1,000,000 Americans Living in Mexico? No way!

You read it everywhere, in all the glossy brochures touting Mexico. “One-Million Americans in Mexico Can’t Be All Wrong” says one magazine designed to sell Mexico to Americans. Other articles say Mexico must be safe because one-million Americans already live there.

The US Census Bureau just completed its 23rd census and has released the numbers. The census is used to determine the allocation of congressional districts to each state. It is a serious matter. The Census Bureau counts all Americans, at home and abroad. There are currently 1,042,523 Americans living abroad. This count includes people in the armed services and federal employees and their families posted overseas.

So how can one-million Americans live in Mexico, if there are barely more than one-million Americans living all over the planet in foreign countries? Well they cannot, it is all a big lie. Mexico also keeps track of foreigners living in Mexico. They have visas, such as FM3’s and FM2’s, and a book where they record the address of every foreigner in the country. The Mexicans cannot find more than about 200,000 foreigners living in their land, people from all nations, not just Americans.