Colorado woman, 24, raped in Cabo San Lucas

Translated by Fulano from an article in Collectivo Pericú.

San José del Cabo, B.C.S. – A foreign tourist named Jennifer, 24 years old, reported to the Muncipal Police that she was raped in the early hours of this morning.

The police received the report via radio at 2:30AM, and they went to the Royal Solaris Hotel, located in the tourist zone.

There they interviewed the head of security at the hotel and a supervisor, who helped interpret for the victim.

The tourist, originally from Colorado, was very upset and had bruises and scratches. She said that moments earlier she was with four people, and had remained with one of them.

This subject, whose description was not provided by the victim, was the one who carried out the sexual attack on Jennifer.

No suspects were found near to location, and the police suggested to the foreign visitor that she go to the Public Minister to file a complaint. She said she would.


Tijuana kidnap victim turned out to be wanted murderer in Los Angeles

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Mexicano.

TIJUANA.- Authorities rescued a man, who turned out to be a fugitive from justice in the United States, and also captured three of his kidnappers, reported the Chief of Police.

Agents from the State Preventative Police and Tijuana Municipal Police participated in the liberation of Noé Guadalupe Marrujo Quintero, 35 years old.

He was kidnapped by Ulises Uriel de los Santos Solís, 34; Jorge Figueroa Salgado, 59; and Pedro Ramírez Torres, 39 years old.

They had beaten their victim, who was kidnapped at 5:30PM on Monday, pushing him into a white van with California license plates.

The events happened on avenida Aquiles Serdán and calle Sexta in colonia Libertad. From there they took Marrujo Quintero to callejón Emiliano Zapata and calle Novena in Cañón Otay.

On the way, they changed to a blue Chevrolet Camaro, and there they hid him in a house, where he screamed for help.

The kidnappers were hidden under a large pile of clothing and the police seized a 9mm semi-automatic pistol, with three bullets, a .38 special revolver, an AR-15 rifle and a short wave radio.

The International Liaison Unit of the State Preventative Police asked for data on Noé when they learned he was deported from the United States.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reported the was a member of the Compton Trece gang, in addition to having an outstanding arrest warrant for rape and murder of his step-daughter, who was 2-1/2 years old.

In addition, in 1999, he was arrested in San Diego, California under the name Christian Quintero, but was freed on bail.

He is also known by the name José Jesús Marrujo, and the nicknames of “El Triste” or “Lonely Boy.”

The fugitive was remanded to the federal authorities, meanwhile the other presumed criminals were placed at the disposition of the Public Minister for kidnapping.


Los Zetas kidnap and “sell” women in Tamaulipas, Mexico

Translated by Fulano from an article in Reporteros Blogspot.

Ciudad Victoria – Betzi Gabriela Rodríguez was 15 years old and had a desire to join the Mexican Federal Police. Her dream turned into a nightmare when she was kidnapped by organized criminals, and it ended when a soldier assassinated her with seven bullets.

Betzi Gabriela was in the 9th grade at middle school. She had a scholarship, thanks to her good grades, her grade average was 9.2 and she lead the school honor guard, which was recognized by officers of the 8th Military Zone, based in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

Last March 10 the tragedy started. That day, in front of the eyes of startled neighbors, she was kidnapped by a group of presumed “Zetas” as she was walking on a street in colonia Horacio Terán in this capitol.

Witnesses told Betzi’s relatives of the kidnapping, and they filed a complaint at the Prime Agency of the State Public Minister.

The search for Betzi, which started at that same time by authorities and friends and relatives of the girl, ended 10 days after the kidnapping. The adolescent had remained all that time in two safe houses, together with other minors who were also kidnapped by an organized crime group that controlled Ciudad VIctoria: Los Zetas. The tragedy of the young girl continued when her kidnappers decided to take her to another safe house outside the capitol. She was put into an automobile guarded by for hitmen. The vehicle headed for the highway that goes to Monterrey, when it met a military roadblock outside the city.

