BajaNomads: What Lies Beneath – McFez/Yankeeirishman

There are some good, honest and sincere people who hang out on the BajaNomad message board. Unfortunately, there are also some not-so-good people there too. The dregs of humanity: lunatics, crooks, druggies, perverts, paranoid schizophrenics, psychopaths, sociopaths, alcoholics, senile old farts, pedophiles and plain weirdos. Even more unfortunate is that the person who runs the forum cannot differentiate the good from the bad. Or, maybe that is by design. I don’t know. Even worse than the forum moderator’s inability to sort it all out, is that many innocent readers don’t know what lies beneath. They sometimes get caught unaware in the riptide.

McFez/Yankeeirishman – Short in stature, long on lies

McFez’s real name is Dean Fesler and he is 58 years old. His middle name is probably “fuck-up.” Deno seems to slide from one disaster to another. He talks a lot on BajaNomad about what a great guy he is, the reality is far different. In Spanish he would be called a “moroso,” which is how you say “deadbeat”.

Going back to 1995 in San Francisco, we see Deno in court two times in two years. The first time was for an unlawful detainer action brought by his landlord for failure to pay rent. The second time was a civil lawsuit for money Deno owed to Mark I. Chester for $5,000. Chester won a judgment in court in 1996. Did Deno pay? Hell no. Chester went back to court 10 years later in 2005 and had the judge reaffirm the judgment. By then Deno owed $9,700 with all the interest that was accruing. It’s been 16 years and Deno has still not paid the court-ordered judgment.

That is not the only bill our big man does not pay. Last year Capital Bank One sued Deno in Superior Court of Sacramento County for unpaid credit card bills.

Between 1972 and 2010, Deno shows up as a defendant in six separate civil lawsuits in Sacramento County and another two lawsuits in San Francisco County. Additionally, the State of California has filed two separate income tax liens on our hero in the last year:

Enough of the little peccadilloes, let’s move on to the bigger things. Dean Fesler has two criminal convictions that Fulano could find. Back in 1996, he was arrested and charged with felony destruction of property, to which he plead guilty. Deno received 30-days in jail and three years probation. Apparently he doesn’t learn his lessons very well, because a year later, in 1997, he was hauled back into court for violation of the terms of his probation.

You know how he is always calling people “chicken” if they do not take up his asinine challenges on BajaNomad? What kind of a chicken beats his wife? The Deno Fesler kind? Our hero has another criminal conviction for beating his former wife, Kelly. He got another three years probation for that one: