Europe Closes It Borders

But, but, but, they’re only coming for a better life (and to burn cars in France, and to kill Dutch cartoonists, and to riot in most of the European cities for Sharia law).

It is one of the most emblematic — and practical — achievements of the European Union: the Schengen Treaty, named after the Dutch town where it was signed, has gifted passport-free travel to Europeans, letting them glide unchecked across national frontiers once fiercely guarded by border guards. 

Now, however, this signature feat of European integration could be rolled back. The Arab uprisings have created a surge of migrants fleeing towards Europe’s southern rim, triggering a political rumpus. Last week, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and French President Nicolas Sarkozy jointly called for border controls to be reimposed, to cope with what they described as “exceptional difficulties.” And on Wednesday, the European Commission declared that the governments involved in the Schengen zone — which allows passport-free travel between 22 participating E.U. Countries, plus Norway, Iceland and Switzerland — would now be able to set temporary border checks.

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Anyone want to guess what will happen to the US’s Southern border when all Hell breaks out in Mexico?