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There are some good, honest and sincere people who hang out on the BajaNomad message board. Unfortunately, there are also some not-so-good people there too. The dregs of humanity: lunatics, crooks, druggies, perverts, paranoid schizophrenics, psychopaths, sociopaths, alcoholics, senile old farts, pedophiles and plain weirdos. Even more unfortunate is that the person who runs the forum cannot differentiate the good from the bad. Or, maybe that is by design. I don’t know. Even worse than the forum moderator’s inability to sort it all out, is that many innocent readers don’t know what lies beneath. They sometimes get caught unaware in the riptide.

OXXO – Mr. Hypocrisy

OXXO is a difficult web to untangle, basically because he says one thing and does another. BajaNomad OXXO, whose real name is Patrick Paul Gerety, is a 67-year old Californian. He is another uber-liberal on paper, while in reality he is much different. After Gerety finished college in the 1960’s he joined the Peace Corps to avoid the draft. He spent 1967 and 1968 in Tonga, working in public health. It is in Tonga that he took on his other screen name, Matapule, which he uses on other message boards. Matapule means “talking chief,” which is more like an arbitrator to resolve tribal issues.

Gerety’s postings on BajaNomad are far different from his true behavior. On BajaNomads, he is a liberal environmentalist, who thinks taxes should be raised and everyone should pay his fair share. His own personal reality is far different. It is easier to point out his hypocrisies with a sampling of his postings:

Here we have Gerety saying taxes are too low and people should pay more.

But let us look into what OXXO really does. On BajaNomads he says he works as a general contractor in Mexico supervising remodels for gringo clients.

Sounds OK, until you look at his other posts and come to understand that he does not have an FM-3 lucrativo, a work permit. How do we know this? Well, he told us:

How can a CURP be optional for a person working as a construction manager in Mexico?

Does anybody think this yahoo gringo has a right to work in Mexico as a construction manager? There is no way the Mexican’s would ever give him a work permit for that. Also note the date of his post, October 16, 2010. Gerety moved to Mexico in late 2006. If he got his first FM-3 in 2010, he must have been living there on an FMT (now FMM). So, the only conclusion one can come to, is that Gerety, “Mr. Fair Share of Taxes”, was working illegally in Mexico and not paying any taxes to Mexico or the US. Welcome to Hipocricylandia.

As to wanting to pay his fair share of taxes. How would one explain his post on BajaNomads trying to find a “relaxed” customs entry for plumbing items he is importing for his illegal remodel. Yeah, Patrick, you’ll pay your share of taxes, won’t you?

Here is OXXO bragging about what he does:

I work part time, when I want, and make some good money on the side. I am my own boss. I have professional degree which required 5 years of full time education at the university level. I have had a professional license for 40 years now. I work on the computer at home with CAD and also out in the field with clients. It is what I did when I was still “working.” I enjoy it because it is more like a hobby now. I usually do only one or two projects a year by choice. I am working on a project right now that will earn me enough for all expenses for a one month sojourn to Hawaii for uaifi and me……which is going to happen soon.

Link to Hawaiithreads

Well, now that we know OXXO admits publicly to working illegally in Mexico for years and not reporting any earnings (not without a CURP number, esse), let’s move on to his claim to be an environmentalist. Gerety was a division manager for Willard Marine in Costa Mesa, CA at one point in time. He owns a 2002 Willard 40 Pilothouse trawler, powered by a John Deere 4045TD. It is called the Aloha.

OXXO’s environmentally friendly stinkpot, the Aloha. It probably gets 1 mile per gallon.
Jesus, talk about a carbon footprint.

OXXO, keeps the Aloha in Marina La Paz in La Paz, while he lives down in Cabo San Lucas. By the way, in spite of OXXO’s constant bad-mouthing of the US and claiming that his life in Baja California Sur is better that living in the US, it looks like he is planning to weight anchor and abandon Mexico. Posting as Matapule on an Hawaian message board, he claims he and “uaifi” – her name is Eileen – are going to motor the Aloha over to Hawaii this November and live on board in a marina. He probably forgot to mention all that on BajaNomads, being too busy telling everybody how much better Mexico is than the US.

Speaking of forgetting to tell people about things, Patrick also forgot to mention his financial problems in the US. On April 1, 2004 he paid $547,000 for a 4-bedroom, 3-bath home in one of those retirement communities in La Quinta. Everybody has seen them, they are entirely surrounded by 6 foot cinder block walls. Fulano assumes that he was going to retire there. But things did not work out. Earlier this year, in February 2011, the bank foreclosed him out of that home. The bank later resold the home for $370,000 in April of 2011.

When Patrick is not telling everybody on BajaNomads how educated and intelligent he is, he passes his time in Cabo San Lucas playing Freecell on his computer. Freecell is a game that comes with the Windows operating system. The way the game is designed, it is impossible to lose.

Patrick Gerety OXXO