The occupants ignored the order to stop from the soldiers and fled towards the highway. They were pursued by two military patrols which was made up of soldiers from the 8th Military Zone, and two more municipal police patrols.

The pursuit lasted for 12 kilometers, until one of the patrols crashed into the Zetas’ automobile and it crashed beside the highway across from an orange juice processor.

One of the criminals left the car and started to run. He was able to flee, in spite of the fact the soldiers had shot him in a leg. Then, Lieutenant César Eleuterio Chávez Soto, who led the mobilization, approached the criminal’s auto and shot up the occupants who were still inside. Betzi Gabriela was laying outside, but with one leg trapped by the Tsuru. The officer shot her seven times, with one bullet to the head.

After that, the soldiers manipulated the scene, including contaminated the girls hand with gunpowder.

One day later, Betzi’s family was called by the Public Minister to report the death of their daughter.

Investigations carried out by the Army as a result of the crime, uncovered that Betzi was not the only girl kidnapped during that time.

An official source that requested anonymity revealed to this weekly that throughout the last year, Los Zetas had been kidnapping young women, adolescents and even girls, who were “sold” for sex on repeated occasions, mainly among truck drivers who traveled the Tamaulipas highways.

The practice had become common in the two main territories controlled by Los Zetas in Tamaulipas: Ciudad Victoria and Nuevo Laredo. On the border city, the problem has reached such startling levels that parents are taking their daughters out of schools.

Those parents with resources or relatives in Texas send their daughters to study there.


Body of American Lyle Alton Renner who died in La Paz has been “lost”

[Fulano’s comment: This is the sad story of an elderly American named Lyle Alton Renner, from Oregon, who fell in love with a young Mexican girl, and sent her money from his meager savings to build a home so they could live together in Baja California Sur. When he arrived to see his new home, he found it was all a fraud: no girl, no home. Old and broke, he stayed with a Mexican friend in La Paz and drank himself to death. The State Attorney General then managed to lose his body (probably sold for a few pesos to a medical school, as there are many Americans with no family who come down there to die and their bodies go unclaimed.)]…cia/135734

La Paz, Baja California Sur -. The Attorney General of the State (PGJE) misplaced the body of an American citizen, named Lyle Alton Renner, born in South Dakota on March 11, 1935. After he died on 21 November this year at the Specialty General Hospital Juan Maria de Salvatierra, his friend sought to give him a burial, but after a series of supposed bureaucratic transfers of the body, prosecutors lost the deceased.

Lyle lived in Oregon, and was one of those snow birds coming down to the original California to spend the cold weather. For several seasons he rented a space from Mr. Mario Cesar Fuentes Telechea, and over the years they became friends. In the winter of 2012, things were a little different, because Lyle confessed to Mario of falling in love with a girl that helped with the cleaning. The man told his friend he would return in 2013, but would now live out his last years in a home that his fiance would construct with the money he sent during the year from his pension.

Upon returning to Mexico this year, he learned it was all an illusion. Lyle Alton found that he had been scammed. There was no house in La Paz, no money and, of course, no woman, so he moved in with his only Mexican friend for help. Lyle said he had no more financial resources, just a few dollars in a savings account, so without hesitation Mario Cesar Fuentes Telechea welcomed him into his home.

After a few weeks, in which the American did not stop drinking, his health, along with his mood, began to decline dramatically. He lived with Mario César, or “mister clean”, as he called him. One day when Mario returned from work, he found Alton Renner had fainted on the floor. He had fallen and was unconscious. The doctor told Mario, since Lyle did not speak Spanish, that the health of his friend was extremely critical. He was diagnosed with not having much time to live, because his liver was “destroyed”. After that one fall there was another, it had been less than a week, when trying to move from the couch in front of the TV to a chair, he had a new accident, which caused injuries to the forehead and upper lip, then he slammed his face against the rocking chair. That day was November 21. Lyle entered the hospital and did not come out alive.

