Dying in Mexicali

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Mexicano

dying in mexicaliby Víctor Islas Parra

MEXICALI.- In front of the apathetic view of thousands of people and forgotten by the authorities, laying on the sidewalk, an individual waits for death just one block from the Government Center and a few yards from one of the busiest intersections in Mexicali, at Calafia and Independencia.

Without the energy to get up, the man shakes and babbles. Rescuers from the Red Cross arrived at the location with gloves and masks, but they limited themselves to looking at him and left him there.

Isidro Olvero, from the town of Tecolotes in the Mexicali Valley, is one of the many homeless who swarm in the Civic Center. He would be between 40 and 45 years old.

There are thousands of people who see him laying next to an OXXO from their urban buses and automobiles; the pedestrians go around him.

Guadalupe Jáuregui Sandova, an OXXO employee, told El Mexicano that the man has been laying on the sidewalk about one week. She bathed him yesterday when she left work. “He is not an animal, he is a human being, it is unjust that he lays here in this condition,” she said.


Only 17 and he already killed 9 people

Translated by Fulano from a news article in El Mexicano

TIJUANA – “El Morrito,” 17 years old and he has already killed nine people in the last few months in Tijuana. His last victim is a young drug dealer in an rival group, said Abel Galván Gallardo, head of the Deputy Prosecutor Against Organized Crime in the State Attorney General’s office.

Tijuana municipal police arrested him last Saturday night, after a report of a person being murdered inside the “La Ruta” bar, located on calle Sexta (Sixth Street) in downtown Tijuana.

His name in Antonio, although in the street drug world in Tijuana, he is only known for his nickname, according to what he told Ministerial police agents from the Homicide Unit.

He was captured together with an adult identified as “El Chapito,” but not the El Chapito who operates in the Eastern part of the city, but the one who distributes the drug crystal in the Zona Norte of Tijuana, said Galván Gallardo.

This night, the police seized a .45 caliber and 9 millimeter pistol, which they had used in 10 murders. The minor said that he was directly involved “in eight, probably,” plus the murder in the bar.

The murders “were this year and in 2012,” he said.

The minor and “El Chapito,” were inside the bar when they shot the owner’s son, Ismael Valle, 25-years old, who died while another person was wounded by a bullet.

The dead man was “part of a band of small time drug distributors (in the Eastern part of the city) and those arrested are in a rival band,” said Galván Gallardo.

Ismael Valle was in a group led by a man called “El Atlantis,” said the official.

As to “El Morrito,” due to his age, he was sent to the Public Prosecutor for Adolescents, meanwhile the adult is in the La Mesa prison and is awaiting trial before a criminal judge.