American killed in downtown Tijuana

Carlo Arturo Ochoa, 28 years old, and originally from the United States was murdered on the sidewalk in front of the Black Bull bar on calle Ocho, between Constitución and Revolución, last Sunday around noon. Tijuana police captured the three aggressors, identified as Nicolás Uriel Solórzano Martínez, Rodolfo Becerra Cortinas and José de Jesús Leal Gallardo, 27, 39 and 33 years old, respectively. They all worked as bodyguards at a nightclub named “La Ferretería” on calle Sexta.

According to the story related by the attackers, they went to the Black Bull bar after their shift as security guards at “La Ferretería” where the became drunk and argued with their victim. They became enraged when Carlo Arturo Ochoa shouted, “Up with Tijuana!” when they were shouting, “Up with the Barrio!” They followed him outside and shot him five times in the back.

All three of the murderers had been deported from the United States, where one has a criminal record for robbery and violence.

Staff from the US Consulate in Tijuana confirmed that Carlo Arturo Ochoa was originally from the United States, as well as reporting that they are in contact with his relatives, to whom they sent their official condolences.


Fulano goes to the dentist

Although Fulano rags on about Mexico all the time, there is actually one thing — and only one thing — worth taking a trip to Mexico for: dental work. Dental work in Mexico is the same quality as in the US, at a fraction of the cost. However, there is no need to move to Mexico for dental work. Why buy a cow when the price of milk is so cheap? One can jump across the border for dental work. Follow Fulano, who woke up with a sore tooth this morning.

About two months ago, Fulano was eating a salad and bit into a stone, cracking his molar. It didn’t hurt or bother Fulano, so he forgot about it…. until this morning, when Fulano woke up with a sore tooth. Fulano jumped into the car and headed for Tijuana, and Fulano’s dentist.

Fulano parked at the closest parking lot to the border. $7 for 10 hours. This is a good lot, it is as close as you can get to the border, and the freeway on ramp heading back North is only 1/2 block away.

The new pedestrian entrance into Tijuana is on the East side of the freeway, right where the trolley car line ends. This is what the sign pointing the way looks like.

Beyond those turnstyles is Mexico.

The BajaNomads pay $5 dollars for a cab ride to downtown Tijuana from the pedestrian entrance. But they are Mexico experts who don’t associate with Mexicans. Fulano took the collectivo cab along with four other Mexicans to the corner of Tercera and Constitución for 10 pesos. That’s PESOS, about 75 cents.

Fulano’s dentist said, “Fulano, lo siento, but you need a root canal with a post and a crown.” The total cost of a root canal on a back molar (three roots) a carbon fiber post and a crown will be $640 dollars. The same procedures 10 miles north of the dentist’s chair in San Diego runs from $2,500 to $3,500. That’s DOLLARS.

Fulano’s dentist preps the tooth and then sends him three blocks away to the endodontist, Dr. Gallegos. Along the way to the endodontist, Fulano passes a man who caked himself in mud and stands like a statute.

Walking down Avenida Revolución, Fulano passes a political statement on a trash can. The sticker says, “ballot box.” 😀

Arriving at the office of Dr. Gallegos, he greets Fulano and gets to work. The whole root canal procedure and carbon fiber post took one hour and was painless. Dr. Gallegos speaks fluent English.

It was a nice day, sunny but not too warm, so Fulano decided to walk back to the border. Here are the homeless, drug addicts and recently deported living in the Tijuana River channel. This is right behind the new El Chaparral border crossing.

Here’s a group on the opposite bank of the river. I think they are having a union meeting.

This used to be the first shopping area tourists passed through when walking across the border when the pedestrian entrance was on the West side of the freeway. It did some good business, but then the crime stopped the tourists and it lost a lot of business. Then they moved the pedestrian entrance to the East side of the freeway, thereby cutting off what little tourist traffic there was and drove a stake thorough the heart of this shopping center. It is totally dead now.

The pedestrian line to cross back north at mid-afternoon. This part of the line is actually headed away from the border, which is behind the camera, and then loops back towards the border. It took 1-1/2 hours to cross back!!