American Investigated for Child Abuse in Rosarito

The Baja California Attorney for the Defense of Children and Family opened an investigation into the Hogar de Mis Hijas A.C. [Home of My Daughters] orphanage in colonia Miramar after girls were reported to be battered and abused.

Steven Todd Cass

In particular, they are investigating an anonymous complaint against the manager, Steven Todd Cass, 37 years old, who is accused of having sexual relations with minors who stay at the orphanage, allegedly to help them overcome the trauma of rape.

Cass is said to be a member of the Calvario Christian church, where its pastor, Juan Flores, is also accused of sexually abusing women at CREEAD in Cañón Rosarito.

In a statement to the press, Steven Cass said that he is doing the work that is the responsibility of the police, to find and save children from the street. He also stated that some of the girls in his orphanage are sent there directly by the state attorney general and that he is working with directly with State Attorney General Rommel.

Meanwhile, state officials say that Hogar de Mis Hijas A.C. is operating without permits. The orphanage has operated for seven months in Rosarito, and prior to that for three years in La Misión.

Salvador Ortiz Morales, state prosecutor for minors, said he paid a visit to the orphanage and interviewed the children there. None of them reported any mistreatment nor abuse.

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American Director of Orphanage in Playas de Tijuana Arrested For Child Abuse

[Translated by Fulano from]

The director of an orphanage in Playas de Tijuana was arrested by municipal police after the prosecution presented a child who lives there who complained of constant child abuse against him and other children found there.

According to the municipal police, on Thursday night, Kevin Arnold Jensen Neff, 45 years old, who runs the “Lily of the Valley” orphanage which is located on Paseo Ensenada Playas de Tijuana was arrested.

A municipal police report states that a 12-year old child, only identified as “Carlos”, arrived at the police station “weeping and shaking,” after having escaped from that location.

He said he took advantage of the fact that they were busy receiving a donation to flee because Neff Jensen, continuously abused him both “verbally and physically,” pulling his ears and cutting his hair in an irregular manner.

He stated that he is often abused psychologically and the same is done to other children who have also escaped.

[Fulano thinks the child’s story is a fabrication. That orphanage has been around for decades and wins awards. It is known for taking in troubled children. Pulling ears and cutting hair funny is the kind of an abuse a 12-year old would make up. Unfortunately, because Neff is a Gringo, the Mexican newspapers right now are calling for his head and he is being tried on the streets.]