Juárez Mayor: “We are not Most Dangerous City”

Juárez Mayor Héctor Murguía declared Saturday in a written statement: “We are not the most violent and dangerous city in the country anymore, but we are holding the fourth place.”

The mayor did not mention which cities in Mexico were numbers one, two and three. As of last Friday, May 27, 2011, 843 people had been killed in the city so far this year.

Juárez Mayor Héctor Murguía 

In honor of the mayor’s statement, the following day, Sunday, there were nine murders in Ciudad Juarez.


“Let Those Sons of Bitches Threaten Me” – Part 2

Last Friday, Fulano blogged about the murder of José Manuel Rivas Lopez in Ciudad Juarez on May 24. Rivas Lopez was the newly-appointed precinct captain of one of the city’s delegations and was appointed by Chief of Police, Julián Leyzaola Pérez, who was the former police chief of Tijuana.

Well, the police arrested four men in connection with the murder of Rivas Lopez and tossed them into the Ciudad Juarez jail yesterday. Within two hours, two of those men were dead, having been stabbed to death by other inmates with homemade prison knives. The two dead men are Miguel Márquez Estrada and Jesús Adrián Ramírez Hernández. The other two men were rescued.

Link to article in Spanish.


Ensenada Operates Illegal Garbage Dump in Maneadero

Well, the mierda sure hit the fan with this story.

It seems the city of Ensenada is operating a so-called refuse transfer point in Maneadero where collections were dumped and recyclables were supposedly sorted out and the rest taken to a sanitary land fill near Ojos Negros. But the only thing that happened is the garbage was dumped and the trucks left.

They also left all the garbage open and uncovered. Garbage is supposed to be dumped in a sanitary landfill in a short period of time, and covered with a layer of soil each day to prevent the spread of disease. I guess that’s why they call them “sanitary” landfills.

Link to article in Spanish.

Well, at least they planted the Mexican flag over the garbage pile. 

Tijuana Police Officer Who Filmed Police Lapdance To Seek Asylum in US

Noé Gaytán Monroy, the Tijuana police officer who filmed and released the now famous lapdance at a Tijuana police station says he will seek asylum in the US.

Gaytán Monroy says he has been harassed since the release of the video on May 23, 2011. He said a group of armed men surrounded his home in colonia Gloria last Saturday night, and even though he called the Tijuana municipal police, they never came. He then had to call the state preventative police.

He is holding Tijuana police chief Gustavo Huerta Martínez responsible for what has happened to his family.

Link to article in Spanish.

Noé Gaytán Monroy

The Strange Death of Father Salvador Ruiz Enciso Gets Even Stranger

Three days ago, Fulano posted a blog about The Strange Death of Father Salvador Ruiz Enciso in Tijuana. The priest’s body was found dead from strangulation and partially burned on bulevar 2000 earlier in the week. Well, the story has become even stranger.

El Mexicano reports today that investigators found numerous DVD’s (over 80) in the priest’s home with child pornography movies and bestiality movies. Inside a religious image in the home was found a .25 caliber pistol.

Salvador Ruiz Enciso

Mexico: Teacher Sings with Students During Shooting

This video has gone viral on the internet.

The video recorded by the teacher on a cellphone shows a classroom full of very young children lying on the floor in Monterrey, Mexico. The teacher is heard gently asking her students to keep their heads on the floor while shots are heard in the background. She reassures the children that everything is OK, and that they’ll be safe in the classroom, reminding them to keep their heads down.

To distract them, she starts singing with them. She selects the Raindrop Song from the Barney show: in Spanish, it wonders about what would happen if raindrops were made out of chocolate and how you’d open the mouth wide to catch them all. By getting the children to sing the song she managed not only to keep them calm but also to have them stay with their heads on the floor, as she prompted them to turn over and look up to the sky with their mouths opened wide.

Local media has identified the school as being located in the Colonia Nueva Estanzuela, just meters away from where an armed group in seven vans arrived to murder five people at an independent taxi base, and the teacher, whose identity is yet unknown has been called a hero and has been recognized by media and viewers for showing courage, character and love to her wards.

The scene outside the school….


Fulano’s Herb Garden

Yes, Fulano keeps an herb garden. Wanna see it?

Spearmint. Easy to grow and no bugs bother it. But you have to watch it. It spreads with runners and will take over a flower bed if not controlled.

Closer look at spearmint. It has beautiful lilac colored flowers in the summer. In Spanish it is called, “yerba buena” and also is spelled “hierbabuena.”
Ruda. Almost every household in Central America and Southern Mexico has this plant in the yard. It is used to ease colic in babies and even to kill head lice.  It has some kind of calming effect on nerves. The only bug you’ll ever see on it is this bee.
More ruda. It is very pungent and cats and rodents avoid it. You won’t see a rabbit, squirrel or gopher munching on it. 
Rosemary – called romero in Spanish. A slow-growing and hearty herb that needs almost no attention. Fulano always tosses a sprig in the pot when he makes chicken cacciatore.

Chula Vista Woman Dies After Lap-Band Surgery In Tijuana

SAN DIEGO — A Chula Vista woman is dead after traveling to Mexico for a surgical procedure her family said was advertised as part of a “special deal.” 

The family of Sharona Espudo told 10News they want to warn others about the price of what they call “cheap medicine.” 

Espudo died Thursday after paying less than $10,000 for Lap-Band surgery, a procedure that helps in weight loss. The procedure can cost more than $30,000 in the U.S. and often includes months of preparation and consultation. 

According to his website, Dr. Pedro Kuri claims to have performed more than 3,500 Lap-Band surgeries. Espudo’s family said Kuri was offering a 2-for-1 special. 

“She went down days before, hung out in the hotel with her friend who was also going through the procedure, walked into a hospital and four hours later she was dead,” stepfather James Gainer said. 

Mexican authorities won’t say if they’re investigating Espudo’s death. 

Kuri, who has been practicing medicine for 24 years, didn’t return 10News’ calls for comment.

Link to article.

Link to Dr. Kuri’s website.