“Let Those Sons of Bitches Threaten Me” – Part 2

Last Friday, Fulano blogged about the murder of José Manuel Rivas Lopez in Ciudad Juarez on May 24. Rivas Lopez was the newly-appointed precinct captain of one of the city’s delegations and was appointed by Chief of Police, Julián Leyzaola Pérez, who was the former police chief of Tijuana.

Well, the police arrested four men in connection with the murder of Rivas Lopez and tossed them into the Ciudad Juarez jail yesterday. Within two hours, two of those men were dead, having been stabbed to death by other inmates with homemade prison knives. The two dead men are Miguel Márquez Estrada and Jesús Adrián Ramírez Hernández. The other two men were rescued.

Link to article in Spanish.


Mexico: Teacher Sings with Students During Shooting

This video has gone viral on the internet.

The video recorded by the teacher on a cellphone shows a classroom full of very young children lying on the floor in Monterrey, Mexico. The teacher is heard gently asking her students to keep their heads on the floor while shots are heard in the background. She reassures the children that everything is OK, and that they’ll be safe in the classroom, reminding them to keep their heads down.

To distract them, she starts singing with them. She selects the Raindrop Song from the Barney show: in Spanish, it wonders about what would happen if raindrops were made out of chocolate and how you’d open the mouth wide to catch them all. By getting the children to sing the song she managed not only to keep them calm but also to have them stay with their heads on the floor, as she prompted them to turn over and look up to the sky with their mouths opened wide.

Local media has identified the school as being located in the Colonia Nueva Estanzuela, just meters away from where an armed group in seven vans arrived to murder five people at an independent taxi base, and the teacher, whose identity is yet unknown has been called a hero and has been recognized by media and viewers for showing courage, character and love to her wards.

The scene outside the school….


28 dead, 700 flee as gang battles hit west Mexico

MORELIA, Mexico – Fierce fighting among apparent rival drug gangs in western Mexico bloodied one highway with 28 dead, while in a nearby state more than 700 people huddled in shelters after fleeing villages that had become battlegrounds. 

The violence, which appeared to be unrelated, escalated Wednesday in the western states of Nayarit and Michoacan, where drug cartels have been warring for territory. 

Police in Nayarit initially responded to a citizen complaint of a kidnapping by a group of armed men, who fled on a federal highway near the town of Ruiz in the central part of the state, according the state prosecutors office. 

As the officers headed toward the scene, they heard a second report of a shootout involving the same men, according to the statement, which did not identify the gangs or the victims. 

Police found 28 men lying dead and four others wounded on the road littered with bullet casings from high-powered weapons and 10 abandoned vehicles. 

The statement released late Wednesday by the attorney general’s office gave no further details.
Earlier in the day, an official in the nearby western state of Michoacan said drug cartel violence had prompted frightened villagers there to flee hamlets and take refuge at five shelters set up at a church, event hall, recreation center and schools.

It is at least the second time a large number of rural residents have been displaced by drug violence in Mexico. In November, about 400 people in the northern border town of Ciudad Mier took refuge in the neighboring city of Ciudad Aleman following cartel gunbattles. That shelter has since been closed and most have returned to their homes.

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The announcer says there are 29 dead and 3 wounded. This was a running gun battle down a major Mexican highway. Notice that many of the drug killers are dressed in military uniforms and use military-issue automatic weapons and fragmentation grenades. The announcer says they were also using 5.7mm “cop killer” rounds in the battle.These are bullets designed to penetrate body armor.They are operating as military units at company strength in this battle. But the government of Mexico insists this is not an insurgency and that it maintains sovereignty over all its territory. Fat chance.


Four More Killed in Acapulco

Yesterday, Fulano reported that eight people were killed in Acapulco. Today there were four more, including this little 4-year old girl who was assassinated with two bullets. In the front seat of the car was her mother, bound and gagged and assassinated with three bullets. Two other men were found dead in other parts of the city.

This is the 5th child murdered in Acapulco this week.

Meanwhile, the Mexico Tourism Board, which does not care one rat’s ass about the safety of tourists in Mexico, and is totally dedicated to separating Americans and Canadians from their greenbacks and loonies has put out the following propaganda piece:

Mexico Tourism Board Statement Regarding Texas Travel Advisory

MEXICO CITY, March 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — We understand that many people have concerns about the recent travel advisory for the entire nation of Mexico issued by the state of Texas Department of Public Safety. 

Mexican tourist destinations are very safe. As the U.S. Department of State has noted, “millions of U.S. citizens travel safely to Mexico each year,” including those who come every day for “study, tourism or business and at least one million U.S. citizens who live in Mexico.” 

Last year more than 22 million foreigners visited Mexico, including more than 2.5 million traveling by air from the State of Texas alone. We are pleased to announce that in December 2010, the number of people flying out of Texas into Mexico was up by 12% on previous years, and that December 2010 saw our best month regarding the volume of people on flights over the last decade.

Internationally-celebrated destinations such as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta to name a few, are among the safest, most welcoming and relaxing tourist destinations in the world. In addition, Mexican tourism destinations have lower crime rates than other prominent tourist destinations. 

There could not be a better time to visit Mexico. 

We encourage anyone considering a vacation in Mexico to speak to any of the millions of visitors who chose to vacation at our resorts last year, and are planning on visiting again next year.

SOURCE Mexico Tourism Board
Link to press release.


News of Mazatlan

In case you have not been following events in the “Pearl of the Pacific,” here is what is going on in that tourist town.

Due to unrelenting violence, most of the cruise ships have stopped docking there. The Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Star Lines and Disney Cruise Lines have dropped Mazatlan as a port of call.

Adios, Mazatlan

Last month a Canadian tourist took an AK47 bullet in the leg as assassins strafed a target in the tourist district. Two weeks ago, numerous tourists at the Los Flores Beach Resort in the Golden Zone of Mazatlan witnessed two men being killed at the hotel entrance.

One week ago, the bodies of seven men were found hanging from various bridges in Mazatlan. This morning, five men and one woman were murdered right in the heart of the tourist zone at the disco “Antares”, where another 15 to 20 people were wounded.

Acapulco too, has been all but abandoned by cruise ships and foreign tourists. Fulano expects the next big failure will be Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is a major drug transshipment point for drugs on the way to the US.