“This year came, and came bad. With the problems with the girl, he went downhill, morale and all. When he came to me I put him in his little room and all, but he could not get back up, it was downright ugly […] Whatever happens, the doctor told me, call me and I will help you […] He fell here, and struck the chair, and I saw he was very hurt because his arm was bruised, then it turned black, I think something inside broke when he fell, and I was startled and I took him to the hospital and he never left. He arrived at the hospital at eight o’clock, and at twelve they told me he was going to die.”

This is when the process of trying hard to provide a proper burial for Lyle Alton started. Telechea Fuentes contacted the Renner family to inform them of the news, but the family of the American said the old man planned to die in Mexico, and they did not have enough money to travel to the Peninsula and take charge of the expenses. The Mexican consulate made the same communication and received the same answer, and froze his foreign accounts, which had about 16,000 pesos, and then gave the responsibility to Fuentes Telechea to bury him. Being his friend, he do not hesitate to pick up the body from the hospital and take him to the cemetery to be buried under a tombstone with his name, and not in a common grave. But, the hospital released the body to the public minister, where, after more than a week of visits and postponed appointments to have them deliver the remains, they confessed that just after Lyle’s body had arrived, it was taken without authorization, by unknown persons to an unknown destination, perhaps to an anonymous grave or study campus.

“The consulate said, look, his relatives do not want anything to do with him, he told them he was going to die in La Paz, so now how are we going to proceed?, They told me that as the family had no money to take the body, that if I could, that I could take care of him, and I said, oh yes, I wanted to bury him the next day, but that you would not let me [… ] I went to Salvatierra on 25 November and they told me, go ahead, take him, we are used to not having anyone come for the Americans who come here to die, ‘we just grab them and we put them down a well’ […] I put my name on a paper and I was handed the death certificate, I went home, and as soon as I arrived they called me from the hospital to bring back the death certificate. I returned and they behaved differently and they took back the death certificate that very same day, saying that they were going to ask the government for a burial plot. When I returned on Tuesday November 26, the body had been sent to prosecutor number 8 […] On Friday 29, the lawyer, América Lagos, of the public prosecutor’s office, told me ‘do not worry, the body is not leaving here.’ I told her it seemed like a joke to her, the way she spoke about my friend, and I was upset, she said ‘as for this worm-eaten body’, no body leaves here without permission, so I must trust her[…] I went back for several days and they always turned me away, saying to come back tomorrow. It was on Friday, December 6, and with a smile on her face, she told me ‘excuse me, but the body was buried on the 26th.’ What?, I said, ‘Yes, it was buried on the 26th. The same day that the hospital brought the body here it disappeared, taken away, it was stolen, she told me.”

Now Mr. Fuentes Telechea wonders where is the body of his friend, who he has been trying to bury since November 21, so it can finally rest in peace. I blame public ministers for being ignorant, arrogant and pushy, but mostly inept, and I am hoping that at some time the remains of American citizen Lyle Alton Renner reappear.

“I have not slept in fifteen days, I can not sleep. I do not know where my friend is, I do not know where he is. And he was my friend, he was not an animal or a thing, he was my friend. I want to know where he is.”


New Rosarito police chief finds a mess and corruption

Translated by Fulano from an article in Ecos de Rosarito.

Smelly offices, accumulations of garbage everywhere, C2 inoperative, poor quality computer equipment still in packages and disorganized files and uniforms piled on the floor, are just some of the mess that Captain Jorge Eduardo Montero Álvarez found upon his arrival at Police Headquarters.

As he passed by every one of the offices that make up Police Headquarters, he found filth, a mess, dampness and a gloomy and discouraging environment which reflects the neglect and lack of interest of the former police commanders.

He did not find one clean and orderly corner. No even the offices of the former chief of police, Francisco Castro Trenti, which were damp and with worn paint on the walls.

