The Healing Begins

The Republicans are now fully in control of the House of Representatives and the Democrats have only the thinnest of majorities in the Senate. This has been the largest turnover in Congress since the elections of 1948. The Origination Clause of the Constitution (Article I, section 7) grants the House the sole prerogative to originate revenue legislation. That means that for the next two years, President Obama will be unable to initiate any spending measures without the consent of the House Republicans. Actually, President Obama will be unable to pass any legislation without the vote of the Republians, since all laws have to be passed by both houses of Congress.


November 2, 2010 – The Day of the Dead

Today is November 2, 2010 — Election Day.

Fulano couldn’t do a blog without touching on Mexico, even on this election day in the US. In Mexico, and other Latin American nations, there are three separate holidays, all in a row. Halloween (October 31st) means All Hallows’ Eve. Halloween is an imported holiday from North America. November 1st is All Hallows’ Day (All Saints’ Day), and November 2nd is All Souls´ Day, the Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos in Spanish.

37 Senate seats, out of 100 will be decided today. All 435 seats of the United States House of Representatives will be voted on today.

The current make-up of the U.S. Senate is 58 Democrats, 40 Republicans, and two Independents. The current make-up of the U.S. House of Representatives is 256 Democrats, 178 Republicans and one vacancy.

The latest Reuters poll, which is the last one prior to the elections, suggests Republicans would win about 231 seats in the House to 204 for the Democrats, however Democrats would retain control of the U.S. Senate with a 53-47 or 52-48 seat advantage. That is not a large majority.

The odds are that the country will find itself with a Democratic president,  presiding over a Republican-controlled House and a Senate too evenly divided to move forward on his legislative agenda.

Now this is the change Fulano has been waiting for.