60% of Mexican Meat Contaminated With Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol is a steroid that when fed to cattle causes them to rapidly add muscle, and hence value, when sold for slaughter. When the meat is eaten by humans, it can cause heart palpitations and rapid breathing. In this video interview, the cattle rancher is saying that 60% of the cattle in Mexico are contaminated with the steroid and the authorities know about it, but are corrupt.


Sewage Contamination Continues in San Felipe

This news is from an article in Crisol de San Felipe.

There is a continuing problem with raw sewage water flowing into the ocean in the northern part of San Felipe, specifically from the areas of campos Burócratas and  Faisanes. Authorities suspect that septic cleaning services which pump out septic tanks are clandistinely dumping the wastewater into the arroyos, which flow into the ocean. The Comisión Estatal de Servicios Públicos de Mexicali (CESPM), which operates San Felipe’s sewage treatment plant, reports they only receive 30 tanker truck loads of effluent per day, which is far less than the amount of sewage generated in San Felipe. Here is a video of a meeting on the subject (in Spanish).

Fulano reported in The Beaches of Mexico that the beach off the Malecon in San Felipe is one of the most contaminated in all of Mexico, with 383 enterococcus per 100 milliliters, 11 times the US federal clean water standards.

Digging for clams in San Felipe. You are what you eat.