Good Samaritans rousted by Baja cops, so they pack up and go home

[Fulano translated this from an article in El Sudcalifornio, a Baja California Sur newspaper.]

Ciudad Constitución, Baja California Sur., March 12, 2012 РLast Friday, around 3PM, a group of masked police headed by Guillermo Zamudio arrived at San Juanico in three vehicles which had no license plates. One was a grey van, another a grey Sentra and also a white RAM four-door pick-up.

They committed a series of abuses in San Juanico, performing three searches without a search warrant issued by a judge. Additionally, they violently entered a home where there were 10 good Samaritan doctors and their families who had just arrived from Santa Barbara and San Diego to provide free medical consultations to residents of the communities of San Juanico and Cadejé.

It was a nightmare the families of the doctors endured that afternoon. Among them was the well known dental medical surgeon John Grube, personal friend of President Barack Obama. After the masked police who were porting long arms left, the next day early in the morning the doctors decided to leave, and said they will not be back for a long time. They further confirmed that the recommendations made by American authorities about the climate of insecurity in various states of Mexico were true.

Also on that same afternoon last Friday at the beach, the arrogant state policemen detained well-known American businessmen who have lived more than 15 years in San Juanico. They kept them lying on the ground, face down, and at gunpoint for more than 30 minutes without any motive.

A woman who works as a cleaning worker for the American businessman, who did not want to give her name for fear of reprisals, was also taken together with her two daughters, one a 9-year old minor. She still has not recovered from the nightmare of seeing the husband of her pregnant sister beaten. One of the arms carried by the police had the initials FND on it.

Saturday night in Ciudad Constitucion, several drivers on Bulevar Olachea were violently pulled from their vehicles, and it is unfortunate that the local authorities were not aware of the presence nor the abuses committed by the group of state policemen.

In his campaign, current state governor Marcos Covarrubias assured that these types of operations would not be tolerated. It appears that the high command of the police continue committing abuses and violating human rights, affecting innocent people.

Link to article in Spanish.