San Onofre Panga Pot Bust

At about 4 a.m. last Saturday, California National Guardsmen working with the Border Patrol spotted a boat with three men traveling without navigation lights along the San Diego County coast.

Border Patrol Agents and Guardsmen kept an eye on the boat, following it until it landed at San Onofre State Beach at about 5 a.m.

Agents arrested the three men, who they determined crossed the border illegally, as they were unloading 21 bundles of marijuana with a total weight of 1,543.04 pounds and an estimated street value of $925,821.60, according to a news release.

The men, the drugs and the vessel were turned over to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement for further investigation.

Panga at San Onofre State Beach

Flaming Piñatas

Just when you think the drug cartels have run out of ways to make hanging some poor soul from a bridge interesting, they get more creative.

Another man was hung last evening from the same bridge overpass above Chapultepec boulevard Monterrey, Mexico that was the scene of the hanging of two men last Wednesday morning. This new hanging last evening occurred on the opposite side of the overpass from last week’s incident.

The hanging occurred at approximately 7:00pm under similar circumstances, with gunmen stopping on the overpass, pulling the male victim out of a vehicle and hanging him in full view of hundreds of horrified motorists and pedestrians.

However, today the gunmen doused the victim with a flammable liquid and set him on fire as he hung from the overpass.

Fortunately, there were no naked bicycle riders passing under the bridge at the time.


Attack in Acapulco

Yesterday, Thursday, a group of armed men attacked some elements of the Mexican Army from their rooms at the Hotel El Cortijo in the tourist zone of Acapulco. Three civilians who who were passing by were wounded in the attack.

At the very same time that this attack in Acapulco occurred, the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, was in Las Vegas where he gave a speech to boost tourism in Mexico. Calderon told the crowd, “The only shots tourists get in Mexico are shots of tequila.”


Telephone Extortion of Americans In Mexico

[Fulano’s note: These blog entries are from thebrokencorral a Gringo who lives in San Miguel Allende with his wife and family.]

Unbelievable Telephone Extortion Attempt

APRIL 28, 2011
On me and my family , today at 2:30 in the afternoon. Ok, I´m still not calmed down and my wife is a mess.

Ok…I´ve received 3 or 4 telephone extortion attempts in the past but they were nothing like this. He was a bad guy, a real bad guy, and he knew my name, my address and my telephone number. He told me that I had made, or someone had made from my telephone, a denuncia against the cartels. He told me that I had to deposit 100,000p immediately or they were coming and would break in my door, and kill my family, if I didn’t.

He was impressive in his role, and, until I called 089 and talked with an expert who told me that in the state of Guanjuato this month they had received over 500 calls of this manner, I was falling into his trap. He had all the information about me in a telmex telephone directory but he was so convincing, I didn’t analyze the situation. Although I don´t have 10k laying around, I was ready to put my family in my van and go, that minute. Of course the running would have been more dangerous.

It ruined my day, to say the least. I´ve never ever been subject to this sort of aggression. I think about the poor people who fell into their clutches for real. I applaud the Mexican governments efforts to rid the world of these scums. Thank you Felipe, and thanks to all of the good, honest warriors who are giving their blood to clean Mexico of this disease. And a disease it is, and I just got a slight brush with the animals and it was enough to scare the living shit out of me…and I promise I don´t scare easily.

Extortion….Two Days Later !

APRIL 30, 2011
I´m changing my telephone number and I´m locking all doors and windows, some twice. I´m surveying the street from my balcony before I venture out. After some thought about the Guanajuato government saying how frequently this is happening, I´m not at all reassured. These were dangerous and sick individuals. To say they are psychopathic would be a euphemism. We see their sadistic activities on the news, but to be in their presence, even protected by the distance of a telephone line, is a scary proposition, especially when they have my address.

How many Mexicans are members of cartels? How many pathetic social failures have alienated themselves so far from their fellow citizens that they would actually kill innocent victims for sick fun?

My answer…far too many for my comfort zone!


Tourist Hotel Attacked in Acapulco

Yesterday afternoon, Thursday, an armed group of assassins terrorized Hotel Oceanic 2000, in the the heart of the tourist zone of Acapulco. According to witnesses, the killers were traveling in at least four vehicles and were pursuing two men traveling in an SUV.

The attackers fired at the driver of the SUV and the passenger ran into the hotel lobby, where he was killed in front of dozens of vacationers. Both the driver and passenger of the SUV were killed. The attackers then left the hotel.

Link to article in Spanish.

Spring break in Acapulco

Remember That Clandestine Drug Cartel Grave in Tamaulipas?

We’re talking about the one discovered last week. Initially it was reported by Mexican authorities they found 59 bodies. Then the body count jumped up to 88 when more graves were found. Well, they’re up to 116 bodies and unofficial sources are saying there are now 148.

The governor of Tamaulipas, Egidio Torre Cantú, made a public statement after the terrible slaughter, saying that the people of Tamaulipas are dismayed at the discovery of the narco graves, and that “these events are regrettable and reprehensible.”

Really, Egidio? Regrettable? No mames. The real issue is: were they preventable, right? Do you think these cartels could be dragging around hundreds of bodies like stacked cord wood and not one single state or local policeman sees or hears anything?

UPDATE: 4/13/2011

 Well, well, well. How about that? The Mexican federal attorney general, Marisela Morales, announced they have arrested 16 policemen of the town of San Fernando, where the clandestine graves were discovered. The 16 are accused of helping to cover up the crimes and providing protection to Los Zetas.

Link to article in Spanish.


Praise the Lord and Pass the Hand Grenades, Poncho

Last night, the police were patrolling Avenida Abelardo L. Rodríguez and calle Brasil, near Garita 2 in Mexicali, when they came upon two men getting suitcases being passed over the border fence from Calexico.

The two men were arrested and the suitcases were found to contain 194 inert practice hand grenades and 192 live fuses. Those who were in the military would know that fuses painted blue means they are inert practice fuses. However, an inert hand grenade can be made live by unscrewing the practice fuse, pouring gunpowder or plastic explosive into the hand grenade, and then screwing in a live fuse.

Link to article in Spanish.