In touring the installations, the acts of corruption and abuse which the mess suggests are astounding. And one cannot grasp the idea that a chief of police could carry out his assignment in such dirty and disorderly conditions.

It is only enough to enter the control center, called C2, to have an idea of the magnitude of police disorder and corruption.

Equipment for monitoring and municipal video surveillance, comprised of seven large screens and radio communication equipment are abandoned and inoperative.

Equipment for monitoring and municipal video surveillance, announced by the administration of former mayor Javier Robles Aguirre, that was never implemented, in spite of the large investment in video surveillance cameras installed in the streets.

An investment of thousands of pesos, that to Jorge Eduardo Montero Álvarez, was just a waste of public money, only to benefit certain officials and their friends, as there was no clarity in the assignment of the service.

Something more delicate was found when entering the police holding cells, that once were what the Tijuana news media named “karaoke,” because they published that in them they made those arrested “sing”. The surveillance cameras were covered with old rags to hide what happened to some detainees, those who suffered and complained during the administration of Francisco Castro Trenti. Now he is the deputy attorney for human rights in the coastal zone.

But the filth found by Jorge Eduardo Montero Álvarez in the police department is not just limited to garbage and a physical mess. The largest contamination was found in the police officers who let the work ethics of the former chief influence the way they work.

The reports are very clear and apparent: The municipal police department is plagued with vice and corruption. It is not the same department he left three years ago.

And even where there are still some police officers who had his confidence during his last administration, he will have to submit them to tests of control and confidence to again have confidence in them.

Montero goes after extortion and police collection quotas

For the time being, he has started his first actions which are precisely focused on vindicating the Rosarito municipal police. He has prohibited the motorcycle police from giving tickets to motorists.

He has limited their assignments to traffic control, school safety, citizen orientation and recommendations to the people.

This is, “because we have information that the motorcycle police are abusing the people. Now we are adding to the patrols,” he said.

This instruction was also given to the police on patrol, who can only issue tickets for major infractions, such as speeding, driving under the influence or parking in handicapped spaces.

For minor infractions, they must limit themselves to urging the people to drive carefully and make recommendations. As a part of the renovation of the police image, all the police were instructed to wear the new style uniforms, as many were still using the old ones.

They were also instructed to remove the window tinting from the patrol vehicles that were placed during the administration of Francisco Castro Trenti.

Montero Álvarez removed the first window tint himself, as a message of the transparency and the promise with the Rosarito citizens.


Crime has increased in Mulegé

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Sudcaliforniano.

Mulegé, Baja California Sur.- Since the arrival of the new commander of the State Ministerial Police in this city, robberies have increased 90 percent in the neighborhoods, meanwhile at the harbor, fisherman complain of the continuing theft of their fishing equipment and in the business section of the city such is the order of the day. While the municipal and state police departments “sleep the dream of the just,” the criminals have taken over the city.

The crime wave which has clothed the city has touched almost all the citizens in this municipal seat in one form or another. Be it a friend, relative or neighbor, for the most part these cases are not reported due to the lack of confidence they have in the ministerial authorities.

The weekend before last, a group of thieves visited the Progreso bar twice, right in downtown, and they took plasma screen televisions, crates of beer, bottles of tequila and whisky, among other things. Last Saturday the same thieves had the nerve to break in to the offices of Section 118, which is beside Progreso bar, and the thieves took a Mini Sprint, a computer printer, several valuable objects and a woman thief had the urge to defecate inside leaving a “souvenir” for the union directors. The criminals destroyed the entrance door to the office and had all the time in the world for their criminal activities.

The most serious, warned the citizens, is that when they come to file any kind of complaint, the authorities at the state attorney general do not investigate the crimes, and three months can pass without the ministerial police investigators interviewing the suspects of any crime.


American kidnapped and held for ransom in Cancún

Translated by Fulano from an article in Proceso.

