complaint.


Elderly American woman murdered in Cabo San Lucas

Translated by Fulano from an article in Peninsular Digital.

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur – Melissa Fairless, whose nude body was found Thursday afternoon in an dirt open space between the Casa Blanca and Iguanas subdivisions, in colonia Brisas del Pacifico, died from severe head trauma.

The first to arrive at the scene were municipal police, who interviewed her husband. The now widower told the patrolmen how upon returning to his home, after looking for his dog in the hills, he saw his wife was missing. So he started to look for her in the area, and in the brush near the subdivision, he found her dead.

Ministerial police investigators, experts and the public minister went to the nearby hill in the subdivision, where they found the body of the 63 year old foreigner, which was then taken to the district attorney’s offices for an autopsy, which determined the cause of death to be severe head trauma.

The state ministerial police indicated they are investigating and have implemented a special operation to find the persons responsible.


American dies in jetski accident in Mazatlán

Translated by Fulano from an article in

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A rare accident occurred at noon yesterday at sea off the beach area in front of the hotel Ramada, in the Golden Zone. Two tourists who were on jetskis hit head-on, after the carelessness of both.

One of them had the worst of it, as he was rescued from the waters in critical condition by boat operators who run parachute operations. Members of the Water Squadron reported that they went out 300 meters to sea to help the boat operators.

The tourist was rescued unconscious and was given first aid on land. When the paramedics from the Red Cross arrived, the victim still had vital signs. He was taken to a private hospital located on avenida Rafael Buelna, where at approximately 3PM, he died from an internal hemorrhage.

The visitor was from Washington state in the US and arrived aboard the Norwegian Star cruise ship. His name was Jimmy Jones, 60 years old.

Rescuers diagnosed he had probable fractured ribs, head trauma, and a two-inch wound to his right temple.

The person on the other jetski was uninjured.

People who were on the beach reported that the tourists were riding on the ocean on the jetskis without any problem. A few minutes before noon, a white helicopter with green stripes on the side descended to a few meters from the ocean, and inside a person was recording the tourist activities. Supposedly, the foreigners were making gestures with their hands to the people aboard the helicopter, and this caused a distraction.


Cartel members from Michoacán battle for Baja in the San Quintín Valley

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Mexicano.

SAN QUINTÍN.- A band of heavily armed subjects with AK-47 assault rifles, called “goat horns,” apparently from Michoacán, had a gun battle yesterday afternoon near colonia La Candelaria, in the Camalú district, against ministerial police agents. After the gunfight, where it was necessary to call the municipal police, ministerial police and Mexican Army, they managed to stop the suspects. It appears there were six of them who could be linked to the last murders in this part of the city.

Unofficially, it is known that the gun battle between the police and the armed men in colonia La Candelaria, in the Camalú district, happened at approximately 5PM, in a ministerial police operation headed by commander José Luis Mena Jaloma. When the suspects were told to stop as they appeared suspicious, they accelerated instead, and when they were some distance away they started to shoot at the police.

The police called for help from the municipal police in the Camalú, Vicente Guerrero and San Quintín districts, and the night was painted with the sounds of police sirens. In the beginning, it was reported that kilometers up the road, with the help of all the police groups, they managed to arrest seven suspects.

Unofficially it is known that they seized AK-47’s and a pistol from the armed men. Based on the actions of those arrested, an investigation was started immediately by the same public minister agent, and he was surrounded by patrol vehicles and Army all terrain vehicles to prevent any type of reprisals.

Hours later, almost as this edition was closing, it turned out that those arrested said they were originally from Michoacán and they were in the San Quintín valley to “clean-up” the territory so they could take over the area. In addition, it was learned that the men confessed to having participated in two murders, although the authorities have said nothing regarding that.


Cholos beat up deaf mute boy in Cabo San Lucas

Translated by Fulano from an article in Collectivo Pericú.

Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S.- The plague of cholos is out of control of the authorities and last night, once again, they had a pitched brawl where they beat a handicapped boy in colonia Lomas del Sol.

According to the municipality, they received a report through Central Command a little after 11PM, in which it was reported there was a street fight on calles Nebulosa and Nieves in colonia Lomas del Sol, near a laundry called Nohemí.

Upon arriving at the location, the saw a group of gangsters fighting, and when the gangsters saw the police they started running in different directions, some of them went into the homes of strangers to hide.

With the permission of the home owners, the police went inside to arrest them, but they jumped walls, which made their capture difficult.

However, Francisco, 14 years old, was arrested on the roof of one of the homes, and he had a red metal bat with black tape in his hands. Rigoberto, 16 years old, was caught was a machete with an orange handle, along with Raúl, who is 15 years old.

They were taken to the police station. All were residents of colonia Lomas del Sol.

It was learned that moments later a woman and her 14 year old son, named Juan Carlos, went to the police station in Sector 3 of the same colonia. Juan Carlos is a deaf mute and was beaten on different parts of his body, in addition to bleeding from his head.

The woman said that the adolescent had been attacked by a group of cholos and ran to his home.

For this reason, a Red Cross ambulance was called, and the paramedics examined the injured minor and determined it was not necessary to hospitalize him, and they treated him there. The mother remained to file a formal complaint with the Public Minister.


Three Mexican police arrested for robbing tourists in Guerrero

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Mexicano.

ZIHUATANEJO.- At a Ministerial and Federal police checkpoint, three preventative police officers who had outstanding arrest warrants were arrested for the crime of robbery and abuse of authority against Chinese tourists.

The arrest occurred yesterday near Plaza Kyoto, when the police ordered patrol vehicle PX-18 of the Municipal police to stop to review the names of the police on board.

During the review, it was corroborated that Abab Valdez, Abelardo Murga and a woman officer named Indalesia, had an arrest warrant for stealing 30,000 pesos (US$2,400) from some Asian tourists.

According to the information from the state police, the tourists filed a complaint after they were victims of the robbery last week while vacationing at this beach destination.

The police supposedly beat the foreign visitors and took their belongings.

The three police officers were taken to the ministerial police headquarters, supported by Navy personnel.


Spring Breaker murdered in Cancún

Translated by Fulano from an article in Union Cancun.

The Quintana Roo Attorney General closed Bar 11:11 in downtown Cancún, a site where last was seen alive an American tourist who came as a part of the Spring Break season to enjoy his vacation.

The daily newspaper Por Esto reported that the dead person found on a dirt road that leads to Punta Sam, is an American who had attended the well-known gay bar along with his brother.

As of the moment he is identified as Craig Taylor, a 22-year old student originally from the United States. It appears he was strangled to death.

Local news media reported a portion of the investigation, where the victim’s brother said they arrived together at the bar on Saturday night at Supermanzana 22 in Cancún.

After a few drinks, the asked for the check, which was “inflated” and they complained. As a result, the bartenders told them their credit card had disappeared and a fight started between the tourists and the Bar 11:11 personnel.

One of the brothers fled the location, and the other was found dead on Sunday among the brush near Punta Sam.

From the first, it was reported the body had strange marks and on his hand was a bracelet to show he had paid to enter the bar.

This Sunday and investigation was initiated and five employees of the bar were detained and the owner was identified as Claudia Leticia López Castro, after she resisted the closing of the bar.