Ensenada Has Only Three Functioning Fire Engines

The Secretary General of the Ensenada city council, Miguel Ley Álvarez, was informed by the representative of the firemans’ union, Cesar Ortiz Mendoza, that for the city of Ensenada, including El Sauzel and Mandeadero, there are only three functioning fire engines.

This area includes over 500,000 inhabitants, 200 colonias and hundreds of industrial buildings. It was disclosed that on an average day, the fire department responds to 20 emergency calls. All of the fire engines the city owns are those discarded in the US and bought at the border, which only last a few years.

Link to article in Spanish.


Sewage Leak In Ensenada Closes Beaches

Due to a pipeline failure at the El Gallo sewage treatment plant in Ensenada, the Department of Ecology has issued an alert advising anyone to avoid contact with the ocean water between arroyo El Gallo and arroyo El Faro. The advisory was issued last Tuesday after thousands of gallons of untreated sewage entered the ocean from a pipeline break.

Of course, this alert is a super secret. The only way any American tourist — or Mexican for that matter —  could possibly find out about it is if he happened to read El Vigia in Spanish and happened to know where in Hell arroyo El Gallo and arroyo El Faro were. Unlike in the US when there is such an occurrance, there is no signage posted anywhere on the Ensenada beaches to warn anyone. No sense getting any tourists upset. Besides, by the time they get a skin rash or stomach ailment they will be long gone.

For those who may be interested, the area with the warning covers almost all of the bay of Todos Santos, from just north of Ensenada down to Estero Beach.

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Ensenada Operates Illegal Garbage Dump in Maneadero

Well, the mierda sure hit the fan with this story.

It seems the city of Ensenada is operating a so-called refuse transfer point in Maneadero where collections were dumped and recyclables were supposedly sorted out and the rest taken to a sanitary land fill near Ojos Negros. But the only thing that happened is the garbage was dumped and the trucks left.

They also left all the garbage open and uncovered. Garbage is supposed to be dumped in a sanitary landfill in a short period of time, and covered with a layer of soil each day to prevent the spread of disease. I guess that’s why they call them “sanitary” landfills.

Link to article in Spanish.

Well, at least they planted the Mexican flag over the garbage pile. 

Ensenada Club Owner Arrested For Underage Prostitution

Arturo Salman Palacios, 47-years old, was arrested in Ensenada May 22, 2011 and charged with promoting underage prostitution at his nightclub “Los Mostachones.” Police also arrested four girls, aged 16 to 17.

If the name “Los Mostachones” sounds familiar, it is because Ensenada city councilman Arturo Castellanos Ruiz was murdered as he left the establishment on February 6, 2011 and every judge assigned to that case has recused himself.


Don’t Follow Leaders, Watch the Water Meters

With apologies to Bob Dylan.

During all of 2009, there were 690 water meters stolen from commercial buildings, homes and apartments in Ensenada, Baja California. In 2010, 1,860 water meters were stolen. For the first four months of 2011, there have already been 665 water meters stolen. The meters are made of brass and apparently being sold for scrap metal.


The Strange Death of María del Rosario del Villar Gutiérrez

María del Rosario del Villar Gutiérrez lived in a humble house in a neighborhood of Ensenada called “La Picosita” [Spicy] along with three of her children and one grandson. She and her children and grandson all perished in a fire of her home early last Tuesday morning. Maria was 42-years old. Also killed were Maria Esmeralda, 14-years old,  Alfonso, 13-years old, Nahomi Ruth 11-years old and Daniel Antonio, 9-months old.

Four days before the fire, Villar Gutiérrez gave an interview on the local TV station complaining about criminals in the neighborhood. In the interview, she complained that the previous Friday, a house belonging to one of her sons caught fire, then her home caught fire and then several others nearby. Those fires were extinguished.

“The truth is we do not know what happened, we just know that last Friday my son’s house burned, a half-hour later my house burned and others burned the following Sunday, a total of five.”

“We filed a complaint but nothing has happened, nor have they done any investigation to find out why they are doing this to us, there are people who come into this area who do not live here and do bad things to people who just mind their own business.”

Here is the TV interview of María del Rosario del Villar Gutiérrez:

Later, the state attorney general arrested an unnamed couple in connection with the fire. The man is 49-years old and the woman is 34-years old. Investigators did establish that the fire was intentionally set.

Link to article in El Vigia in Spanish.

Link to article on Ensenda.net in Spanish.


Towns South of Ensenada Overrun With Crime

The week’s Zeta Magazine has an article on the problems in the little pueblos south of Ensenada. Here is Fulano’s translation of the first few paragraphs:

The precincts of Villa Jesus Maria, Punta Prieta, Bahia de Los Angeles and El Rosario are in the hands of drug traffickers. 

Neighbors at the mercy crime

Residents of the area south of Ensenada, scattered in small villages, reported to the authorities the wave of insecurity they are suffering. Residents say that home burglary is a major crime. Drug dealing is another of the most serious problems. However, despite the public outcry, city councilmen come and go without anyone taking action on the matter.


The areas South of Ensenada have been neglected by state and municipal authorities, effectively becoming a haven for criminals, according to reports gathered by ZETA in the precincts of Villa Jesus Maria, Punta Prieta, Bahia de Los Angeles and El Rosario.

The first report is that of Carlos Solis Leal, the former councilman of Bahia de los Angeles, who revealed that in this tourist area of Ensenada county those principally affected are Americans who have their vacation homes here for the fall and winter seasons. “Criminals ares attacking us. It is a very serious problem because they burglarize the homes of Americans when they leave during the hot weather, and when they return, they find that their homes were looted,” he said.


Ensenada Businessmen Beg to Have Police Department Cleaned Out

Hussong’s Ensenada

The heads of two Ensenada business associations have publically asked for the federal and local governments to clean out the Ensenada police department of corrupt police officers. They said that just as in Tijuana, where 40 current and former municipal police were recently arrested and jailed for links to organized crime, Ensenada needs the same.

The mayor of Ensenada, Pablo Alejo López Núñez (The very same mayor for La Misión), said generally speaking, and until incidents occur to indicate otherwise, the Ensenada police department is clean. The good mayor than passed the buck by saying:

Es la autoridadad federal la encargada de verificar cuáles son los agentes que podrían estar relacionados con algun tipo de actividad delictiva.” [It is the responsibility of the federal government to verify which police officers could be associated with some kind of criminal activities.]

Amazingly, the Chief of police of Tijuana, Julian Leyzaola, and Tijuana mayor Jorge Ramos, have taken it as their responsibility to clean out the municipal police department of corrupt officers. Funny how the rules change when you drive 70 miles south of Tijuana.


Carnival Cruises Denounces Child Exploitation in Ensenada

Directors of the Carnival Cruise Lines, which makes regular stops in Ensenada, expressed their outrage at the exploitation of children by adults in the tourist zone of Ensenada. In a meeting with the Cruise Line committee, the cruise line operators stated that their cruise passengers feel harrassed by these children who beg for money and sell chicles on the public streets. At the same time, they also pointed out adults and beggars who persistently annoy them to buy something or give them money.

Even established merchants with locations in the tourist zone expressed their unhappiness with the lack of control of the agressive street vendors.

In the meantime, the Mexican government announced that even though the numbers have been reduced, child labor remains a persistent problem in Mexico. The number of working children in Mexico, aged from 5 to 17 years, was reduced from 12.5 to 10.7% from 2007 to 2009. However, the government admits that some part of that reduction is due to the reduction in the number of people in that demographic group.