CANCÚN, Quintana Roo – José Ramirez, a 72-year old American athlete who participated last weekend in the Fifth Edition of the Cozumel Ironman, was the victim of a virtual kidnapping by a subject who identified himself as a member of Los Zetas, reported the state judicial police.

According to the director of the Northern Zone police, Marco Antonio Sánchez, the sportsman was rescued this afternoon, after being the victim of a virtual kidnapping on midnight last Sunday, when he finished the Ironman 2013 competition.

According to the official, the athlete was staying at the hotel Flamingos, located on calle 6 norte, between avenida Rafael E. Melgar and Quinta Avenida, when around midnight on December 1, he was contacted by a person with a male voice.

The subject said he was a member of the armed group Los Zetas from a cell phone with a Tamaulipas prefix.

The criminal threatened the athlete and told him to leave the hotel where he was staying and go to another, in addition to giving him instructions to purchase a prepaid phone with a Cozumel prefix.

The supposed Zeta threaten Ramírez, as well as his family, with death in case he did not follow the instructions.

As the criminal ordered, the athlete went to the other hotel and he gave them the phone number of his wife in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Immediately, the subject contacted the athlete’s family, and initially demanded the sum of $10,000.

However, the sportsman negotiated with the criminal and finally deposited 14,000 pesos (US$1,125) in 14 different bank accounts from the Scotiabank branch on the island.

The deputy director of the Judical Police, Sánchez Sánchez, reported that the sportsman’s family contacted US authorities after the threat.

The official said that the FBI in the US coordinated with the state Attorney General to address the matter.

The athlete was found this Tuesday around 4PM, completely safe and with only emotional effects from the situation.

It was stated that Judicial Police officers carried out a search operation in all the hotels in the city, after determining the athlete had not left the island.

Upon leaving the hotel where he was staying since November 27, Ramírez went to hotel Kary. There he remained Monday, and today in the morning he changed to hotel Pepita, all in downtown Cozumel.

José Ramírez, originally from Puerto Rico and living in the United States, has competed five times in the Ironman in different cities, but this is the first time he competed in Cozumel.

He is a retired New York police officer, and since his retirement he participated in triathlons.

In Sunday’s competition, he crossed the goal line in second place in his category of 70 to 77 year olds.

This is the second case, in less than three days, that tourists who visited Quintana Roo were victims of crime.

In Cancún, last weekend, two municipal transit police were arrested on the highway to Playa del Carmen for extorting two tourists


Trannies rob American tourist in Mexico City

Translated by Fulano from an article in Diario Repuesta

Behind bars of the Municipal Police were placed two transvestites Thursday morning, after taking 2,000 pesos from a foreign tourist on calle 12 and avenida 10 in colonia Centro.

It was 6AM yesterday, Thursday, when the foreign tourist, who said his name is Donald Patrick, 38 years old, and originally from the United States, ended the party together with his friends in a discotheque on calle 12 and Quinta Avenida, on colonia Centro.

He was heading for his apartment which was a block from the location, but upon passing calle 12 and avenida 10 north on colonia Centro, he was detained by two transvestites who without his permission, started caressing him on different parts of his body and one of the transvestites offered to perform oral sex.

But the tourist, who was drunk, let them continue the caresses, thinking that they would finish what they had proposed to do. But minutes later he felt that one of them had taken his wallet and left him, disappearing down the street. Upon seeing this, the other one also left him, taking 2,000 pesos in cash and two credit cards. Upon seeing this, the tourist reported it to the municipal authorities.

Minutes later the police arrived at the location, at calle 8 and avenida 10 norte, where the victim was and he described the transvestites to them and they started a search, finding them on calle 12 and Quinta Aveinda in the same colonia. They said their names were Adrián de Jesús Escobar, 23 years old and Erik Torres del Campo, 19. They are originally from Chiapas, and where clearly identified by the tourist, so they were taken to police headquarters and put behind bars for the crime of robbery.