Michelle Malkin Has a Stalker

Yes, she does. His real name is Jihad Ezziddine Salman, a 58-year old immigrant from Aley, Lebanon. Mr. Salman is known to use many internet identities to mask his identity. Posting as a “Jay Garcia” from Moreno Valley, California, he taunted Ms. Malkin with this hate mail post on her website:

from Jay Garcia monger600@yahoo.com
to writemalkin@gmail.com
date Tue, May 18, 2010 at 2:52 PM
subject A Fan with a question
Dear Michelle Malkin

What’s up with all your racist rants against Latinos?

I every so often will look at your blog to see what up with the fringe element from the right, and you do seem to have your pulse on what’s going on with the “teabaggers” and the extremist right-wingers in the Republican party.( hell are there any moderates left in the republican party?)

I get a kick reading your right-wing blog and love it when they quote that dumb shit Sarah Palin. Is there anybody more stupid then her? Perhaps Michele Bachmann? I just love the rising stars in the GOP Palin/Bachmann 2012! Of course I don’t think they are racist enought so perhaps they could hire you Michele as their mouth piece. Of course that’s only when you aren’t sucking dicks of the religious right gun toting assholes in the republican party?

But lately when I turn to your blog to see what’s up with the fringe right. I see almost nothing but racist rants about Latinos, and how they are all gang bangers, criminals, drunks and child molesters who are a danger to the good white citizens of the USA.

You got a lot of nerve Michelle. What makes you think your so special Michelle? Have you looked in the mirror Michelle? Because the pictures I have seen of you. You look like a filipina cunt whore! What did Adam Carolla say about your Motherland? That’s right he said that country has nothing going for it except sex tourism and praying to chicken bones.

Yeah sucking “teabagger” cock is all you are good for Michelle and writing in your stupid blog. You think ‘Fox News” will ever hire a bitch like you? Nah, they might use you for a cock tease once in awhile but because your not white they won’t hire you. Hell your not even a real Asian Michelle. What are you a Pacific Islander? But who really gives a shit? Suck Bill O’Reilly cock maybe he”ll let you guest host more?

So go on Michelle with all your racist rants. But remember one thing: Those racist white-wingers you are trying so hard to please with you racist rants think slut right-wing whores like you aren’t their equal, but that you are no better than the Blacks, Latinos, and Muslims that you love to bash. The only reason why they pretend to listen to you is because filipina whores are among the cheapest whores in the world who often take it up the ass for no extra charge.

But hey thanks Michelle for keeping me up to date what the crazed right-winger are thinking about.

Your friend Jay. 

How Mr. Salman’s true identity was discovered was fate. On another internet blog hosted by the author, Mr. Salman began posting the same hate-ridden comments and spewing his screed, this time he used the alias, “JoeJustJoe.” However, when seeking some information about a person who was murdered in Tijuana, he posted that his email address was monger600@yahoo.com.  It took no time at all to connect “JoeJustJoe” with the “Jay Garcia” who wrote Michelle Malkin. The email addresses were identical.

I dutifully reported on my blog that the “Jay Garcia” who wrote the scathing, racist, vulgar email to Michelle Malkin was the very same person posting as “JoeJustJoe”.  Mr. Salman, posting as “JoeJustJoe”, also posted many long-winded comments that said he ran an Internet forum known as TJAmigos.com, a message board dedicated to prostitution in Tijuana,. While, it was later determined this boast was untrue, he was in fact an active poster on the TJAmigos.com forum, posting with the alias “Rodrigo,” in addition to many others.

After this author reported that the “Jay Garcia” who lambasted Michelle Malkin was also “JoeJustJoe,” Mr. Salman was kind enough to confess to writing that letter with this post on TJAmigos.com under his alias of “Rodrigo”:

Posted 23 August 2010 – 12:32PM

Here is a link to the email that I once sent to Michelle Malkin after I was getting tired of reading here always bashing undocumented Mexicans as all criminals, and therefore painting all Mexicans as criminals. Again, now I’m sorry I did that, because it’s not who I am, and not what I usually do especially to people I don’t really know or have any interaction with. But I won’t apologize to Michelle Malkin or anybody else for what I did…


Well, Mr. Salman says that “it’s not who I am.” Actually, that is exactly who he is. Mr. Salman has a long history of posts on TJAmigos.com making the exact same racist and misogynistic comments about Ms. Malkin. Here are just a few of his posts over the years, there are dozens of them:

So, how does one determine that a person using the name “Jay Garcia” and who says he is from Moreno Valley, California is really Jihad E. Salman? Well, for one thing, Mr. Salman uses both of those names in his everyday business affairs, and they are cross-referenced.

It turns out that Mr. Salman once had a long-term relationship with a woman named Nancy Garcia, and Mr. Salman still jointly owns a home in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles with Ms. Garcia. They also have a son together, who is now in college. In order to
hide his identity as an Arab immigrant from Lebanon, Mr. Salman is known to tell people he associates with that he is a Mexican-American, born in East Los Angeles. He uses the names Jay E. Salman and Jay Garcia. Although it is not his legal name, he has even purchased real estate properties under the name Jay E. Salman. His California Real Estate Salesman license lists his name as “Jay Jihad E. Salman.”

A private investigator questioned Mr. Salman’s coworkers at a used car sales lot where he worked in Baldwin Park to confirm this identity.

Mr. Salman’s history since he immigrated to the United States in the 1970’s is undistinguished. He graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), with a  Bachelors of Science – Structural Engineering in June 1978. He graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) with a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering – Construction in June 1980. After graduation, he spent the next six years working in Saudi Arabia for the company owned by the family of Osama Bin Laden. That was his longest continuous stretch of employment.

Salman returned to the United States in 1986 where he held a series of jobs in construction management, before forming his own company to develop a small housing tract in the Moreno Valley. After the housing bubble burst, he has devoted his time to buying cheap foreclosed properties and renting them. He uses his connections in the larger Arab community in the Los Angeles area to get the equity needed to purchase the homes. He sometimes initially acquires title to the properties in the name of his wholly-owned corporation, Adico, Inc. Adico, Inc. has been suspended by the State of California, and it is illegal for it to conduct any business transactions. Nonetheless, Mr. Salman continues to use the suspended corporation for real estate acquisitions.

Back on TJAmigos.com, Mr. Salman’s internet home base, he regales the other posters with fantastic stories of his weekly forays into Tijuana — where prostitution is legal – telling tall tales of his many liaisons with Mexican prostitutes, both female and male. In his many postings, he often fantasizes about becoming a “padrote” ( a pimp) in Tijuana, running a stable of outcall girls for American customers who cross the border. He even fantasizes about having Michelle Malkin in his haram of outcall girls based in Tijuana.

About two years ago, Mr. Salman alighted on another Internet forum called BajaNomad.com, a message board dedicated to travelers to Baja California and North Americans who live there. He took up residence on BajaNomad.com and, protected by the website’s owner, Douglas C. Means, commenced his never-ending attacks against Jews, Mormons, homosexuals, Conservatives and whomever crossed his path or dared to disagree with him. While many posters on BajaNomads who opposed Mr. Salman’s screed were summarily banned from the message board by Mr. Means, Mr. Salman continues to spew his venom.